Bullying the Goonfather

An MSN conversation between myself and the Goonfather yesterday.

MSN conversation

Heehee! <3

On a side note…

I just learned from Wang Wang and Minou that if you go heehee and <3 a lot in MMORPGs, you will get tons of free stuff from rich players. Of course, your avatar needs to also be female and have a cute name.

Hmm… I think Sheylara is not cute enough. She never gets free stuff from strangers and has to resort to actually killing monsters to earn money.

Guild Wars

I shall have to reroll and call my new character Princess Cuteness or something sick like that and then proceed to making a lot of heehees and <3s.

Nice! I have a new project to look forward to!


15 thoughts on “Bullying the Goonfather

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    In addition to being chauffeur, can also ask him to level your new “Cutie Pinkheartz” char…

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    That’s only Wang Wang lor.
    I never get free stuff too.
    Unless you count that time some random guy kept giving me free low level stuff….but I swear I didn’t go heehee and <3!!!

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    tat’s why I sometimes take leave secretly without my wife knowing, else I will end up spending my leave doing errands for her. heehee <3 ;)

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    RN, I agree with you!

    Yoi, what’s so creepy about RN? “O___O
    Am I creepy too since i agree to what RN says? :D ;p

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    Mince Pye: Oooh. Cutie Pinkheartz. There’s an idea. Thanks! :) One Cutie Pinkheartz coming up in Guild Wars!!

    Minou: Haha… never mind, Wang Wang gets free stuff, she can share with us. :P She’s the master of heehee <3. Hard to beat!

    tiger4: Wah… so bad! :P I bet when you just started dating, you didn’t mind help her with errands all day! Hee hee!

    harogenki: Er… you know guys who go heehee?

    Wang Wang: Can’t sleep never mind. Go heehee more and get more stuff to share with us. Mwaks!! ^o^ :D <3

    tvbaddict: You play female avatar?! Haha.

    RN1209: Whee, thanks! Did you read the comment in my Facebook about this photo? Some guy didn’t like it. Heh.

    Yoi: What’s so creepy lah?!

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    @Sheylara: As the devil will say, “then she is girlfriend, now she is wife…” Hehehe

    P.S. I am on leave today and guess what, she called n ask if I can vacuum and mop the floor. x_x

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    @Sheylara: Yeah, I saw those comments on FB. Must be Yoi’s friend, hehe:P Well, everyone will always have differing views and expectations, but what’s important is that you had fun experimenting:)

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