GGF#39: Xbox Taiwan interviews Sheylara

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In view of publishing this issue as soon as possible, I am not going to make a speech here today. On with the goods!


Table of Contents

  1. Xbox Taiwan interviews Sheylara
  2. Ninja Blade short review
  3. Resident Evil 5 special edition bundle
  4. The biggest Halo fan in Singapore…
  5. Why I’m playing Guild Wars now
  6. Win a Street Fighter IV calendar!!


Xbox Taiwan interviews Sheylara

Yesterday, I had my first interview done on Xbox LIVE, through Xbox LIVE video chat.

It was conducted by Toshi, a prominent Taiwanese blogger who is also the voice of Xbox Taiwan and maintains the local official site, Xbox Life.

The interview was recorded and a video of it will be published on the site once they’re done editing and subtitling it.

It was really fun! I haven’t actually tried the video chat function on Xbox LIVE before, so it was interesting. Well, it’s just like any other video conference. You stick a webcam in front of you and you see two faces on the screen – yours and your chat partner’s.

I forgot to take a screenshot, sorry!

Anyway, Toshi posted a teaser for the interview a few days ago.

The translation (kindly supplied by Xbox Singapore’s PR agency):

A Mysterious Babe will be making a special appearance on Xbox LIFE!

Why is she standing with Master Chief? Who is she?? Don’t tell me Master Chief’s real identity is???

Since there are so many unanswered questions, we are going to have a private chat with her to find out more. Let’s call her Secret Agent S for now. We’ll have our first interaction with her this coming Thursday on Feb 26. All the details will be disclosed on Xbox LIFE (blog). Watch this space if you’re keen to know her better!

Hehe! Cute! Link here. Will update you guys when the video is up!

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Ninja Blade short review

I meant to do this two weeks ago! But I’ve been so caught up I haven’t had time to edit this video until today:

It’s a montage of the first hour of gameplay. I’ve only managed to clear the first mission of the game and it’s already as exciting as hookey.

There are, no doubt, some Ninja Gaiden II elements in it, such as the awesome ninja leaps and bounds and cool weaponry, and critics might brush Ninja Blade off as a copy. But it’s a ninja game, for crying out loud. How else would you make a ninja game if not with the obligatory ninja wayang?

But the gameplay experience is quite unique.

First of all, the game is very, very cinematic. The whole damn thing feels like a big-budget Hollywood film. Watch the video and you’ll understand. Awe-inspiring cinematic angles, stylistic panning, fluid transitions between cut-scenes and gameplay, slow-mo effects during critical strike moments, sometimes humorous dialogue.

When I was viewing my video clips for editing, I wanted to ditch the videos and go power up my Xbox 360 right away. This is one of those games you’ll enjoy watching someone else play, even.

There was this part when I was learning how to run on walls and, as usual, failing very miserably in my first attempts. The failure made me fall onto a lower level of the map, which led me to discovering a secret breakable wall.

Breaking through, I found special items, including a new ninja costume! It pays to explore every nook and cranny.

Original costume:

Looted costume:

LOL pinstripe ninja! That’s quite a silly costume, to be sure. But there’ll be more styles. I just haven’t found them yet.

You can also customise the colours of every part of your costume, right down to the last detail.

You could make a total clown out of your ninja if you wanted to. Once you’ve saved your costume, you’ll see your exact creation in the next missions, including in the cut-scenes. Pretty cool, huh?

There’s one interesting feature in the game which starts out as fun but becomes annoying after a while.

At crucial points of the plot, sometimes you’re tasked to press a specific button on your controller to progress the story. You have like less than two seconds to react. You get to retry it if you fail (there’s a cool rewind sequence) but you take damage if you fail these things during boss fights.

You’d have to memorise your button positions because there is not enough time to look at your controller to find the button.

But despite it being mildly annoying at times, I really enjoy the cinematics of this part of the gameplay. Again, watch the video!

Finally, one super annoying thing about Ninja Blade: You can’t save between missions!!

Your game only saves when you complete a mission. The first mission took me an hour to complete. Go figure.

You could complete it in less than an hour, I suppose, but probably not a lot less. I think games should let us save at least every 15 minutes, if not 10.

So, if you want to play this game, wait till you have plenty of time.

Newbie tip from Cavin of Xbox Xperience Zone (Funan): Your ninja has three weapons which you can upgrade using blood crystals. Don’t upgrade the Oni-Slayer Blade because you get a free upgrade on that weapon a little later in the game.

Cavin, by the way, has completed the entire game several times (because he demos games at XXZ and just spends all his days playing games – what a cool job!).

He told me the tip after I’d already upgraded my slayer. Doh. So I’m probably gonna replay the game from scratch when I pick it up again. Which is no biggie. I rather enjoyed it.

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Resident Evil 5 special edition bundle

The much anticipated Resident Evil 5 now comes as part of an Xbox 360 deal that will blow you fans away!

For just S$590, receive this whole bundle of goodies!

  • Xbox 360 console
  • Resident Evil 5 game
  • Matching wireless controller
  • Wired headset
  • Exclusive premium Resident Evil 5 theme for Xbox LIVE
  • Resident Evil 5 Making-Of DVD
  • 3-month Xbox LIVE Gold subscription card
  • Exclusive tin case
  • Bonus card to download Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

Whee! All the better to prepare your battle against the zombies!

The Resident Evil 5 special edition bundle is only available while stocks last.

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The biggest Halo fan in Singapore…

…will be revealed tomorrow!!

The Xbox Team recently hosted a competition to seek the biggest Halo fan in Singapore. Participants were tasked to submit as much photo and video evidence as possible of their Halo fanaticism. We now have five finalists competing for the title.

And these five will be put to the test tomorrow at Xbox Xperience Zone (Challenger, Funan) from 5 pm to 7 pm.

This competition is held in conjunction with the launch of Halo Wars, which is currently hogging the limelight within the Xbox community. (I have the game… I just haven’t had time to play it. =P)

Expect mini contests, giveaways and photo-taking opportunities with Master Chief at the event tomorrow! (If you’re among the first 50 to take a photo with him, you get a print-out to take home with you, free!

Here’s the Master Chief photo again…

Anyway, I hope to see you at Funan tomorrow. I’ll be there!

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Why I’m playing Guild Wars now

I can’t quite believe that I’m actually spending hours of my precious days on this game. It’s quite an old game, around since 2005, but is still going strong in terms of player base.

One day, out of the blue, my friends all decided to troop down to Sim Lim Square together to buy Guild Wars. And suddenly, the whole group is playing.

These are the same friends (Club Morte) whom I met in EverQuest II in 2005. It was through an MMORPG that we bonded, although we’ve stopped playing MMOs for a few years now, so it’s quite nostalgic to explore another MMO together after so many years.

The good thing about Guild Wars is that you only pay a one-time fee to buy the game. There is no monthly subscription fee for logging into the game.

Okay, another good thing: The graphics and and avatars are beautiful!! This is my character wearing Xbox colours, hah! =)

I’m an Elementalist. I chose this class because the armor is very cute! Even the combat stances are cute! *lol*

I actually played Guild Wars beta in 2004, but never felt compelled to play the game at retail. I don’t remember why. Most probably, I was busy with another MMO at that time.

So, I’m quite enjoying this game right now, especially because my friends are playing.

Morte’s character’s name is Emperor Morte. He’s been receiving a lot of flak from us for that, over the past week.

Every hour, the game will remind you how long you’ve been playing.


My next armor upgrade:

Some people have mini pets which do nothing in the game except follow them around and strike cute poses. Some of these pets are humanoids and it’s really funny seeing them walk around the city.

Hehe!! My gaming bro Swordplay, who is a long-time GW player, loaned me a candy stick and gingerbread man weapon set. It was a limited edition Christmas release.

The stats are low, but just nice for my level right now.

Casting a spell:

Back view of see-through armor. *lol*

Pity that party sizes are limited to four per group. A major bummer!

Well, we’ll see how it goes. I’m enjoying it so far and, perhaps, the game will even last a few months for us, at least.

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Win a Street Fighter IV calendar!!

The Street Fighter IV calendar redemption program at Xbox Xperience Zone is winding to a close today.

If you didn’t get your calendar, you could try winning one of the two sets I have on hand right now!

I actually have three, but the Goonfather confiscated one to place in his office. But that’s okay. He’s the biggest Street Fighter fan there ever was. He told me he practically lived in the arcade during his youth.

So, how about I give my other two sets to two worthy Street Fighter fans? Tell me:

  1. Who’s your favourite Street Fighter character and why.
  2. Who’s your least favourite Street Fighter character and why.

I’m looking for entertaining answers (can be short and sweet), but you’re welcome to give me straight answers as well. If there aren’t any entries that jump out and grab me, I’ll randomise the winners.

Closing date: Thursday, March 5, 2009, 11:59 pm.

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I am currently playing: Guild Wars, Puzzle Quest, Grand Theft Auto IV, Funtown Mahjong…

You know what, scratch that.

I am currently playing: A heap of games.

So it is with a lot of effort that I pry myself from my games to fulfill all my responsibilities daily, including publishing Gamer Girl Friday.

If GGF is late or absent sometimes, you gotta understand. I’m Gamer Girl Friday, not Writer Girl Friday! =P

[Gamer Girl Friday]

36 thoughts on “GGF#39: Xbox Taiwan interviews Sheylara

  1. Avatar

    Sheylara > ok.. after the interview.. i vet all the taiwanese games freaks will be smitten with your looks n wits.. hey.. who knows you might get an audition for taiwanese shows.. yeah RB demo on live TV.. yeah… =P

    i saw the latest street fighter games on Xbox.. yeah.. thinking of getting it.. my nephews n nieces will love it..

  2. Avatar

    Another game that you missed out ~
    Star Ocean 4; the Last Hope !!
    LoL ~ u must feel like giving me a kick right now ~

    =_= oh great ~ if I go Funan tml, u might wanna kick me….

    And I think I know who is Calvin ~ really jealous of his job sia ~ LoL ~ only bad thing is ~ he has to stand and play there ~ LoL

  3. Avatar

    Haha. I got nothing to say about it lah. The box is still sitting in my heap of untouched games. Haha.

    His name is actually Cavin. He corrected me two weeks ago when I asked him. lol.

  4. Avatar

    Hey Sheylara, that calender would look great on my office desk as well so I’m going to give it a shot plus I’m a SF4 fan!

    1. My favourite Street Fighter Character has to be Fei-Long (SF4 Console Version). He’s designed after real-life martial artist and movie star Bruce Lee! Getting the chance to play as the legend himself and kungfu my opponents ass with fiery legs of death is pure awesomeness! Who wouldn’t want to be in his hot shoes?

    2. My least favourite character is Zangief. I’m awfully terrible when I play him but also I often get my ass handed to me when I face off against an expert Zangief player at the arcades! He’s big bad and ugly, a sure win hate formula for me! Boo!

  5. Avatar

    Hey QY! :D Congratz there! I went to the Taiwanese site and apparently people are curious about your identity! Heh u might actually get more gigs once people in TW starts “stalking” you :P

    All the best! Hopefully will get to see you doing some gaming / non-gaming shows :D

  6. Avatar

    @Sheylara: From France to Taiwan. The world domination list grows, one country at a time, yeah?:) Excellent issue, as always. Well done!

    @Yoi: I do have a stash of “Get of out bisH free” cards in my inventory. Trade you one?:)

  7. Avatar

    Lexy: Thanks, dear! Always nice to hear from you. :)

    RN1209: Eh… how come you have a whole stash of GooB cards?? Where you steal from?!!

    :P Anyway thanks :)

  8. Avatar

    Star Ocean: The Last Hope is addictive ~ LoL ~
    Kinda the reason I thinking of staying home today ~

    Din you know? Sheylara is doing “propaganda” ~ soon the entire world will kneel at the feet of Sheylara !!!!

    Don’t trust RN1209 !! His GooB cards are pirated one !! LoL

  9. Avatar

    Hahaha! Pirated GooB cards! That’s a good one! =P

    SO is addictive eh? Okay, then I’m scared to start on it!! Not like I don’t already have enough games to be addicted on! lol.

  10. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Wah liaoz, me and tiger4 been procuring GooB cards all over the blogosphere! Its an ongoing quest line, hehe:)

    @SpiritAngelo: Eh, shhh… mai ka lang kong lar…:)

  11. Avatar

    didnt know you are playing guild wars.. i have all 4 expansions to date but the community kinda died after WOW .. lol .. im still currently looking for active clan to join since my last one is totally dead for ages. .my primary is also elementalist and i can teach u a few tricks for 2 regarding her builds ..hee

  12. Avatar

    SF4 Calendar FTW!!!!

    1) Chu-Li in ssf2t Xbox version in turbo 4 speed. she has the speed as well as the moves!

    2) M.Bison/Vega ssf2t cheesiest ever. ugly looking guy which can kill u without you getting off the floor..

  13. Avatar

    Can I have the SF4 Calender pls Mistress Shey? In return, I shall share some horrific SF4 info with you that you can use to torment GF when he’s naughty.

    1) I like Ken for his sense of individuality and his determination to get out of Ryu’s shadow.

    2) I hate Chun-Li coz she’s more man than most of us.

    Proof of the above:

    P.S. Use the above with restraint. The GF might be totally traumatised beyond help after seeing it.

  14. Avatar

    The calender looks so nice!

    My favourite character will be Chun-Li! You have to give her credit for daring to come out with two giantic pom-pom on her head but nevertheless, she still look fabulous with her oriental qipao and she ain’t afraid to kick some ass if you dare to insult her pom-poms. :p

    My least favourite character will be Blanka, I mean he is green and disgusting, and definitely won’t be in my guest list unless I want him to scare or electrify the rest of the guest and the worst thing is he fights mostly by turning himself into a ball and thrusting at the opponent, hello, this is not a football game, goodbye.

    And LOL @ moralis’s comic.

  15. Avatar

    Guys, there won’t be a GGF tomorrow because I need to publish a sponsored post instead. I will notify the winner by e-mail and announce the results next week. Sorry and thank you for your understanding! =)


    Lycansberg: That’s cool! :) But I’m still a long way from really experimenting with builds. I haven’t had time to play since I published this post, so I’m still stuck at level 7! lolol.

  16. Avatar

    Welcome to Guild Wars! I’ve been playing it since the beta, and it never gets old. OK, not continuously since then – sometimes I take up to a few months break. That’s the beauty of the no subscription! No commitments, low addiction risk!

    Plus there isn’t much to grind, so even if you take a few months off you’re technically still on par with those who have been playing non-stop. Of course, they’ll have the experience advantage and know better the current state of the game, but you just need to spend a short while to re-orientate yourself and you are good to go.

    I’m currently sort of Guild-less, so I wouldn’t mind joining your guild if you need people. However, hope you guys don’t mind me being semi-inactive because I’m enlisting for NS soon.

    If you’re interested in looking me up, drop me an email and I’ll pass you my IGN.

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