Can’t say much today cos I’m falling asleep

I arrived home from Sarawak about three hours ago.

Very sleepy, but very satisfied, and a little stressed.

Didn’t get enough sleep in Sarawak. There were too many things to see and do!

But the trip was one of my best travel experiences, if not the best, I ever had, so I feel very fulfilled despite my exhaustion.

I’m on the top of the world!

Okay, fine. A very small hillock.

Alright, alright. A rather small rock thing.


Work deadlines are piling up since I was out of commission for over three days.

I hardly know where to begin!!

Well, technically, I’ve already begun by clearing e-mails and doing some writing work. But I hardly know where to continue!

Okay, I know. I’m going to take a nap next.

Good night and see you tonight!

That sounds rather paradoxical. I know, I’m so very clever.

And I make funny poses.

Star Blog chat tonight at 9 pm!!

14 thoughts on “Can’t say much today cos I’m falling asleep

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    Peaches: Yes, it’s really hot. One of the afternoons, I could feel the sun burning my skin. I forgot to bring sunblock. :*(

    RN1209: Hehe thanks!

    tiger4: Recharge???? Since when do trips recharge anyone? They are more tiring than work, Especially packed tour-guided trips. Cos my work involves only sitting on my bum all day. This trip was an adventure from day 1. hehe! :P

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    @Sheylara: At least you enjoy yousrself. ;)

    It’s a nice break from the bursting email inbox, menacing deadlines and tons of work. I’m going for one end of this month ^_^

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    Man Im so jealous… It looks sooo much better than Africa. Hope ya get some sleep and post more photos ;]

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    tiger4: Well, I would say it’s a nice change, and a delightful opportunity to go for some adventures. But even while on a “holiday”, I was in work mode 24/7 because while enjoying myself, I was continuously and concurrently thinking of different ways to angle my blog posts for the trip, plus always taking photographs and videos and asking myself what else I needed to photograph in order to illustrate what posts I’m going to write.

    And at night, after returning to hotel room, have to log in to check emails and write blogs, lol. But I only did that one hour a night cos broadband charges to expensive. :P

    So, where are you going end of the month?

    Devorlast: You haven’t seen the really amazing photos I took yet. But having said that, I’m sure Africa is as much exciting and beautiful! ;)

    starmist: Haha… I sound like that once in a while. Just another of my styles depending on my mood! I finally got some rest. Went to bed at midnight last night. That’s like the earliest I’ve slept in months. lol.

    Superman: Wah… can’t be.. my pic is so corny! :P Don’t later kena whack by Ip Man fans! :P

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    @Sheylara: The problem of having a blog. I have the same problem too. Whatever we do, we constantly have to think about how to write the story down in our blog. :P

    Going Taipei, maybe head down Kaoshiung for 1 day. Still planning my itinerary… Will miss reading your blog during those few days

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