My biggest deadly sin

We’re talking about the classic seven deadly sins this week.

A study has shown that the top sin for men is lust, while the top sin for women is pride.

Well, pride isn’t my top, but it’s quite high on my list. And what of it? I don’t really see what’s so bad about pride. If you didn’t have a little bit of pride, you’d be suffering from low self-esteem and the world would pass you by.

But never mind that for now.

Want to know what my biggest deadly sin is? Click here.

10 thoughts on “My biggest deadly sin

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    my first guess – gaming – was wrong. like that picture – guitar heroine. that looked ‘dangerous’. guys watch out for your butts. haha!

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    abraxis: No lah! It’s fairy wings! Refer to this post.

    Haro Genki: Like they always say, looks can be deceiving.

    yaa-taa: You would probably have been right if gaming had been one of the “seven deadly sins”.

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    The Pizza Place is at the basement of Raffles City Shopping Centre. If you go there, you must try the double cheeseburger pizza. It’s the best! I also like the Chicken Royale.

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    I been to raffles city recently, didn’t notice there is a pizza place all this while. will go there and on empty stomach …cos gt 2 pizza flavor to try heh..

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    HaLLoweeN: Haha thanks.

    Sacrelicious: It’s at #B1-16. I have been there for months though, dunno if it’s still there. I think so lah. It’s at the old food marketplace part and not in the new annex. Quite a small outlet, beside a small Japanese outlet.

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