These kittens will cute you to death

They’re YouTube superstars. They each have over 1.4 million views.

Honestly, I couldn’t have imagined such cuteness existed before I first saw this video.

Awwwww. This kitty will steal your heart in a heartbeat.

I’ve never actually heard of Munchkins before. I wonder if we can find any in Singapore.

Through this video, I also found another breed which I’ve never seen or heard of, which is totally as cute as the Munchkin, if not cuter.

The Scottish Fold.

Aaaaah the eyes, the eyes, they kill!

It looks like a Gremlin! And it apparently fits onto the palm of your hand, too.

I so totally want either of them!

By the way, I image googled munchkin and scottish fold. These two kitties in the vids definitely win all prizes among their breed.

12 thoughts on “These kittens will cute you to death

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    Yes! These kittens are super cute! There was one period where I cannot stop replaying them over and over again!

    Can’t find them here in Singapore thou.

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    Kittens and puppies are almost always cute. But once they grow up… *ahem* different story lah.

    But if you’re keen, actually it’s not hard to find Munchkins or Scottish Folds here. Just be prepared to pay the price lor.

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    Yes, you can locate Munchkins and Scottish Fold in Singapore.

    There are two kitten shops that may carry these 2 breeds and more. There should be more Scottish folds than munchkins locally.

    One shop is Pet Station along Frankel Ave. They specialise in pedigree cats. Better chance of locating both breeds here.

    The second one is a pet shop along Jalan Merah Saga, behind Holland Village’s POSB building. This one will have less variety of breeds.

    There is a pet store beside Subway in Holland Village that do carry a few pedigree kittens but I doubt they do Munch or Scottish.

    However, do consider carefully if you do choose to get one, its a major decision. Keep this in mind. Some cats can live up for 20 years. So it should never be a “get a cute kitten and give its away when it not so cute anymore”.

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