What happens when you feed journalists alcohol

When I was in Kuching, our unofficial tour guide, Malcolm, brought us to a traveller lodge belonging to a good friend of his.

We had a crazy party there, me and the journalists who had been invited to visit Kuching.

I made a video of the madness. I was frankly quite amazed at how talented my journalist friends were and by the fact that we all clicked like old friends even though we’d only met each other the day before.

Now, a bit about The Fairview because I really liked it.

It’s a large heritage house that’s been converted to a budget hostel and is managed by a middle-aged couple who treat guests like friends.

The Fairview

With a 25-guest capacity and a price range of RM25 (S$10.40) to RM115 ($47.90), it’s located within walking distance from the city centre.

There are dorm rooms (good for trips with friends) and different sized bedrooms for couples or families. Totally a great alternative to staying at a hotel.

The Fairview

It actually looks rather creepy when you first step in because it’s so old and the furniture and decoration are, like, antique.

The Fairview

The Fairview

But once you get to know Eric and Annie, the friendly owners, and settle in, you’ll start feeling cosy and comfortable. The place probably looks different in the day, anyway.

They served us tuak, a rice wine made by the natives in Kuching.

The Fairview

There are different kinds of tuak which use slightly different ingredients. I really like the sweet ones. The one we tried at Fairview was sweet and delicious!

Annie showed us the guestbook, which has been signed by hundreds of happy and grateful tourists.

The Fairview

There was even a homemade thank-you card.

The Fairview

The Fairview

Most importantly, there’s broadband Internet, and you can make reservations online.

Actually, the guys in the video weren’t crazy because of the tuak and beer. They behaved like that the entire trip. It’s just them.


Cheers to Malcolm, Nicholas, Javad, Wai Kit, Lili and Soh. And, of course, to Eric, Annie and pretty Flora!

3 thoughts on “What happens when you feed journalists alcohol

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    @Sheylara: My parents and my sister just returned from Kuching last night. They stayed at the Hilton but I wonder if they passed by this place:)

  2. Avatar

    Oh, this place is quite near the Hilton, maybe 15-20 mins walk, can’t really remember, though. But it’s also in some quiet area of the city so I don’t think people will pass by that place unless they specifically want to pass by. :P

    Hope your folks enjoyed Kuching! ;)

  3. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Yeah, they sure did:) Although my dad, like me, spent most of the time lounging around while my mom and sis took in the sights:)

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