Thanks for insulting me

I’m really pleased that someone found me important enough to insult.

Okay, this is not the first time I’ve been insulted, so it’s not a big deal, but the message came at a time I was about to write a blog, and I thought this as good a topic as any.

Here, the insult was posted on my Facebook wall:


Of course, the initial reaction of receiving an insult or criticism is often shock and dismay.

But then you get over it very quickly because you start wondering who could have sent it.

Then you reach the only possible conclusion:

Somewhere out there is a sad, lonely, angry person who is jealous of me, my looks, my abilities, my success (any combination of all that).

I honestly feel some pity for this person and I’m even sorry to have unwittingly caused someone distress simply by existing.

The last thing I want is to have anyone feel bad on account of me.

But then, feeling pity for an anonymous stranger can’t solve anything, so I can’t focus on that. If my critics want to say stuff to my face in person, I will welcome it and sincerely extend to them my greatest sympathies.

But since I don’t know who this person is, I am instead focusing on the fact that insults empower me. They are proof that I am someone. Honestly, you wouldn’t walk up to a nobody in the middle of the street and start insulting him because he’s a nobody.

So, to all my critics, thank you for your kind affirmation of my success. I hope you find your own success eventually.

Update: I just found out a few minutes after posting this entry that my critic has deleted his insult from my wall. Hmm, the mystery thickens.

33 thoughts on “Thanks for insulting me

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    That’s the right attitude to take. You’ve done very well and you deserve whatever you have now. People who are jealous, mean and plain horrid are the ones who make horrid comments. Ignorance is bliss. Just ignore!

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    Well, there are a lot of weirdos out there.. And what with the Swine Flu and all… Jus treat it as SPAM .. Lol

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    when i was 5 years old my mother taught me the important lesson that “jealously makes you nasty”..

    don’t worry about it! we all think you are really supercool! :)

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    kinda off-tangent but..
    don’t people have to be ‘friends’ within your facebook account before they can post on your wall?

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    You mean that if we insult you on FaceBook then we get to be the subject of a post on your blog? Hmmmm… fleeting fame beckons…

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    Kim: I’m not too sure, actually. I have my Facebook profile set to public view, so I’m not sure if that also means that public can write on my wall?

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    Hey there! I’m also an artist like you here in my country so I know where you’re coming from. I guess it’s a part of “stardom”. However, I never brag about my success/popularity because you’ll never know what might happen tomorrow. Life is like a wheel, sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. This whole “popularity” never came into my mind, I always keep my foot set on the ground. So, just a word of advice, if it’s not true, then why bother and feel bitter?

    Tiger4: nicely said.

    Good luck and more power!

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    Hi Louiegi, thanks for your feedback, but do allow me to explain.

    This isn’t an ego trip. There are two reasons I write such posts:

    1) I talk about my job hazards because my readers like reading such stuff. I’ve written posts similar to this a few times in years of blogging. What I’ve found is that when I post negative stuff, my readership spikes.

    I do it once in a while to keep things interesting here. (I don’t do it more often because too much negativity is self-defeating.)

    I’m more of an entertainer than artist. And in my business, it’s all about giving my audience what they want, of course, with my own restrictions.

    2) Posts like this are my way of delivering a message to all my critics because this is the best way to reach the maximum number of them. The message is that I really do appreciate their input. I also want to show them that, by insulting me, they’re actually supporting me. I hope it makes them think.

    It’s a very important and educational message that I feel obliged to share.

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    wtf! You’ve set your FB profile for public view, then you’re whining with some bull***t, you should have seen this coming. Come on man, who are you kidding? How sure are we that you’re not making this all up? Is it a part of your publicity or you can’t think anymore of a topic to tell. If ever this crap is true, I can sense you are somewhat affected. One point for the hater and no point for you — I’ll be the referee, and now it’s GAME ON!!! LOLZ!

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    Cute Master: Quote me one statement I made which sounds like a whine. You might want to go back to reading class and revisit some modules. I thought I made it very clear that I’m very happy with the insults I got.

    Having said that, thanks for your whining because that’s one vote of support for me. Appreciate that! :)

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    Ms. Whiny, here’s your word for the day:

    whine – a long-drawn, high-pitched complaining cry or sound; to utter a whine; to complain or protest in a childish manner or about trivial things

    See, you’re whining again! Hahaha! Oh, you poor thing, such a loser. One point for me too, and 0 POINT for you.:P You’re not happy with the insults you got coz you are affected by it, you are being sarcastic about it. Why can’t you get over it? Hmmm, makes me wonder?

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    Well then, if it’s true that by insulting you I’m actually supporting you, then allow me to oblige you, you fucking moron. Just because someone insults you, that does not mean that they are “sad” or “angry.” It could be that they just think that you’re a showboating hypocritcal turd. And talk about being egotistical. Someone anonymously insulting you on the internet means that you are “someone?” What a fragile sense of self you must have! If that were true, I think it would be fair to say that we could all derive our self-esteem from internet ramblings. Who really wins when I call you a moron on the internet? Let’s flip a coin; heads I win, tails you lose.

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