Auditioning for a feature film — Part 2

The audition grind continues (see Part 1)…

The callback audition was a lot easier because I was given a script to learn and it wasn’t a monologue.

Again, I had to wear 70s fashion, so I went and bought myself another dress. I decided not to wear that first dress again because I think I look atrocious in it.

Here’s my new dress:

It costs about $50 or so. Can’t remember exactly. I think it looks a lot better than the first one, although I’m not sure if it’s any more “correct” than the first.

I felt very self-conscious wearing it to the audition and then going home in it. It feels more like a costume than something a normal woman would wear out.

Then again, I’m always wearing “costumes” so what am I talking about?


The film I auditioned for is called More Than Words or Qian Yan Wan Yu in Mandarin. (The title is a tribute to Teresa Teng, the famous singing diva in that era.)

The second audition was fun. I got to act opposite Louis Wu (a SuperHost finalist and sometime actor in MediaCorp Channel 8 dramas, currently an AI Films artiste). He’s very friendly and humourous in person.

Louis Wu

Director Kelvin Sng chatted with me for a bit, then I did my scene with Louis.

When we were done, we both received some directions to modify the flavour of the scene and then we played it once more.

And that was it. I wish there could have been more because I was having fun, but then there were many people waiting for their turn.

We chatted a bit more, with Kelvin giving me some encouraging words but being very non-commital, and then it was the end.

It’s been almost a month now and there’s still no news from the production team, so I’m thinking it’s probably gone to dust.

I didn’t have very high hopes in the first place because the competition is really fierce, but it’s a job I would really like to have gotten because the role sounds like so much fun, and the crew seems very professional and passionate about the film and I have a deep hunger to work with professional, passionate people because we don’t get enough of them in Singapore.

Anyway, I’m glad that I’m now making a living doing something I really enjoy (blogging and playing games), so I can relax a little on the audition grind. I’m still going to the occasional audition, but very selected ones, so the frustration is still manageable.

If I may say it again, auditions are evil.

10 thoughts on “Auditioning for a feature film — Part 2

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    @Sheylara: Haha, yeah… i remember that article:) i guess auditions ARE a necessary process to be endured. But at least, i can see you enjoyed yourself, and made some interesting connections. Wishing you all the best, always:)

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    Don’t forget to auction off the costume for charity.
    Jackie Chan always do that :P

    Yes. I strongly agree with you that Relax should be the way of life :P

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    hey shey.. you should auction off that dress.. including the polka dots dress.. yeah the money raised could help some kids at children homes..

    some actors went through a lot of auditions.. and eventualy they get recognized .. so dun give up.. =)

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    Darz lacks originality in commenting. Why mimic me? :P
    Why manipulating sheylara to raise money to your children home. She can donate to whichever charity she wants…. sneaky dude.

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    oh i have originality comments regarding Relax but unfortunately the words i gonna use are not suitable becoz there are kids reading this.

    hey Sheylara.. do you remember last year when i suggested you should print our 2009 calendar featuring you in RPG costumes.. selling them to the fans.. money raise will go to charity..

    bout auctioning the dresses.. and donating to charity.. i am ONLY SUGGESTING in donating to children homes..

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    A personal experience ~
    I guess I know how you feel. And it feels worse if you know when they say they will call you, that they won’t.

    I had the “actor” dream once ~
    But the confidence was kinda trashed when I panicked and screwed during the audition ~ *sigh*

    Keep up the good work and there will be better chances out there for ya. ^.^

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    no worries, dude.. i am not going to lose my temper with the snide remarks or whatever.. yeah.. i remember what you had told me.. thanks!! =)

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    Darz: Thanks! Appreciate your encouragement. :)

    RN1209: Some auditions are not enjoyable. Some are just plain ridiculous. :(

    aaron: Aww, thanks! :)

    Relax/Darz: Eh, I don’t think anyone wants to buy my dress for charity. Haha. But I always give away clothes to the Salvation Army, so I guess that’s about the same, right?

    SpiritAngelo: One has to REALLY want to act to put up with all the auditions. I’ve screwed up countless auditions in my life. And I do mean literally countless. :P Thanks for sharing!

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