Hello from Kuching

I had ambitiously planned to blog about my Kuching trip each night after returning to my hotel room, for three nights in a row.

As usual, I overestimate my endurance. Tonight’s my first night here and I am so tired I want to crawl under a rock and die.

Okay, maybe not exactly die. I’m looking forward to a forest trek tomorrow and death would be rather inconvenient.

Sleep would be good. After a long day of fun, touristy activities which started as early as 6 am (and I only slept 30 minutes last night), I am about as exhausted as a three-month-old party balloon.

Except I’m also famished. It is now 10:30 pm.

The reason I’m now unexpectedly famished is because we over-ate today.

Kenny Sia had bought us breakfast (Sarawak laksa) at 11:30 am and then lunch (Kuching kolo mee, rojak, sotong, siew mai) at 2 pm.

Yes, you didn’t read wrong. Kenny Sia was our tour guide today.

Then, after being ridiculously stuffed with two back-to-back meals, we were fed dinner onboard a cruise ship circa 6 pm.

I could hardly eat a bite and felt like donating my stomach’s contents to a herd of cows.

I ended up picking at my dinner, not eating much, stupidly forgetting that I would get hungry later in the night.

Which is why I suddenly found myself starving to death at 10:30 pm. I was already showered and in my jammies. And it didn’t take very long for me to convince myself that I really needed a Humongous Burger from the room service menu. (Yes, that is the actual name of the item.)

In fact, I am now eating my burger as I type this.

I am loving Kuching so far.

I took 300 photos today, a great deal of which I will share with you at such a time as I have no humongous burgers to distract me.

(It’s not really that humongous and I’m getting chilli sauce on my mouse pad.)

Humongous is this:

So, I have decided to just enjoy my holiday. The full story of my trip will have to wait till I’m done with the trip.

I leave you now with a teaser photo:

Makes you think of Goldilocks?

17 thoughts on “Hello from Kuching

  1. Avatar

    So fast update already!

    Just gimme a text if you’re hungry la k? There’s food all hours in Kuching, and I live 5 minutes from your hotel.

  2. Avatar

    I really enjoyed Kuching. The Cultural Village is interesting, but so touristy that much of its charm has been lost.

  3. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Half an hour of sleep on Sat night and you still managed to make your trip. Amazing!:) Is that a family of Milo dinosaurs?

  4. Avatar

    kennysia: You are too kind. You’re the most hospitable host I’ve ever met! ;) Anyway, I wouldn’t have called you at that hour. It was late and you had already spent the entire day taking us around! I’m not evil! Haha. :P


    Regarding the drink… find out in my posts about my trip. None of it got it correct so far. =P

  5. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Well, if it ain’t milo dinosaur, my next guess would’ve been the milo float… i see hints that look suspiciously like ice cream…:)

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