A photo shoot I’d rather not remember

I’ve only been to the Botanic Gardens once in my life and that was for work. For a photo shoot.

Photo shoot photos

It’s quite possible that my parents could have brought me there when I was little, but I have no memory of such an event.

I’ve never been much of a park person.

I’ve never been a tree, or plant, or even flower, person.

If you were to ask me, at any point in my life, to go to the Botanic Gardens, my answer would be, “Siao ah, go there for what?”

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8 thoughts on “A photo shoot I’d rather not remember

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    Yes! We share the same love for trees. Maybe the same dislike for trees because of worms! And it has been hard trying to explain to everyone why I NEVER eat under trees. Trees = worms for me.

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    Admiring the greenery is a way to break away from the concrete world we live in. One of the places I went to during my Taipei trip is Yang Ming Shan. The air is so clean and fresh up there. You feel more relax and refresh instantly.

    Well I guess different people behave differently. btw, I never been to Botanic Garden in my life before. :p

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    Monster: Ah yes. I’m forever traumatised by the image of a green wriggly worm suspended from a tree branch. Eeeew! Makes my skin crawl all over the place!

    HaLLoweeN: Thanks! Hehe.

    tiger4: I suppose that’s true lah. But Singapore is so clean and green, everywhere also got something to look at to rest the eyes. No need go all the way to Botanic Gardens. Heheh.

    Superman: Huh? Is it? Thanks, I guess. I have a few people telling me they’re very unflattering.

    Jesta: Haha… I wouldn’t expect you to drag me to Botanic Gardens for a shoot.

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