Of love and betrayal and childhood crushes

My first crush happened at a time when I didn’t even know the meaning of crush.

I was 11 and there was this boy in class who was kind of a leader among the other boys. He was half joker, half bad boy, always teasing classmates, even teachers, and walked with a cheeky swagger. There was never a dull moment with him around.

I found myself paying him a lot of attention and being deliriously happy whenever he paid attention to me, even when it involved teasing.

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2 thoughts on “Of love and betrayal and childhood crushes

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    Sheylara >> have you watch Slumdog Milliuonaire?? you should.. me n my gal watched it.. we love it.. reminds me of the kids shelter i visited in Myanmar last year..

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    I remember the missed chance guy! And his brother too! Oh my goodness, what memories! Wonder whatever happened to them?

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