What being a Formula 1 racer feels like

I was an F1 racer for a few hours last night and my experience can be summarised in a few bullet points:

  • Hot
  • Glamorous
  • Thrilling
  • Bruises

SingTel F1

Well, okay, it was only a simulated experience, but that’s better than nothing lah.

The fire retardant suit is thick and has no ventilation, so you’ll feel like you’re in a mobile sauna just minutes after being in it.

SingTel F1

It also feels quite glamorous because everyone wants to take your photograph so you’re posing endlessly with your helmet in one arm.

SingTel F1

SingTel F1

SingTel F1

Well, I’m not an experienced F1 driver, so I’m not sure how to pose. This classic pose with helmet in arm is the only one I know.

I’m thinking now that real F1 drivers must always be thinking, “Stop taking photographs of me already and let me get out of this crazy sauna suit!!”

SingTel F1

SingTel F1

SingTel F1

I’ll talk about the bruises in a while.

I was at a blogger event organised by SingTel last night to let us try out the F1 simulator.

It’s an awesome machine! It’s like playing a racing game except you’re in a car that moves and rattles and knocks you about when you crash. Well, when you’re driving and not crashing, you can feel the car rumble.

SingTel F1

From the driver’s seat, you can see three screens showing your track. There are even side mirrors! How cool!

SingTel F1

It was really thrilling and adrenaline-pumping, not to mention violent. Every time I crashed, I got bumped and jolted about in my seat.

It’s really easy to crash if you’re going too fast when you near a corner and don’t slow down in time.

It’s really really really hard to drive this thing! And I look very small in it.

SingTel F1

SingTel F1

So, anyway, because the seat is hard and I think I’m quite bony, it hurt every time the seat jolted me about. My spine and shoulder blades would bang into the back and sides of the seat.

Trust me, the car can jerk about really violently.

Maybe I should have worn the racing suit when driving, but then I would have sweated buckets into the suit, which would have been quite gross.

So, yeah, I’ve got bruises on my spine and shoulder blades. Well, they’re alright. I bruise easily, anyway. They don’t hurt unless I touch them.

But it was so fun I’d do it again!!

Group shot of the bloggers who attended the event:

SingTel F1

By the way, the FI simulators are available to the public at set times. Check this page for more details. You could even take part in the simulator challenge to win tickets to Formula 1 2009!

Thanks, SingTel, for the invite.

And thanks, Claudia, for helping me take most of my photos! ;)

10 thoughts on “What being a Formula 1 racer feels like

  1. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Waahhh! So shiok!:) No wonder it was so quiet yesterday… most of you guys were at this event, hehe:) Definitely another place in my “bring my kids” list… by the way, were there any GRID girls?

  2. Avatar

    Jesta: I’m surprised, but thanks! I thought you would hate it cos the suit is shapeless. :P

    RN: If they were there, don’t you think I would have taken photos of them?

  3. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Who knows, maybe you were too busy posing in your racing suit:P But yeah, those were interesting pics of you:)

  4. Avatar

    Hi tiger, haven’t seen you in a while! Thanks for the compliment!

    I’m surprised no one says I look fat and shapeless in the suit! Haha. :P

  5. Avatar

    @Sheylara: The suit is meant to protect the driver, not make him look slim n pretty. ;)

    Ya, overload with work nowadays. Working weekends and maybe holidays soon. My colleague say I look like a porcupine – too many arrows in my back -_-“

  6. Avatar

    Haha. I know lah, but we all know I wasn’t wearing the suit for protection, but for photo-taking purposes mah. :P

    Oh my, you sound as busy as I am now! Hang in there! Slowly pluck out the arrows one by one. Haha.

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