This week’s Star Blog topic: Sex

I don’t like to talk about sex.

I mean, it’s a very private matter. And I do try to be socially responsible in my blogs because I know there are young people reading my blog.

Unfortunately, I was tasked to talk about sex for Star Blog this week.

The topic: “SEX! What does this word trigger off in you?”


I stressed over it for a day and finally decided to just let it all out.

Read at your own discretion.

7 thoughts on “This week’s Star Blog topic: Sex

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    Hello Qiaoyun,

    I read your article.

    Well, I just skimmed through the headings. Must say I’m rather disturbed that for you, sex has so many (and only) negative connotations.

    Not a single positive word at all..

    Whatever happened to thoughts like love, partner, life, ecstasy, beauty, romance, family etc?

    Perhaps you have had only bad experiences in the past, I hope that will change for you in the future.

    I wish you all the best.

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    Thanks for your well wishes. :) Well, maybe you should read at least the first few paragraphs and last few paragraphs lah. This was the way I decided to write my article. If I had to include the good things, the article would become twice as long… too long. :P

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    Hi. It’s been a long time. :)

    Read your article and I must say I kinda agree with the comments made by Julen. You are free to your own opinion, of course. Important thing is, we agree to disagree.

    You may blame sex for whatever evils they lead to but look at it this way:-
    Sex also eases a lot of tensions. Physically, our body and mind needs it to be more relaxed. Otherwise, it wouldn’t function properly. There would be too much frustration and all. If sex didn’t exist, the world would probably be a far worse and more dangerous place to live in.
    I’m not saying people should be promiscuous though. That’s not what I mean at all.

    PS: Are you still drumming? How good are you now?

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    …the worst thing about your article is the truth in your words.

    Glad to read above you have positive views also..even though you chose not to write those ^^

    I do also think its a private congrats on your efforts.

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    Al Sayf: Hello! Thanks for dropping by once again! Well, of course I agree that there’s the good side to sex. But let me put it this way. For one group of people, sex is great. For another group of people who are sexually abused, sex is horrible. It depends on which camp you’re looking from.

    I’m still drumming, although I’m no good at all. I hardly have time to practise, so for the past half a year, I have been literally only drumming 100 minutes a month. :P

    LazySuzan: Thank you for dropping by and for your kind words! Nice comments like yours douse a million flames, so thanks for the encouragement! :)

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    I think you almost got it in the end. The problem is not sex. The problem is life.

    I am not a Buddhist but I believe Buddha got it right when he taught that life is suffering and the cause of suffering is desire.

    Call it what you will. Hunger. Lust. Desire. Ambition. When uncontrolled, it consumes us and consumes those around us.

    Saying you can’t think positively about sex is like saying you can’t think positively about eating. If there is no such thing as eating there would be no hunger. There would be no starvation. There would be no fighting over food.

    Many of the points you raised are not a problem with sex it itself, but people’s reaction to it. Social stigma is not caused by sex, but by how people react to it. If there was no social stigma, blackmail would not be possible.

    Finally I would like to leave you with this quote.

    “Appetite, an universal wolf, so doubly seconded with will and power must make perforce a universal prey, and at last eat of himself.” – Troilus and Cressida Act I. Scene III.

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