Come and fight me

I know many of you are dying to punch me or stick a sword in my neck. Haha.

Here’s your chance!

My Brute

Just click here, create a character in under 10 seconds (unless you’re a vainpot like me – I took 10 minutes to scroll until I got an outfit combo that I liked), and BISH, you’re fighting me.

My Brute

After that, you get to fight Plurksters and Barflies and Pingsters.

This fantastically cute “game”, which was introduced to me yesterday by Swordplay, and then unleashed into Plurk by me, suddenly got extremely viral.

That’s the power of Plurk for you.

Everyone’s playing this now. Come and join us! =)

15 thoughts on “Come and fight me

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    Argh…thought you were going to wait till Friday or something.

    You have so many more pupils than me now.

    : (

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    @Sheylara: Sorry this padawan does want to be a Jedi. My destiny lies in the dark side. When Dark Vadar tell me he is my father, I will say “YEEEESSS!!!!”


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    Each time you level up, you get one random thing. It could be a weapon, pet, skill or stat increase. So you just have to be patient and keep fighting and wait till you get some super powerful thing! :P

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    @Sheylara: Wah, I’m out of commission for 2 days, and you started a fad? Amazing… I should be MIA more often:)

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