What if your last asset were a $2 note

What, my last asset is a two-dollar bill?

You mean, like, I don’t even have the clothes on my back?

In that case, the first thing I would do is walk into a pasar malam, as inconspicuously as possible, to buy some cheap clothes.

But I suppose that would be rather absurd. I’d be arrested first.

Continue reading (and see more random photos of me holding a $2 note as if it’s fashionable to pose with a $2 note)…

12 thoughts on “What if your last asset were a $2 note

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    I hope that when you got down to your last $2 you would still have the clothes on your back, since I don’t think that $2 buys much in the way of clothes these days.

    I also hope that maybe you could give the $2 to the photographer to persuade him/her to keep you in focus :o)

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    @Sheylara: Heh, this post can also be categorised as an unofficial “Fashion Diary” entry. You can call it “Honey No Money”:)

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    Hot? Think probably feeling cold at Funan last Sat ~

    LoL ~ $2 fashion diary ? Dun think u can even buy a cute hairclip with that ~

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    How did you managed to stay in that shape despite seeing you posting your food escape everytime?

    Hmmm… last assest $2? Happen to me last thursday. I have to endure until Friday afternoon for my company to deposit my salary into my bank account. :(

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    My last asset is a two-dollar bill?

    well , when i was younger my family was poor … :(. i got one elder sister and elder brother arm with us with only 10 cents in the pockets,together ee bought 3 pcs of hack honey lemon favoured sweet for 10 cents, then walk all the way back home from the provision shop.

    We are poor but we are happy. :p

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    Jesta: It would be rather hard for me to give the photographer my $2 considering that the photographer was my camera herself and she’s not in the habit of accepting monetary gifts.

    She might appreciate a fresh change of batteries, though.

    RN1209: That would be rather ironic, to name a photo “Honey No Money” when the model is holding a $2 note. :P

    GK: Well, thank you!

    SpiritAngelo: Haha… can lah, hairclip have less than $2 one. :P But then there’s no more money left to wear anything else. :P

    tiger4: Where got washboard? No packs and indents. lol. Anyway, those photos were taken after maybe 15 hours of not eating. Recently, I’ve been eating my first meal of the day during dinner time. Second meal would be supper time.

    When I have meals out, I eat a lot. When at home, not much since I can only eat what’s available at home (usually snacks and junk food). And considering that I only have an average of 2 meals a day, it’s a little hard to put on weight. :P

    zhuzhu8376: Aww, that sounds pretty sweet. The good ol’ days, huh? ;)

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    @Sheylara: It will turn me off if a lady have packs and indents on their tummy. And my wife will kill to have a figure like yours.

    Really salute you for your eating habits. You can really endure the hunger. But on a healthy side, it is not healthy to be like this. So please eat more, so that we can read more interesting stories from you :P

    GGF FTW!

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    @Sheylara: Awww… you poor thing. It’s bad enough to have no time to play games. Now no time to eat (and sleep?) as well.

    I understand your pain for the game part. :(

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