What you get at a flash mob for bloggers

Scanning newspapers is a pain!

I had to scan this in four separate pieces, straighten them one by one, then painstakingly splice them together.

The New Paper report
Click for readable view.

This is a report on the Nuffnang Blogger Flash Mob by The New Paper (Monday, June 17, 2009).

Not a very flattering report, but that’s okay. I think they’ve chosen a rather flattering picture of me so I’m happy.

The photographer is really good. I didn’t even realise anyone was taking my photo while I was dancing!!

The New Paper report

Anyway, I want to thank everyone who followed me for this event. I hope you all had fun, even though the event didn’t pan out as expected.

There have been some criticisms, like how there’s nothing “flash mob” about it since it happened in too enclosed a space and there was a media circus waiting around with giant cameras.

I think critics shouldn’t be too harsh, though. It’s still an experience and the organisers put up an admirable effort to gather over 200 bloggers together to do something silly.

Nuffnang Blogger Flash Mob

Certain circumstances were unforseen, such as the construction works around the chosen area and the swarm of enthusiasts from some photography club.

Some segments could have been done better, like maybe the pillow-fighting actors shouldn’t have been around to pose for photographs before the flash mob started.

But every event has hiccups and people learn from it and do better next time.

And I’m sure there were people who had fun and I think that’s the most important thing!

Here’s a video of the event made by cute, talented Jayden.

Now, I had asked you guys to vote for my outfit for the event. I got a roughly equal number of “cute” vs “sexy” votes, so I decided to go for a combination of both! =P


Actually, it was the only decent thing I could find that could easily be worn under normal street clothing.

This is what I wore over it:

Sheylara and friends

These two handsome dudes, William and Shaun, are my followers. I took the photo from their blogs! ;)

My wonderful, ever-supportive friends:

Sheylara and friends

Minou and I were holding on tightly to Morte because he kept trying to escape. The photo was taken by Wang Wang while we were waiting to strip.

The Goonfather was hiding in cafe at this time.


Stripping time:

Nuffnang Blogger Flash Mob

You can see two gawkers to the far side, lol.

Anyway, we performed our silent dance, which wasn’t silent at all because everyone was cheering and yelling. And then before we knew it, it was over.

We were told to walk off but nobody wanted to walk off. Everyone was too busy posing for photographs.


Well, that’s what you get when you organise a flash mob for bloggers.

It gives new meaning to the “flash” in flash mob.

Perhaps a new trend of flash mob will arise from this, eh?

Nuffnang Blogger Flash Mob

21 thoughts on “What you get at a flash mob for bloggers

  1. Avatar

    You should see the before of that picture, when Sheylara was busy with her fans.

    I was holding on to his t-shirt like a leash. LOL

  2. Avatar

    I have been waiting for this post for the entire week. When it was posted, I kept looking at the photos for the Goonfather in his pyjamas… and he went MIA!

    Oh… I should not say him, after all I did not turn up cos my wedding nite PJ is too obiang… Haha….

    Wow, sheylara, your PJ is damn sexy. Spotted anybody drooling there?

  3. Avatar

    You call those pajamas? People in Alaska wear less than that on freezing nights. :)

    And you forgot your IPod!! :)

    Don’t worry about the press. Unless something is falling from the sky, or thousands of people are hurt or dead, the press will either overlook it or criticize it. Betting on the press to cover anything in a good light is like betting on a horse with no legs :)

    Looks like you had fun and that is all that matters!

  4. Avatar

    I was hiding. I had to sit in the cafe and look after everybody’s belongings, coz our CQ Wang Wang wanted to be a photographer.

  5. Avatar

    Oh and BTW, the picture you said you didn’t know they took while you are dancing. That is the new number 1! Unforced and natural.

  6. Avatar

    tvbaddict: lol… good to see you everywhere. :)

    BLue: Awesome! :) I might not be able to attend this Friday though cos I got VGL concert to attend.

    RN1209: Haha, like Minou said, you should have seen him before. :P

    tiger4: Hahaha, you and Goonfather both fly my aeroplane lah! :P Yah, got a lot of droolers that day. Some bloggers brought their dogs along. I think TK’s rottweilers drooled the most. :P

    RoRK: You’ll have to go ask at her blog. :)

    Realliveman: I didn’t forget my iPod. I just didn’t feel like carrying it! ;) Yeah I’m not worried about the press. Like I said, I’m happy cos they took a nice pic of me, lol.

    The Goonfather: Freudian slipped!

  7. Avatar

    Wooo…sure looked like one heck of a daytime party to me! You sure look like you had fun QY!

    Btw, I can see your arm muscles while holding down Morte! See! all those hard work NOT for nothing lor!!


  8. Avatar

    Nice POST on the event!
    Good to see you in person on that day!

    Are you going for this friday party at Arena?
    If so then Me and Shaun will catch up more with you on that day!

    Looking forward for this fri!
    See ya!


  9. Avatar

    Stan: Haha, yeah it was pretty cool! :) Hmm, and I never said my hard work was for nothing! Even if I didn’t have muscles to show for, I enjoyed the sessions. Haha. :P

    Realliveman: And how does it benefit your life to accuse me of forgetting my iPod? :)

    Swisz: Nice meeting you, too! :)

    William: Hmm… I might not be able to make it for the Arena, cos I’m attending Video Games Live.

    Wang Wang: lol! You self-imposed one lor.

  10. Avatar

    tiger4: VGL was awesome! :)

    Realliveman: Well, people usually only persist in doing things that would benefit them in some way. Otherwise, there isn’t a point, is there? :P

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