Just want to rant

I’m stressed out of my wits!

With my California Fitness Bodyage Challenge winding to a close (test next week), I thought I will have more time beginning next week to rest and relax.

Sheylara at the gym

But nooooooooooooo.

My music school, The Music Lab, is putting up a student showcase on July 19. (Will post details soon.)

Rehearsals will start next week, which means I have three weeks to learn and practice playing 2-3 songs with people I’ve never met before.

My drums instructor and band director keep assuring me that it’s more than enough time to prepare but I find it impossible to believe them!!!

Sheylara at the drums

My band director says, “It’s very easy one lah. The trick is to choose popular songs so people will sing along.”


Shape Run 2009 falls on the same day as my student showcase.


And I’m flying to Kuching for a 10km mountain trekking race in exactly two weeks’ time.

Mountain trekking

And a million other small things that add up.

Gamer Girl Friday will resume next week! I’m going to Video Games Live tonight! And inline skating tomorrow!

And I’m looking forward to finally being able to break my rather strict two-month diet.

I think I’m gonna miss Dr Evil’s nagging, though.

“Drink more water! Sleep more! Eat more!”

Sheylara at the gym

“Keep your back straight. Don’t move around. We’re training your arms, not your legs! Your legs very energetic hor? You want to train your legs also? Okay, noted!”

Photos from previous session, 2.5 weeks ago.

Check this out:

Sheylara at the gym

All the fancy, high-tech equipment in the two-storey gym and he makes me do push ups on the stairway railing. O_o

You just can’t know what he’s thinking.

7 thoughts on “Just want to rant

  1. Avatar

    Damm…sounds like you’ll never be bored for the coming month!! I envy you ley! :P

    Inclined pushups are good!! Simple, effective and can be done anywhere! Next time try one-handed pushups ok! They’re quite shiok ;)

  2. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Kuching for a 10Km mountain trekking RACE?!? Wow, that’s news to me:) All that training’s gonna come in real handy. You’re gonna thank Eric, I’m sure:)

  3. Avatar

    hi, i read your post on gamer girl friday about the rock band unplugged. May i know if that game is out in singapore already and where can i get it. Thank you very much ^^

  4. Avatar

    Hahaha good luck for everything!

    Anyway were you by any chance skating nearby queensway/ikea on fri afternoon? I saw someone who looked really like you. LOL.

  5. Avatar

    tvbaddict: Yeah, Eric’s a very good trainer!

    Stan: Haha… frankly, I don’t know how anyone could possibly be bored in life. There are SO MANY things to do! I only get stressed cos I can’t finish doing everything I wanna do! :P

    One-handed pushups??? Er…. O_o I think I will leave that kind of hardcore craziness to you bodybuilders. :P

    RN1209: Heh, the sponsorship for our trip and the race was just confirmed. I guess the timing is pretty good since I’ve been training for 2 months! But then my cardio isn’t very good yet lah, need more time to train before I can get good results. But at least I know I will be able to complete the race! :)

    strawberry: Yup, Rock Band Unplugged is out in Singapore. You should be able to get it at any game stores. The one I go to most often is Gamescore at Funan, Level 5. :) They always have the latest games early. Have fun!

    Shu Fen: Haha… well, if you’re happy slacking at home, that’s great! I love slacking at home too, playing games and reading books. But I love doing fun things outside too. I’m always in a dilemma! lol.

    Michelle: Thanks for the well wishes! Hmm, no, I haven’t been to Queensway area in ages! Was she wearing the same skates as mine too? :P

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