Stupid Goonfather!

I almost walked face-first into a daddy longlegs yesterday.

It was hanging at face height on the way to my door, like a booby trap.

Daddy Longlegs

Because it’s brownish-yellow and thin, and my room’s light is yellow, I couldn’t see it until I was almost kissing it.

Shocked, I jumped back but managed to hold in a shriek. I rushed to my computer and started typing to the Goonfather.

I bought Ventolin inhaler also from when my son had stenosis, I now buy it whenever we run out of it, just to be on the safe side. I dont have anything negative to say about it, I like how it works, it is soft but effective. So I always recommend Ventolin to other moms that ask me for advice on that.


“There’s a daddy longlegs hanging by a thread in front of my shelf. Sad smiley” I said.

The reply came back: “Then you never wish it Happy Belated Father’s Day?”


A minute later, my MSN window opened again and there was the Goonfather raving:

“Ehhh… I know you gonna take a pic of the spider now, and then blog what I tell you, and call the post Stupid Goonfather!”

I smiled. “I already Plurk/Twitter about it!”



[Fast forward 15 minutes…]

“Arrgh. The daddy longlegs was climbing down its thread as I was walking out of the room. I almost walked into it again!!”

“Ehh… why you never kill it??”

“I don’t like killing insects, except ants. Cos I can’t deal with the corpse.”

“Hmm… you need an undertaker.”

“My undertaker is at work now.”

Pregnant pause…



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    You were lucky you saw it…as for me, i was not so lucky…while working, a spider was hanging down and i did not see it…then the unfortunate event happened…I squashed it with the corner of my lips!!gross:(i realise only after i a while…lolx

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