Why I can’t find a BFF

Maybe it’s my unconventional interests. Maybe it’s my reclusive nature. Maybe it’s a combination of both, plus an assortment of mysterious reasons.


I’ve always found it hard to even make friends, never mind BFFs (best friend forever). It’s a situation which has puzzled and saddened me for ages but I’ve begun to come to terms with it.

Let me start from the beginning.

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8 thoughts on “Why I can’t find a BFF

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    Not everybody has just one BFF. Even I have a group of very close friends, but I wouldn’t be able to pick out just one best friend. As long as we have people whom we enjoy being with, and who care about us, I think that’s what really matters. :)

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    Well look at it this way. If BFFs were “easy” to come by or find we wouldn’t value them as much and BFFs probably wouldn’t exist.

    Great things are always to hardest to come by or they come to as a challenge :)

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    Thanks Monster!!!!

    Very flattering to be featured in your blog. Yes, we do somehow care for each other telepathically. Thanks for being there always for me. Through the dark and trying moments of my life, you’ve been there! And yes, you were there for my great moments too! You were like the most beautiful bridesmaid ever! No one could ever beat you! Thanks for loving me unconditionally. It really means a lot to me that you never judged and love me the way I am. All my strangeness, weirdness and quirkiness, you took them all in stride. Thanks! Love you heaps and heaps!!! Miss ya too!

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    Awww, thanks for your awesome words, Monster!! You’re a lovable person, you know… it’s not hard to love you.. just ask all your other friends! ;) *HUGS*

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