The Goonfather gets a *bish*

I was staring at my monitor, wondering what to blog about.

I mean, I have lots of material, like my Kuching trip, but I wanted to write something short and sweet. I was in meetings all day and didn’t have the time to blog until now.

So I said to the Goonfather, “Hey, give me a one-line joke so I can blog it before the night is over and then we can watch TV together.”

He thought about it quite seriously. He scratched his chin and furrowed his brows in concentration.

After a minute, he said, “Okay. Put up a big pink poster with the words ‘Coming Soon'”.

“And what’s coming soon?” I asked.

“I dunno,” he said. “You’ll think of something later.”

The Goonfather gets another *bish* tonight.

11 thoughts on “The Goonfather gets a *bish*

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    sounds like having someone like the goonfather as a boyfriend is quite fun.

    You’ve been blogging a lot about him lately haven’t you. =)

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    HaLLoweeN: Lucky me?!! Well, let’s just say there are two sides to every coin. The funny side and unfunny bad side. Haha.

    RN1209: What “it” do you mean? Bish?

    Relax: Really! It’s nice to know you’re as reliable as him. :P

    Yoi: And you ask how you are bish-deserving?

    tiger4: Aww so sweet! Give you one star! :P It’s ok lah, I don’t need souvenirs! So, hope you had fun! Encountered anything worthy of a story for us? ;)


    L: Haha, like I said to Halloween, two sides to every coin! In fact, I’ve been blogging about him a lot for the past few years! I suppose that’s one of his plus points. He is good blogging fodder. haha. Hey! Are you L like in Death Note? :P

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    @Sheylara: Fun – yes. Too many stories to tell. It is a emotional roller coaster ride. Lost one of my luggage on the way to the airport in a confusion. Manage to contact the bus transfer service but it will be mail back as we need to baord our flight. Contains all the shoes and bags that my wife bought there. Bargain so much, end up paying more for it. -_-”

    And my wife told me we accidentally throw away her Aurora ear rings when we are unpacking our luggage. Argh!!!!

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    Oh, my! Sorry to hear about all those unfortunate events. Life always likes to irritate people like that! =( Well but then I’m glad to know that you and your wife got home safe! ;)

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    @tiger4: Alamak, bro… that’s awful to hear! But i guess stuff like this does happen, and this time its your family’s turn. Take heart though, I pray that whatever you lose will be replaced with something better eventually:)

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