Dr Evil

I gave Eric Goh, my personal trainer at California Fitness, a new nickname.

I now call him Dr Evil.

Sheylara and Dr Evil

Of course, he’s not evil evil, because everything he does ultimately benefits his gym charges but, still, sometimes you just want to strangle him.

Like, he bluffed me that my body fat mass was a lot higher than it actually was, and I didn’t find out the truth until our 7th week together.

Sheylara at the gym

He’d make me do really unglam exercises.

Sheylara at the gym

Sheylara at the gym

With wretched aftermaths.

Sheylara at the gym

Earlier today, we were doing crunches.

Now, for the past 15 sessions, we had always been doing three sets of each workout, with the exception of one session, when we only did two.

So, after three sets of 50 crunches each, I waited for him to ask me to get up, as usual.

He didn’t.

Sheylara at the gym

I turned to him and gave him a pitiful look.

I said, “I finished three sets already.”

He looked back at me with a poker face and said, “Yah, I know.”

I said, “So, I’m done, right?”

He said, “Are you?”

I said, “Don’t tell me you’re making me do a fourth set!”

He said, “Why not?”

I said, “Where got do four sets one?!?!?”

He said, “Why not? Did we sign a contract saying you can only do three sets?”


And then he did the “neverending count” trick during my fourth set. The one where he goes back to 30 after counting 39, so I never, ever reach 40.

Sheylara at the gym

Anyway, my BodyAge Challenge is almost at an end. One more session for me, and then the final test to measure my body age.

I can almost smell the durians and the Big Macs! Right now, it’s like, got chair cannot sit.

Sheylara at the gym

I can’t believe I’ve dieted for two months. I’ve never been able to stick to any kind of diet for two days.

I guess having an evil trainer really helps a lot. And I’ve never felt healthier in my life.

I might actually miss allowing myself to be tortured like this when it’s all over.

But I’ll confirm with you again after I’ve feasted on my durians and Big Macs. =)

Sheylara at the gym

39 thoughts on “Dr Evil

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    I bet you are sleeping better every night ( I remember when you were having sleeping problems) and feeling better all around.

    So, the question is: Are you better off now, then you were before?

    Look out AJ! Sheylara has a new look, new attitude and she likes controvery!

    “I can almost smell the durians and the Big Macs!”

    I know a place in Chinatown Signapore where you can get both!

    An old shoe and a pile of grease! lol

  2. Avatar

    I can finally see the hard work you put in the gym. Damn, those curves are really making the air hotter than before. Too bad, you won’t be able to show them off this Saturday underneath your PJs.

    heehee <3

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    Big Macs are fine, but how about that McSpicy??

    Since you can’t get a proper Sausage McMuffin w/egg in Singapore, the McSpicy is my fave thing at McD’s over there.

  4. Avatar

    Buns! Steamed buns! There is a place in Chinatown on Temple Street behind The Inn. I forgot the name of the street, but there is a stall just as you come out of the walkway next to the medicine shop that has huge steamed buns that are made by hand. They are not green or pink either. And across from The Inn is a place that has the best almond paste in Asia. Have a glass of Rose Pedal drink with it and you’ll beat that craving for burgers and a durian.

    …….I sound like a tourist, huh?…….

    I’ll be going now…….:(

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    realliveman: Hmm… I’m possibly sleeping better, but only the past week. Before that, was still having restless sleep.

    I guess I AM better off now, although I feel it may still largely be psychological. I mean, I feel like all this regular eating and regular exercising is doing good to my body, so I feel good about it. In terms of actual physical benefits, I don’t know. :P

    I think I know which steamed bun shop you’re talking about. Have come across it. I love those! :) But I’d still choose durians and Big Macs over them! :P

    And, no, I still don’t like controversy, lol.

    tiger4: Haha, those “curves” can’t really be seen unless I flex my muscles leh. :P

    abraxis: I love McSpicy! I always either eat Big Mac or McSpicy. Waht’s wrong with the sausage mcmuffin here?

  6. Avatar

    Thanks, thanks! :)

    Actually, these photos are from the same batch as my last week’s post, heh. I’ll see if I can take the final AFTER photos on my last session.

  7. Avatar

    Haha, really enjoyed reading your tortures and know it too well from my rehab after my back injury.
    Well, it also made me picking up an info sheet about the gym nearest to my place…..
    Will a passionate swimmer like I am end up going to the gym before making pool lanes?
    A good concept, that for sure. :)

  8. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Yay! Only one more session to go. Told ya it’d fly by with the kind of positive attitude and effort you’ve put in:) But the question now is: will it be enough? All the best to you:)

  9. Avatar

    Say Shey, have you ever asked Eric why he wears so many layers inside the gym? Is the air conditioning that strong? He has what, 3 layers there doesn’t he??

  10. Avatar

    master chief: Wow, great to see you again, sir! =P Sorry to hear about your back injury. I trust you are fine, now? Hmm… well, you could do both, swim and gym! That would be fun!

    RN1209: Enough for what? I don’t know. :P

    Stan: He’s always complaining it’s freezing at the gym. Haha. Well, it IS a little cold in there, although most people won’t notice it since they’re pumping iron or clocking miles every moment in there. :P I guess it’s different for the trainers. They’re standing around in the cold all day and they don’t get to expend much energy since it’s their jobs to watch people expend energy instead, lolol.

  11. Avatar

    Well then Shey, keep it up. You are looking fantasic and you are starting to sleep better. You don’t need a gym to keep up what you are doing (although it helps). Find 20 minutes a day to strech and walk and exercise. You will feel even better if you do it everyday. I’m sure Eric (Dr, Evil) will be there to will support you even after you leave, as good teachers do.

    In fact, make it a game. How far will you walk for a durian and a Big Mac and how fast will you run when Eric comes after you will an exercise ball afterwards :)

  12. Avatar

    Realliveman: Thank you. :) In fact, I already do have a running routine. Cos of gym, I’m only doing it 1-2 times a week, since I do a bit of cardio at the gym too. Once gym is over, I’ll increase my running to 3-4 times. Don’t need durians and Big Macs as motivation. I have a race to take part in in a month’s time! :P

  13. Avatar

    not a bad Mr Evil, after I read this post. He meant well for you too XD

    its soo much better than the gym trainer I earlier had at C.F. LoL.

  14. Avatar

    Congrats! I’m trying to see which location you’re at? Next time, if you see a Rumba class on where you’re at, come look for me!! :) I’m likely there if its in the morning.

  15. Avatar

    Apple: Hi hi! You have the same surname as Dr Evil? :P Anyway, so what did your ex-gym trainer do to you?

    Honeymeow: Hey, thanks for dropping by! :) Too bad we go to different outlets. Where do you go to? You teach Rumba? :)

  16. Avatar

    Sheylara: Oh, I just realized the surname ROFL. basics of the basics pretty much. End up, I find doing it on my own is much useful. The classes are interesting, but I have yet to find time to go >.<

    Honeymeow: What do you do in Rumba class?

    p.s.: I can go to any of the outlets LOL

  17. Avatar

    Apple Goh: Hmm… that’s a shame. Well, next time you need a personal trainer, look for Eric. :P What kind of classes do you attend? I used to like Body Combat!

    Relax: O_o

  18. Avatar

    Dr Evil! I like that! I can testify that he’s indeed evil in executing his “tortures”.. and you won’t feel the impact until the day after… *evil indeed!* but he makes your sessions (& ur efforts) worth the while. (as well as the compliments thereafter!)

    But evilness aside, the transformation is apparent in such a short time frame!! :) evil works! (not to mention your great discipline on your part! – esp to eat what the “dr” prescribe!! – i need to repent on my non-compliance!) You have a race in month’s time? Shape run? All the best! And enjoy the freedom to indulge in sinful food !! :)

  19. Avatar

    mione: Ahh… you’re one of Dr Evil’s “victims”, huh? Coool! :P How long have you been a “victim”? We should get together and compare notes. Haha. :P

    Yep, I’m taking part in Shape Run. Looking forward to the fun! And especially looking forward to the carbo loading… since my carbo diet has been restricted for the past 2 months. LOL!

  20. Avatar

    Hi Shey, your blogs on the trainings are hilarious! Dr. E’s my PT too. I must say he’s kinda happy with his new found fame. In fact, he quotes from your blog whenever he wants to re-inforce his evilness on me…haha…

  21. Avatar

    Hello Heyzanie! Thanks for dropping by! Cool… another fellow “victim”! Heheh. :P Let’s all meet and have a party and plot evil things to do against Dr Evil! :P

  22. Avatar

    hey shey, yup, i’m one of E “victims”. I know dr e way back in 04, trained with him for a while.. *and left his “clutches” due to my own laziness.. and rejoined the eric “empire” last July cuz i “miss” the tortures.. lol *yups! we should compare notes..*but really, he’s a great trainer & very dedicated too.. :)

    *oh dear* he would know my identity now… lalala*

    I’m going for the Shape Run too.. :) yay! carbo loading.. that’s the fun part of the run preparation! :)

  23. Avatar

    Heyzanie and mione, do you know each other? Hehe. :P

    Heyzanie: Not sure if I will be going back to CF cos the bodyage challenge will be over this week.

    mione: Wow, so you’ve known Dr Evil for a long time. Cool, so you know all his little secrets. Haha… let’s have coffee sometime! lol…

    Maybe we’ll bump into each other at Shape Run! But I guess it’ll be really hard… with 8,000 people. O_o

  24. Avatar

    Apple: Heheh, Dr Evil can start a cult already! Wanna join us? ;) I promise you you won’t regret choosing him as your PT!

    We should form a team for Shape Run and call ourselves Dr Evil’s Girls or something like that. Haha.

  25. Avatar

    Wa… Dr Evil’s Girls.. Dr Evil must be gleeming with pride.. :)

    Think it will not be an easy task to bump into each other @ the shape run.. with so many peeps. yay, it will be fun to meet up.. :)

  26. Avatar

    mione: Let’s ask Dr Evil to throw a party for us. Haha. :P I’m quite scared about Shape Run… this is my first year taking part. I hope I don’t get stampeded by 8,000 people.

  27. Avatar

    Hi Mione, he’s already gleeming with his new found fame, didn’t you notice? Heh heh…

    Shey, ok, I’m going for my training later maybe I can check if Dr Evil can organize a Wed Ladies PJ Nite for his gals (and guys…YEAH…I need some eye candies for my good health sake ;P~~)

  28. Avatar

    Heyzanie: Oh, cool! Ladies PJ Nite sounds fun!! And yah, male eye candies! :P

    Hmm… I bet he’s going to show you my ugly chicken wing photo later!!! O_o

  29. Avatar

    Ugly chicken wing foto?? How ugly? Nightmarish Ugly or just Athlete Foot Ugly (duh…watz dat??)

    Ok, since u mentioned, I will take a look later ^ ^

  30. Avatar

    He lah… asked me to hold a zillion pound weight while he took a photo of my arm. I think my arm almost broke, it was sooo tough to hold it. lol. And my arm looks like a chicken wing (the drumlet part). haha.

  31. Avatar

    Hiya Sheylara!

    Rumba is a latin dance fitness class.. and yes I teach that too but its named ZumFit in my class as I don’t officially instruct at CF.. mine is run at a private dance studio located behind Pacific Plaza every Friday 715pm. Interested? U can always email me honeymeow@gmail.com if u know anyone who may be keen to try.

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