I dropped my iPhone on my eye

My nightly going-to-bed routine goes like this:

  • Turn off bedroom light.
  • Turn off computer monitors.
  • Lie down in bed.
  • Set phone alarm.
  • Turn on reading light and read a book till drowsy.

I didn’t get to read my book last night.

I had gotten into bed and picked up my iPhone to set the alarm. Because I was lying on my back, I naturally positioned the phone above my face so I could look at it.

While sliding the iPhone on, I somehow lost my grip on it and it fell right into my eye, the corner of the phone stabbing my right eye.

I shrieked.

Which startled the Goonfather awake. (He usually sleeps way before me.) He mumbled thickly, “What happened.”

I said, “I dropped my iPhone on my eye.”

It took a second for him to register what I said, and then he started laughing, the bastard.

I smacked him and called him an idiot.

My eye is fine, though, thanks for asking.

It wasn’t a very far drop. It just stung for a while, teared for a bit, and then it was fine.

Didn’t feel like reading anymore.

This morning, the Goonfather MSN’ed me: “You kena eye-phone!!! Hahaha.”

24 thoughts on “I dropped my iPhone on my eye

  1. Avatar

    *resisting laughing*
    *still resisting the temptation*

    Sheylara, you are adorable ~ thats all I will say ~

    *continues resisting laughing*

  2. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Aiyo… poor thing…. *sayang sayang*

    @All: All of you ah… How can you all laugh like that?


    *Flashing my get out of bish card* Neh… neh… neh… neh…

  3. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Ok lah, dun feel sad. The idea of posting such entry is to let everyone have a good laugh as well as see how goondu GF is, right?

  4. Avatar

    i love the eye-phone part!! haha
    it kept me laughing lah… lol

    p.s. i received the prize already.. it arrived safely.. thx sheylara

  5. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Oh no, you poor thing… i’m glad your eye is fine though:) Pai seh, had no idea about the “misfortune” that had befallen you. See lar, arrow people some more…. hehe;) Kidding….

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    “Eye-Phone” ~~ becareful orh ~
    “Eye-Phone 3G” with the 3G might mean 3 times more and Goonfather will probably be around when it happens ~

    *enters silly laughter mode*

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    new word learn, a verb eye-phoned.
    describe an action where iphone stab into eye.

    hahaha new words everyday :D

    cute funny sheylara

    hope ya ok, maybe you will learn iron eye after afew times :D

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