Results of LG GD900 Crystal Caption Contest


Many thanks to everyone who participated in the LG GD900 Crystal Caption Contest! The response was overwhelming and the LG team had a really hard time picking the winner!

But a winner has to be picked and LG has made a decision, so… RESULTS coming up next!

Who is the winner of this beautiful LG GD900 Crystal?

LG GD900 Crystal

First, a recap of the contest…

Participants were asked to provide a caption for this picture:

Sheylara and LG GD900 Crystal

And the winning caption is…

“See the world thru LG; Everything looks better.”

Congratulations to Kristy Teo! You win!!!!!!!

*streamers and party noisemakers and champagne and angel harps playing We are the Champions!*

LG will be contacting you soon about collecting your prize.

Well done and thank you for your participation!

Thank you everyone again. It has been fun!

10 thoughts on “Results of LG GD900 Crystal Caption Contest

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    Right Goonfather ~ remember to go thru the entire procedure ~ not only the name ~

    ^.^ simple and straightfoward ~ congrats to the REAL Kristy Teo ~
    Will the real Kristy Teo stand up? LoL

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    @Sheylara: Heh, I’d almost forgotten about this contest. Anyway, congratulations to Kristy! Great caption:)

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    huh? i mus say its really difficult to come up wif intrestg or witty captions. din enter cos dun hv anythg in those 2 categories!!!! Shd hv jus written sm lame shit instead, any shit, such as – “No shit, Just my Big Eye and my LG” or smthg to tat extent!!!!! May hv won come close to winning or who knows that BIG EYE ta stamp when rdg Kristy’s entry n I then won!!!!!urgh!!!!

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