The Goonfather vs Morte

My friends are killing me with their nonsense.

Since we just started our cycling/inline skating craze recently, a few people are still deciding whether to be cyclists or skaters. Minds keep changing, especially as our group gets bigger as more friends join in.

Current standing:


Right now, there’s this stupid competition going on between both factions to gain the most members, with some members resorting to tempting opposing members to switch camps.

Two nights ago, Morte linked us a whole bunch of inline skating videos. He even had specific videos for each of us.

For example:

“Minou!! Get these gear and learn! You will be like her!”

By the way, I’m totally in love with this cute little skater!

Morte even roped in a colleague who used to be a skating instructor, who’s promising us free lessons. All the better to entice the cyclists/undecided over!

Morte, by the way, is still trying to get comfortable with his skates. He can skate smoothly but he can’t go too fast, so he’s always lagging behind.

Group photo

Yesterday, the Goonfather MSN’ed me to complain.

“Alf is like poisoning my cyclists to go to his side leh.”

(Morte’s real name is Alfred.)

The Goonfather continued, “I must find a way to retain my cyclists. So, I drew a picture to remind my cyclists the outcome of skating, unless you’re damn fit.”

(During our sessions, the cyclists will usually go slow enough for the skaters to keep up. And the skaters, except Morte, go fast enough for the cyclists to be pretty comfortable.)

Here’s what the Goonfather drew:

The Goonfather's picture

I hope you can decipher it. It took me a while because I was wondering why he made the skaters look like tortoises.

It turned out he just sucks at drawing. The point was just to taunt Morte.

Unker Kell also added fuel to the fire: “I think if I run and he skate, I’ll still reach Changi before him.”


Score one for the Goonfather’s faction, I guess.

Well, there’s a reason why our group is called Club Morte.

(But Skate Faction still wins by number!)

14 thoughts on “The Goonfather vs Morte

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    @Sheylara: “Skate Faction” sounds pretty cool actually. Like an offshoot of the Tony Hawk franchise (except that’s mostly skateboarding…) “Skaters look like tortoises” Haha, priceless!:)

  2. Avatar

    Benjack: Yay! Thanks for the vote! :)

    tvbaddict: Do you skate also?

    duckhawk: Hmm dunno why the video doesn’t load for me.

    Ben!: Hahahaa… does that mean cyclists are lazy? :P

    Realliveman: But we already do have a name. But I suppose we need a new name for our extended gang since we’re having more peopel join us. :P

    tiger4: But everyone first time sure suck at it wat. :P

    Morte: Haha… trying to spread your influence here also?

    RN1209: Maybe that’s what we’ll call our skating team. :P

  3. Avatar

    Haha, how come Korean become Singaporean? :P

    Er… this vid also cannot load leh. (Don’t think it’s not my PC. I just watched several YouTube videos. :P)

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