I was hospitalised for a rare bone tumour

This week in Star Blog, I am asked to recount 10 pieces of memory to remember my life by.

It’s a hard list to make. Can you imagine being allowed to remember only 10 things for your entire life? I want to have a hundred memories. A thousand. A billion.

I suppose that is not quite possible. I’m a very forgetful person.

One thing I will never forget, though, is the time I was hospitalised for a bone tumour. It’s one of my most cherished memories.

Read about it here.

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    hey there sheylara! hope all is well :)

    just wanna say, those 10 memories amongst the many others, are worth to remember and look back :)


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    hey Shey..
    even with rare bone tumour.. you managed to over comes it.. and accomplished so many things.. dude.. thatz so awesome.. !!
    yeah.. i wish i can be more like you.. and be a better person.. =)

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    At least you managed to over come it :P

    There is a lot of things waiting for you to accomplished, not to make fun of you……. People actually treasure things more when they go through something.

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    Cool…. nice memory…

    *picks sheylara’s memory and live through it*

    I seldom share my private life on internet, not even on my own blog. But this time I’ll try to share mine. :-)

    1. I asked my parents to send me to kindergarten when I was 3 year old.

    2. I first started to control the weather (atmokinesis) when I was 17 year old after reading the zen comic by Tsai Zhi Zhong.

    3. I participated in a national level sports event (SUKMA) in Penang in year 2000.

    4. I became the top 500 students in Malaysia after scoring straight A’s in SPM (O-level).

    5. I had a wonderful time at INTI college.

    6. I was paid 1000 Euro per month to study in Germany.

    7. I travelled 14 countries in Europe in 2 months. I’m proud to be a Malaysian backpacker.

    8. I have graduated successfully.

    Well, the most important memory is the moments of care and love I had with other people.

    I don’t just want to be remembered as a person of success. I also wannabe remembered as a person of love.

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    My latest funny memory:

    Grabbing a runaway Minou to clean her ears and her sulking at me and refusing to let me brush her (even though she LOVES it) after that.

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    @RN1209: Minou has a cat named Minou!! (Remember I said before that Minou is really a cat? :P) The human Minou named herself after her cat. Haha.

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    @Relax: Hey, thanks for sharing your list! :) That’s quite a remarkable list you have there. Er…. atmokinesis? Care to share more about that? I mean not about it per se, but about your experience with it.

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    Oh yes….I remember when you were admitted to hospital. Was kinda worried. But you came out well and good! Thank God for that!

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    @Sheylara / Minou: Ahhh!*enlightened* Thanks for the clarifications, ladies:) Actually, I DID wonder about Sheylara’s “literal” comment in the “Men are Silly” post. But I failed to make the connection, heh:)

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    @ RN1209

    yup. Storms power is atmokinesis.
    Although real life atmokinesis is not like making instant thunder, the damage caused can be severe. :P

    @ Cornflict

    thanks :-)
    Everyone has talent.
    I’m just an ordinary kid.

    @ Sheylara

    Awww thanks :-)

    well, to do atmokinesis, we need the “Zen like realization” that jacks our consciousness into the “collective consciousness matrix” to control our surrounding. It’s just like Neo controlling stuffs around him. Consciousness is not within the physical body. It’s beyond space time. :-)

    I just connect with the atmosphere and it becomes like an extension or a part of me — like my extra limbs. Then I can manipulate its nature and form and whatever.

    What would you do when you can control weather? Being mischievous of course.

    I used to make weird weather to make weather forecast go completely wrong, creating strange weather pattern and so on. Sometimes disasters happen when I can’t control it well….. hmmm lack of experience.

    I don’t want to tell too much becoz the victims of weather disaster might blame me for their misfortune, since they need to find scapegoat whenever bad things happen.

    Recently I keep it raining in KL at afternoon so that it’s always cool here

    nowadays there’s technology that allows you to control weather. Go and check rainengineering dot com


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    Relax: You do realise that after this revelation, we’re all gonna look upon you as some kind of mini deity?

    It’s pretty cool, though. I’ve always wanted to have some kind of psychic power or other, but I don’t think it’s in me. :P I am too lazy to “train” anyway.

    Um, so how did you get to be atmokinetic? By training or by birth? Can you do a live demonstration for us? :P

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    hehe Sheylara,

    mini deity or demi god, what I learn from this atmokinesis thing is that having extra power doesn’t make me a god or what. It only makes me ordinary. Controlling weather is just like having certain skills or knowledge. I can do one extra thing than other people, just like you can play drum and many others can’t. So happen atmokinesis ability is a bit rare but it doesn’t make me a mini deity lah. It’s just that it makes me look a bit special.

    Well, I think it’s a factor of birth and experience. some people are better at ESP, some are gifted in astral projection. Mine is more towards manifestation. I start to play with the weather after the “Zen like understanding” (which is beyond words, it’s intuition kinda thingy) and realize that I’m connected to surrounding consciously. I notice that individuals like you and me is just an extension or part of whole consciousness, imagine the “whole consciousness” has many cables connected to many many individuals. We are all from one source.

    And now add elements like mind, emotions, ego etc. to each individual so that people will have the illusion of separation. it’s like office cubicles that separate people around to generate different individuality. Voila! That’s how we get what we are perceiving now.

    Demo is dangerous. In the past I created some weather disasters loh, like cold fog in summer in Germany a few years back and the lack of snow in Europe. In Malaysia, I don’t want to mention lah, later people chase after me with knife.

    Atmokinesis is sort of like the combination of other abilities like hydrokinesis (control water), aerokinesis (control wind) and so on. You manipulate the elements like fire, water etc. These elements are not physical, but etherial… the chi type of elements. Video games always show these elements in physical form :P

    Manipulating these elements can cause physical phenomena like moving wind (hot/cold causes air pressure difference and move wind or condense water vapour etc.)

    Rain in Malaysia is from summer cloud, which is easy to move away with wind. Winter rain is difficult because the cloud is every where, can’t stop it with just wind. you can create a cloud with hydrokinesis by concentrating water element and cooling it :P

    Manifesting weather instantly is possible but doesn’t work all the time since some weather cannot be overwritten (for some reason, there are other divine beings playing the weather too :P ) but long term weather can be manifesting in 2 or 3 days.

    if wanna know about psychic stuffs, start to learn with manifesting first :)
    Don’t try this at home. it’s dangerous.

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    Woah. That’s pretty deep. But I roughly get what you mean. I wish I could manifest or whatever, but I don’t think so. I’m probably the least psychic person you know.

    Oh yeah, what are your thoughts on oujia boards? I tried a modern version of one before and it actually did stuff and freaked us out somewhat and we kept accusing each other of moving the piece, but I think deep down we believed none of us did.

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