37 thoughts on “I’m thorny on the outside, sweet on the inside

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    And I thngk the picture says it all.

    “Why on earth am I eating this? Why are you taking a picture of me eating this”?

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    “If that is the “died and gone to heaven” look then either I have fogotten what the died and gone to heaven look” looks like, or you have. HAHA :)

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    You couldn’t possibly remember what the died and gone to heaven look is like because you haven’t actually died and gone to heaven. :P

    In any case, what then do you think the look should look like?

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    “You couldn’t possibly remember what the died and gone to heaven look is like because you haven’t actually died and gone to heaven. :P” Ok, you have a point there…..but I have seen pictures! (dang it, why does shey have to be so witty). Oops, did I write that out loud?? LOL

    Hmm, I will have to find a picture, but I promise you I will find one!

    Besides, how do you know that the “look” you have is actually the real “died and gone to heaven” look? Maybe it’s the “I’m about to die because I am eating durian” look! :)

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    You gotta be kidding me! That is absolutely not a died and gone to heaven look!

    That’s more like a “I have a secret and I’m not telling you” smirk! lol.

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    I have a better one. 5th picture from the bottom on your SB post. Chicken on a stick! That captures the “I’ve died and gone to heaven” look pretty dang good!

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    No it doesn”t! :P That’s just a normal smile!

    Maybe I should do a contest asking everyone to send me a photo of their interpretation of “died and gone to heaven” look. :P But first I need to find a prize sponsor. Haha.

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    Hmm, so you are going to make me pick one.

    You have more than one I like. It wouldn’t be fair to the other one’s. They’d feel left out, you know :)

    Is that a cop out?

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    And actually your idea for a “died and gone to heaven” look contest is not a bad idea. Look me up on MSN. I have an idea I want to run past you.

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    Ok, ok. The one where you are like, you know…with the thing….and you standing and smiling……with your arm up….you know…..with your other arm over the thing amd you are holding a…you know…thing . You know the one I am talking about, riight? lol

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    Realliveman: *roll eyes* NO!! :P

    Shu Fen: Hahahaha… I guess I would be like that. :P I have a friend who doesn’t like the smell of women…

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    I don’t doubt them at all. I shun them. I am the Shunner of Durians. Get it right! HA
    But because you insist that there are actually levels of goodness and badness of these prickly death fruits, I will seek one out and provide a full report to the Queen.

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    And where the heck was I when you were posting Operation Smile stuff?? I should have been singing your praises!

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    Huh? Why the sudden topic jump to Op Smile? Haha. Anyway, since you’re all game to give durians a second chance, you can’t be a shunner of durians anymore. You’ll have to be a Durian Padawan.

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    Why? Becasue now I have to sort through 1000 different pictures on 1000 different posts so that I can provide you with the information you asked for. I thought I could cheat by going to the Operation Smile cat. and find a few. There, you happy? :)
    I was trying to cheat HA

    Durian Padawan. May the force be with……me!!

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    Wow, Shey. I can see I’ve missed a lot going through your blog. You have got to be the most controvercial blogger in Singapore! HA
    Durains, running around Singapire in pajamas, pink….everything, Facebook controversy! I’m going to have to spend some time reading some of this stuff :)

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    Doh… all that is not controversy, it’s just me doing things I enjoy doing and not bothering anyone doing it. :P

    And you don’t have to sort through 1000 pictures. Just show me the first that you come across, lol.

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    You are so caught up in this controversy thing. I’d like to find the guy who started that and……Doh!

    This is so unfair!

    I do beleive the question was: So, which smile of mine do you think is best?

    Here is the short list.

    First picture on I’m a voice artist

    Third and sixth picture on You have unique features. Yes, you

    Last picture on SB How do I show affection in public?

    Star Blog picture

    Sheylara Talks XBOX picture

    Woman is God -Day 2, picture 2

    Lord forgive me if I missed one. She did say, pick the first one I come across. HA

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    Realliveman: Yeah. She said pick one and he picked like a zillion! :P Looking at your choices, you seem to favour those lazy smile ones. Except for the two Xbox pics with the wide smiles. (Yeah, the unique features 6th pic is an Xbox photoshoot pic.)

    STUMPBO: I’m a little dizzy myself. :) And, no, people who dislike durians won’t necessarily find me pungent. But people who dislike ME might find me pungent. :)

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    Oh, I forgot to answer your other question. “What dish/food or drink you think you are! ;)”

    Steamed buns, sesame paste and Rose Pedal drink

    A surprise inside, good sweetness and a lot of “What the hell” :)

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    If I picked one you would have hit me for not picking the RIGHT one. :)

    Lazy smile ares natural and not forced. Forgive me for being natural-liking :)

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    What about the two Xbox photos with big teeth then? You don’t find them too forced? :P

    And of course I wouldn’t have hit you for not picking the right one. There’s no right or wrong since it’s entirely your opinion. And I did ask you to pick the FIRST one you come across which you liked! :P

    Hmmm you and your buns! I’m beginning to think you’re as in love with steamed buns as I am with durians. :P

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    OK, you got me. I like all of you smiles. Especially the ones that are not forced. :)

    And lets be clear. I AM THE KING OF STEAMED BUNS! :)

    I decree tomorrow as Steamed Bun Appreciation Day! LOL

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