GGF#38: The coolest place to hang out

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Woot! I just found my new favourite hangout!

Well, okay, I didn’t find it. It found me. Haha!

I was recently invited to check out Game Haven, an entire building made for gamers and for people who love having fun!

Game Haven

It houses 160 PCs for LAN gaming, six private rooms for console gaming and one function room for gaming parties (as well as a pub and restaurant).

What a gaming haven!

Game Haven

It’s not officially launched yet, although it is already open for business, so me and my friends are one of the first people to preview the place! Yay!

Game Haven
Waiting at the lobby for all my late-coming friends.

We were first shown the function room, which holds 10 PCs and one LCD TV for console gaming.

There was a little kid’s birthday party going on and they looked like they were having the time of their lives.

Game Haven

Guitar Hero World Tour was set up for play on the TV but I think the kids were more interested in the balloons at that point of time.

The Goonfather wanted to crash the party but we all pulled him away before he started traumatising the kids beyond repair.

By the way, the party room (with 10 PCs) is also very suitable for clan training sessions. I envy professional gamers! I want to be really good at FPS, but it’s just not my thing. All I’m good at is being a sitting duck.

We went on to tour the PC floors.

Game Haven
In the background, my friends studying are the PCs intently.

The guys just couldn’t wait to get started on some heavy-duty FPS action.

But we adjourned to our private gaming room first. Our room was called Thunderbluff. All the rooms are named after World of Warcraft zones! There’s, like, Ironforge, Silvermoon, Undercity and so on. Coolness!

Game Haven

Our room had two PCs, as well as one TV set up with a Wii. We decided to play Wii because we don’t have Wii at home.

Game Haven
My friends sitting around gawking at the TV and doing nothing else. Sometimes they do the darnedest things.

Anyway, we finally got started with a round of Wii Sports.

First round: The Goonfather vs. Morte!

Playing Wii

Wii Boxing

Since only four people can play with the Wii at once, two guys parked themselves at the PC table. All the latest and most popular shooters and MMORPGs are installed in all PCs in the building.

So guess what game Unker Kell started up when he commandeered the PC?

Game Haven


He logged in to Facebook.


We all yelled at him, “We are in a gaming centre! We have free play of all the games available and you’re checking your Facebook!!”

“What’s wrong with Facebook?” he tried to argue.

“Facebook is not a game!”

“Weeeell….. Facebook has games in it. Sort of.”

Anyway, you’ll have to excuse him. It’s just in his nature to act like a moron sometimes.

We played many more Wii games through the afternoon.

Wii games

Our favourite (not shown in picture) was Raving Rabbids 2. It’s one of the best party games out there, allowing up to four players to make fools of themselves at once.

Raving Rabbids

You’re a roll of pink toilet paper if you come in last!

Raving Rabbids

We took turns to challenge one another while also taking turns to play Counter-Strike on the PC. It’s kind of a neat arrangement!

Playing Wii

Playing Wii

Playing LAN games

Here’s a video of us playing Wii and being very, very noisy (you have been warned):

We were also served snacks from the Honshitsu Japanese Buffet Restaurant (located in the building).




The restaurant serves a special tea-time buffet at only $15++ for adults ($10++ for children) and we were contemplating eating there first before gaming, but that would have compromised two hours of our gaming time, so we decided to just order in. Heheh.

The best parties in the world are when you put food and gaming together!

After a few hours, we decided to abandon the Wii and troop up to the PC floor to indulge in our blood lust.

We were given eight PCs in a cluster so we could physically yell at each other while we fragged each other.

Playing COD4


Unker Kell really wanted to play Left 4 Dead, the popular survival horror FPS, but he got severely overruled because we started off with Call of Duty 4 and we all got so hooked on it we couldn’t stop playing it.

Playing COD4

We played till 7:50 pm, by which time we had to leave because we had a dinner reservation at 8 pm at Funan, which is just a short walk/drive away.

Even then, the guys, especially The Goonfather, didn’t want to stop playing.

“Can we skip dinner?” he asked.

I would have been happy to oblige, normally, but we were going to lo hei that night and I wasn’t going to miss my yu sheng!

By the way, Game Haven also has a pub called Nova! There are gaming stations inside the pub!!! COOOL!

We were given a tour of the premises. It only opens in the evening, so we had the whole pub to ourselves in the afternoon. Woohoo!

Nova @ Game Haven
The entrance to the Nova.

Nova @ Game Haven

Nova @ Game Haven
A promotional shot of Nova’s gaming corner.

Nova has a section where you’ll be able to enjoy Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 gaming while drinking and partying. Is that cool or what?

There’s also an annex pub on the rooftop of the building which you can access through a staircase on the 6th floor.

Nova @ Game Haven
Another promotional photo.

Well, we visited the place in the day so it looked like this:

Nova @ Game Haven

Nova @ Game Haven
Alfresco area on the rooftop.

The view is quite nice at night!

Nova @ Game Haven

As we walked out of the building to go for dinner, the guys started saying, “Hey, let’s come back after dinner!”

Honestly, I wouldn’t have minded.

The rates are rather reasonable for LAN gaming — $1.50 an hour for Game Haven + SAFRA members, $1.90 for SAFRA members and $2.50 for guests.

They also have discounted rates and promotions from time to time. Anyway, you can find out more details at the

We’re definitely going back again!

Game Haven is located at 29 Carpenter Street, very near Clarke Quay MRT Station. Click here for map and transport directions.

If you ever see me there, come up to me to say hi! Perhaps we could play some games together! ;)


For the usual gaming news, updates and miscellaneous anecdotes, there’s always here. I will announce contest winner tomorrow. Don’t go away!! (Yes, camp here for 24 hours. lol.)

Happy Friday the 13th!

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27 thoughts on “GGF#38: The coolest place to hang out

  1. Avatar

    @Sheylara: GGF is early once more, well done!:) Eh, how come go this kind of place neber jio me and tiger4? So close to where I am situated some more;)

  2. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Thanks Sheylara, this is so cool. This is so much better than walking on a tight rope at the other SAFRA place. ;)

    Ya lor, like RN1209 says, why din jio us? :( Do they have any job vacancies there? Getting sick of my job.

  3. Avatar

    @Minou: I played Rayman on Wii before. I quite like the “balancing a ball through a maze representing the rabbid’s brain” segment:)

  4. Avatar

    @Mince Pye: Well, we’ve definitely got a lot in common. “Unwillingly” dragged into signing up for stuff which we are now obligated to maintain, hehe:)

  5. Avatar

    RN1209/tiger4: Haha sorry lah, that was a special invite and I could only invite limited numbers of people. The room we were given could hardly accommodate all of us that day. :P

    Minou: Why Morte anything (and everything). Haha. The toilet paper likes you.

    Mince Pye: Hey, if someone enjoys it so much that he has to log in to it in a lan shop, it becomes not a fault but a favour. :P

  6. Avatar

    You could consider getting the membership. It’s only $10.70 a year. And you get welcome freebies of 3 hours of PC gaming and up to 4 hours of private gaming suite during your birthday month. Quite worth it. :)

  7. Avatar

    I love that Rayman game. I got it on my DSi too. The TV party one >_>

    Especially love the one about chattering in the cinema, fun as hell with four people

    PS. There’s two Friday the 13’s this year. One would be today, another March the 13th. Maybe this contributes to the recession?

  8. Avatar

    Man, I really miss playing Raving Rabbids!! I want to go back and play again. Hehe. :P I play it on my DS too but it’s not as fun as playing on the Wii with friends. :(

    Wow, another Friday the 13th so soon? I used to be really excited about Friday the 13th, but these days, the appeal and novelty all gone already. It’s just another day. Haha. I think I’m jaded. :P

  9. Avatar

    Minou: These poses are consider very natural and true to Morte.. Lol.. He didn’t realise that he was being film as he was superly engrossed in the game..

    QY: I think it’s really friday the 13th for me. :( I sprained my ankle on the road and it’s so bad that i can hear the crack sound amongst the crowd in orchard plaza and there were many cars moving past me.. lucky one shop owner saw wat happened and help me.. the pain was so bad and sharp that i broke out into cold sweat immediately n my vison blurred.. i can’t imagine if he didn’t help me and i were to faint on the road.. i dun like friday the 13th :(

  10. Avatar

    @Wang Wang: Oh dear… are you alright? I know your pain. Sprain my ankle the same way as you do. I twisted it so badly that I thought I dislocated it. You take care and get well soon

  11. Avatar

    @Wang Wang: Aiyoh… you poor thing, is it any better today? If need be, get a good sinseh to look at it, take MC next week and lay off the pressure on your feet for a while. Actually, its fortunate that someone came to your aid, even if it was Friday the 13th:) Wish you a speedy recovery!

  12. Avatar

    ugh… gotta move to SG for real now, mayby you’d like to swich? never dreamed about being an electrician in US Navy [we got nice white uniforms;]]? gota warn you through, my ship is on 5 month deployment to africa right now… its hot [like 110f/35c+ hot] here!

  13. Avatar

    What? Wii-ing when drunk? They better have good wrist straps or else they’re going to spend a lot of money on new TVs.

  14. Avatar

    -=}{oT~dEv1L 666=-: Nope, not getting Lost and Damned cos I haven’t even finished the basic game. Don’t think I’ll ever complete it cos new games keep coming out and distracting me from GTA4. lol.

    Devorlast: Um… no thanks. I will probably just get myself electrocuted if I tried to pass off as an electrician. Haha.

    Angie: Heheh. I don’t know. I kinda had the same thought as you when I found out about the gaming pub!

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