The conversation about ants

My friends and I, we were discussing ants.

Minou had once discovered an ant nest in her VCR.

I had ant nests in my bedroom wall and bathtub.

The Goonfather had found a nest inside his toilet cistern lid. (I’m still trying to figure that one out.)

A rather bad drawing of a toilet

He couldn’t see the ant nest because it was hiding inside the lid, so he put the entire lid in his bathtub and tried to flush the nest out using his shower spray.

When he did that, ants starting swimming out in droves. And then, suddenly, a pizza of ants popped out of the lid.

Yes, you read right. It was an ant pizza. The Goonfather described it as an army of ants interlocked with each other, hanging onto each other for dear life, forming the shape of a pizza.

A rather bad drawing of an ant pizza

The discussion then moved on to the destruction of ants. The Goonfather recommended something called ant powder, which you can buy at traditional Chinese medicine shops.

Worker ants would take these poison granules back and poison the entire colony.

I wanted to know how an entire colony of, say, a million ants, could be poisoned with a few granules.

“The queen ant will die because she gets all the food first,” said the Goonfather.

A rather bad drawing, period

“But,” I persisted, “After the queen is dead, there are still a million more ants.”

Unker Kell had the answer: “Once the queen is dead, all the other ants will automatically die of grief.”


There followed a discussion on how important queen ants were for the survival of colonies, bearing in mind that none of us are really ant experts.

Thinking aloud, I said, “I would be interested in buying one of those ant farm kits to witness how an ant colony works.”

Ant farm

It turned out that the Goonfather had bought such a thing before, at Toys ‘R Us.

He didn’t have much success with it because his ant acquisition missions kept failing. He often accidentally killed the ants he captured before he could put them into the farm.

You would understand if I explained that he tried capturing ants using bbq tongs.

Once, he tried putting one black ant and one red ant into the farm, because that was what he managed to find in his garden.

It resulted in both of them fighting to the death.

A rather bad drawing of ants fighting

Then, a thought sprang into my mind.

“But how do you make an ant colony without a queen ant? And how are you going to kidnap a queen ant if she’s hiding in some hidden nest all the time?”

Without pausing for thought, the Goonfather said, “The ants in your farm will elect a queen lah!”

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    um… when you want to build an ant’s nest, you need to get the queen from her nest.

    Removing the queen from her nest will not kill the entire colony, at least not immediately. Without the queen the colony couldn’t reproduce any ants for any reasons whatsoever. The colony will slowly die out.

    I’ve heard of queen ants living up to 20 years?

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    I HATE ants! Seriously HATE them! Hate them to the point that in my old apartment in Spore, I would purposefully leave a candy on the floor to lure the ants and then follow their trail to kill their nest! Oh yes, the Chinese ant powder which you can get them from NTUC now, works like a charm! I remember a while ago when we had a mini car accident in Spore and the car was in the workshop. Dumb mechanic parked the car under a tree and when we got back our car, there were ants everywhere on the roof of it. No matter how much insecticide sprayed, it didn’t matter. Finally a friend recommended the ant killer powder and yes! Revenge is so sweet!

    Thankfully, for some strange reason…..there’s no ants in my apartment in HK. Thank God!

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    Hi Goonfather or anyone I have a little question, where is the cheapest place I can get an xbox 360 arcade and how much wld it be?

    Is the harddisk really nessasary?

    e.g mgs4 for the ps3 has to be installed b4 playing.

  4. Avatar

    Xbox 360 price is pretty controlled so you’ll find it selling the same price most places. It’s selling for $339 now.

    So far, I haven’t seen any Xbox 360 games which need to be installed before playing. I guess harddisk necessity depends on your usage.

    If you’re not planning to download tons of stuff (expansion packs, themes, songs for games like lips, game demos, trailers, etc), the arcade is quite sufficient, for just playing of games and downloading arcade games.

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    thanks Sheylara!

    But $339 is at funan is it??

    The guys at sim lim desperately tried to ‘persuade’ me into paying nearly $500 total for additional stuff I probably do not require.

    Is there a significant difference in speed when you run the game via the HDD than from the disc?? I heard its possible from a forum.

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    You mean additional stuff like battery packs and controllers? If you’re buying just the console alone, with one controller in the package, it should only be $339. For the add ons, it’s up to you lah.

    You can buy Xboxes at Xbox Xperience Zones. Challenger Funan or Best Denk VivoCity.

    As for your other question, I’d have to get back to you cos I haven’t tried myself.

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    terboo: Just got your answer. It depends and varies from one game to another. You might notice improvement in framerate, textures and loading speed. And it does seem to provide a better feel in overall performance according to feedback.

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    Hi Sheylara, thanks!

    Anyway Ive just got myself an arcade! Ill get a HDD later on anyway since it’ll keep the discs from being scratched as others have reported.

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