I love pain

Last Friday, I submitted my first food log to Eric Goh, my trainer at California Fitness.

Food log

He came back saying, “And why is your breakfast at 3 pm??”

Actually, 3 pm is considered early for me. I usually have “breakfast” between 4 pm and 8 pm, depending on how busy I am.

He also said:

  • Cut down on carbs after 6:30 pm.
  • Cut all fried food. (!!!!!!! x 100,000)
  • Dinner should be lighter than breakfast.
  • Take clear soupy food if you must eat at a crazy hour like after midnight.

All very noble aspirations for me to strive for. I have to constantly chant the mantras of my favourite sports brands.



That kinda helps a bit… until someone walks past me with a box of steaming hot KFC an hour after I get off from an exhausting gym session and I’m starving.

But I am proud to announce that I haven’t eaten a single bit of fried food for two whole days now.

Not two seconds. Not two minutes. That’s TWO WHOLE DAYS. Thank you for the applause.

Training at the gym
Eric attempts to convince me that being strapped to a machine resembling a torture rack and hanging by my arms like that is good for me.

By the way, the photos I’m showing today are of the same batch from my first session.

There’s some red tape involved in getting approval to take photos in the gym, so I won’t be able to do it too often.

Well, the plus point of having a personal trainer (even a sadistic one) is having someone show you the proper way to use an exercise equipment so you don’t hurt yourself or train your muscles the wrong way or something like that.

Training at the gym

And even if you know how to train properly, a trainer will keep you from cheating.

Training at the gym
Trying to cheat but failing because of evil trainer’s eagle eyes.

After two insane sessions, my body is still taking it well.

I’m still able to type, at least.

But if I try to do more than type, for instance if I try to make the bed, my arms will call 999 and report me for attempted murder.

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Training at the gym

Stretching after each muscle group workout is very important.

Training at the gym

It gives you an excuse to escape doing more reps.

Just tell your trainer, “Wait, wait! I need to stretch some more!”

Before you know it, your hour will be up.

Then your trainer will dump you on an elliptical and make you climb-on-the-spot for 20 minutes maintaining an RPM of about 353,729, while he goes off to think up more evil things to inflict upon you for the next session.

Training at the gym

Whee. I can’t wait.

I have invented a third mantra to help me get through the next two months:


16 thoughts on “I love pain

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    if u maintain your schedule, soon u will find that your aches will disappear once u warmed up your body well enough… and if u dun go to the gym, u will feel very very guilty…

  2. Avatar

    i agree with Githias! I hvnt been very regular lately and am feeling FAT and BLOATED and like a wobbly mass of slime. >.< your food log feels like torture though………

  3. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Well, its good to see that you can still flash your lovely smile for the camera, hehe:) Keep steady and consistent with the positive attitude, and the 2 months will be a breeze! Of course, a little KFC once in a while can’t hurt… right?;P

  4. Avatar

    First: This is payback for all your food porn posts.
    Second: Recent research has been published that indicates that there is no difference in eating earlier or later.

  5. Avatar

    Whoa…nice mantra me likey!!

    And good job on the fried-food fasting! And I usually go for more fruits and fresh milk as late night snacks. On good days, there’ll be chocolate-chip cookie rewards to go with..haha!

    Press on babe! :)

  6. Avatar

    Rinko: I’m sure I will survive. I’m a survivor!! Hehe. But thanks for the encouragement!

    Vandalin: Hey, that’s what my trainer told me. I think it’s a conspiracy!

    Neo: It actually helps to have a personal trainer. I really couldn’t do it on my own! But it does help to have people cheering me on like you. Thanks! ;)

    Githias: Hmm, so I assume you’re a regular gym-goer? :P

    starm|st: Er… that food log is reflective of my diet for the past year. Haha. I usually don’t eat in the day cos no time to find food. When I’m hungry, I just grab what I can find from the kitchen. (Usually junk food.) But then I make up for it by eating a lot during the weekends. lol.

    RN1209: Hmm… all I know is that I couldn’t give up fried chicken permanently. :P

    Fitness Fabulous: Thanks! :) (Except that my name is not sherl :P)

    chak: You mean pain-ball? No thanks, haha. :P

    tiger4: Eh you very bad lah you. Try to encourage and tempt me at the same time!! *bish*

    Jesta: Huh? Really? So, like, if you load up on carbo just before you go to bed, it won’t sit in your tummy and make you feel like trash in the morning?

    Stan: I haven’t eaten fried food for 4 days now! Wheee! :) Dunno how long I can last, though. :P What about you? Do you eat them at all?

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    Your description of your PT session sounds so vividly familiar! I like your theory on the importance of stretching sounds very viable for use to buy time for less “torture”![(perhaps I shall try that too! :) ]

    Keeping a foodlog helps! Though it’s a hassle to keep track of every single thing you consume… And that makes you think twice of everything that you eat, cuz you need to confess & jot that down!! Applause for the cold turkey on fried stuff for 4 days!

    Your mantra will surely get you by for the next two months!! Ganbatte!!

  8. Avatar

    Haha, you are so right. Having to submit a food log really makes me think twice about eating junk food. :P Thanks for your comment! All the best for your training too! ;)

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