Pretending to celebrate Valentine’s Day

I haven’t really celebrated Valentine’s Day in a long while.

I mean, sure, we go out for dinner (fast food) and, in some years, we even buy each other gifts. But then, we go out for dinner and buy each other gifts all the time, with or without Valentine’s Day,

Sometimes, though, you feel obliged to conform to society. People like to ask you how you spent your Valentine’s Day and it’s good to have something to say. So what I did was to make all my friends watch Dark Knuts: Welcome to Avenue Quantum, the much talked-about laugh-a-minute live parody show.

I booked seven tickets for the February 14th evening show.

For the day, I had originally planned to stay home either working or playing games, but then I suddenly remembered that I had a photo shoot in a few days’ time and badly needed a hair cut.

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8 thoughts on “Pretending to celebrate Valentine’s Day

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    You got cut your hair meh? I din see any difference, but still look chio esp the photo of u sitting outside Aijisen. I guess a lot of guys suffer neck strain when walking pass your table. ^_^

    But great way to celebrate Valentine Day. We does not always have to celebrat V day with our significant other. Friends and family can be considered valentine dates. The overhyping make everyone forget about this point. btw, my wife and I celebrate ours by having dinner with my family

    P.S. Goonfather face always make me laugh. Dunno why :P

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    @RN: yeah, i am shock too when I saw this monring that there is ZERO comments for this entry, posted last night.

    Guess everyone playing with the Google thing at the top… Hehehe

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    hey sheylara..

    you look stunning on your DL photo shoot.. with the curls.. yeah.. i bet you look much prettier without any make up.. yeah.. you spend hours n hours gaming, blogging n promos.. you still looks refreshing..

    well.. dun let the pricey hairstyle spoiled your V Day… you should be happy to spend that day with friends.. ones you loves… =)

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    RN1209: Haha. I don’t know. Sometimes it happens. People don’t feel like commenting on a certain topic. Probably because my regular readers are all commenting in Star Blog itself. :P

    tiger4: Huh? Why would guys suffer neck strain when walking past my table? At first I thought maybe you meant they’re trying to look up my skirt, but cannot be lah. That skirt so long. :P

    The Goonfather likes to make funny faces lah. I laugh at him all the time. Haha.

    Yoi: I’m not a celebrity, lol.

    DARZ: Thank you. I’m sure I do not look prettier without makeup, though. Haha. :P

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    hi Shelyara,

    recently I am reading yr blog

    I just think about I have never read the blog from ppl in singapore.


    hope to see more of u in photo of yr area

    P.s pls forgivem y poor english

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