Why I haven’t camwhored in ages

Every so often, I get mighty sick of the way I look. It’s the same stupid hair, same stupid face, same stupid smile.


Even when I try to make faces so that it’s not the same stupid smile, it’s the same stupid face.

If I snap 100 photos of myself, I’ll delete 99 because they all bore me.

I think it’s mostly the damned hair.

I cut it barely two months ago and now it’s horribly overgrown again with that stupid boring heavy rebonded look!!


I think rebonding is going out of fashion. Which is a tragedy because I’m stuck with “rebonded” hair for life and people are going to think that I’m outdated!! Argh.

I feel like going for one of those hair show competitions as a hair model and see where fate takes my hair.

I remember my cousin, Monster, said to me before, “Whatever you do, don’t get a pixie hair cut!”

But that’s exactly what I’m very tempted to do now.

Once upon a time, I had this funky hairdo.


Well, it was only for a day. It was set and teased for hours at a hair salon for a photo shoot.

A couple of hours later, it went back to this shape:


Maybe a pixie cut would be better cos there’ll be less hair to weigh itself down, so styling might last longer.

Sigh! Decisions!

I will make one eventually, though. So… prepare to see a drastic change in me in the next couple of months. Heh.

16 thoughts on “Why I haven’t camwhored in ages

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    @Sheylara: Drastic change, eh? Bring it! I for one, will look forward eagerly to what the future holds, hehe:) coz after all, it’ll still be you mah…

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    RN1209: Aww, thanks1 :)

    Minou: Wah you also… so fast! :P KK… I think we better make it a regular date then! Every 2 months? Heheh. See if Unker Kell wanna cut too, lolol.

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    @Sheylara: Don’t forget the last time you ladies went to a stylist together… kena chop like nobody’s business, hehe:)

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    Going for my hair cut after work later. Same style, nothing special plus I am starting to go bald. EEK!

    I still prefer the long hair version of you. “Rebonded” hair never go out of fashion. Guys always like girls with long hair. Plus long hair good for recreating the ghost image to scare people. Hehehe

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    Yesh, I’ve been toying to chop off all my hair.
    Having long hair for too long that it’s getting boring.

    Not to mention that Kerr keeps sleeping on my hair and it hurts!

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    haha i know your pain.. My hair is also super straight. No matter what I do to style it, it’ll come back in a matter of hours. Sigh! That also applies to my eyelashes. No mascara is strong enough to “lift it up”!

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    Its strange dt u get bored of ur hair, i indeed love ur hair and u r beautiful. May i know wht’s d name of ur hair cut (in 1st picture, long one), coz i’m planning to get one myself but i’m so confused. Also how did u get ds look of sleek n frizz free hair? My hair’s so untamed, how much i may try :-((( kindly reply me on my email id dt i’ve provided.
    thanks. enjoy. :-)

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    Shorter hair ftw!

    Well at least I find you look good in that short hair photo.

    Well, be brave at the salon. Just give it a good cut. What do you have to lose? :P

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    your photos look boring because your expression is always the same (ironic that you’re an aspiring actress), not because of your hair. i’ve never seen any wacky, zany self-taken picts of you. you always look sedated or like you’re trying to act cute.

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    I leave you for a couple of days….didn’t read your blog as I was in Shanghai getting bored out of my wits and you’re thinking of a pixie hair cut??? Hope you’re not serious about it!

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    I AM serious, my dear. :P But I can’t do it right now, cos I’ve gone for a few auditions. Can’t change my look until after I know the outcome of the auditions.

    Probably have to wait at least 2 or 3 months.

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    If you’re seriously serious about it….go to someone that you really trust…or you might regret. I’ve got many of my hair raising regrets….

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