How I found out about the birds and the bees

When I was 11, just before my mother passed away, she pulled me aside and told me a little story.

When she was about my age, she recalled, maybe a bit older, she went to the toilet one day and discovered a spot of blood in her underpants.

Horrified, she quickly washed the blood off and changed into a fresh pair of underpants. She didn’t know what was happening and didn’t dare tell her mother because she was afraid of being scolded.


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8 thoughts on “How I found out about the birds and the bees

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    I totally agree we should have different parts for sex!

    Hahaha! But maybe ‘God’ didn’t want us to release waste and have sex at the same time so he made it such that we couldn’t. XD

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    Nice post! Sheylara, you missed the fun at the Arena with us that night. It was really fun! wished you had joined us. Look forward for the next event then.

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