Famous Ah Chiang’s Porridge

To counter yesterday’s extremely intimidating wall of text, today’s post will be quite text-bare and just full of pictures.

Ah Chiang’s Porridge. Famous traditional charcoal porridge outlet.

Ah Chiang's Porridge - century egg

Ah Chiang's Porridge - yu sheng

Ah Chiang's Porridge - century egg porridge

Ah Chiang's Porridge - you tiao

Ah Chiang's Porridge - liver and pork ball soup

Cheap and quite healthier than fast food! This meal cost us about $15 for two. Missing from the group of pictures is another bowl of porridge.

Available at:

  • Blk 65, Tiong Poh Road, #01-38
  • Blk 134, Geylang East Ave 1, #01-217
  • Blk 190, Toa Payoh Lorong 6, #01-526

This outlet is famous and very popular, so I don’t need say much about it. Just, it’s very good! Especially the liver soup. I love!

Ah Chiang's Porridge

17 thoughts on “Famous Ah Chiang’s Porridge

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    Thanks for the information. i will try it out since i love porridge very much and hope it don’t disappoint me.


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    Expensive meh? I find it reasonable.

    Try the Tiong Poh Road branch cos it’s the pioneer branch and has been around for decades, apparently, so might be better. But I also hear it’s very crowded. =P

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    the grey stuff on the first picture looks disturbing… the rest looks pretty cool, xept that I got no clue what it is ;]

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    THANKS! Me and my wife loooovvvveee porriage. Always like to see all your makan post. Gotta go try it out one of these nites.

    Oooo, my spare tire getting bigger :P

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    Devorlast, the egg looks icky, but (I think a lot will agree) the taste is so unique, there’s nothing to compare it to! It goes very well with rice congee! But don’t smell it, it smells like jio. Haha!

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