Are Singapore men romantic?

Sometimes, I feel like the male prototype in my relationships because I’m usually the practical, geeky one who prefers to stay home and play games rather than engage in romantic activities, indoors or outdoors.

But that’s not to say that I spurn romance. I have done a lot of romantic things for my partners but the truth is that gaming appeals to me a lot more than, say, a candlelight dinner under the stars.

I think this arrangement suits the guys I’ve gone out with. I have a soft spot for geeky gamer types so there’s usually no problem with my gaming obsession. But, surprisingly, the gamers I’ve gone out with have all displayed a capacity for romance which probably exceeds mine.

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11 thoughts on “Are Singapore men romantic?

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    Hey Sheylara..
    When Pierre Png donated part of his liver to save his gal from dying.. thatz shows true love or romance dun comes in gifts, candies or dinner at 5 star hotels..

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    I find Valentine Day to be overhype n become too commercialize.

    You dun have to buy flowers or treat your partner an expensive valentine day dinner to show your love on this day. A simple “I Love You” or a card with some personal message can do wonders. If your relationship is good, everyday can be Valentine Day.

    Like my wife, she told me not to buy any gifts, flowers or dinner. All she want is that I accompany her n stay by her side for this Sat. That’s more than enough for her.

    To All, Happy Valentine Day!

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    Every saturday me n my gal will get fast food or hawker food for dinner.. play some PS2 or watch TV.. and we spend the night at the park, chatting.. yeah this valentines day.. i thought of making her dinner and watch a DVD.. yeah..

    Wish you an awesome Valentines Day.. yeah.. =)

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    well….every1 has thier on partner xcept for me…
    lonely on valentines day….:)
    and i decide to celebrate valentine by going to my friend’s house to practice for my Halo compitition…then ,i have a male valentine…BUT i am not GAY!!!!!

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    dead_cockroach: Haha, I suppose I have been lucky then. It’s weird, though. I’m surprised that the other Star Bloggers said opposite things from me. :P

    Darz: Yes, romance can come in many forms!

    Relax: Haha. Yes, I find laughing together with your partner very romantic and I enjoy a lot of that! ;) Uh… pinch cheeks? Why would they do that?? I’m not a baby!

    tiger4: Yeah, Valentine’s Day is overhyped. That’s why I don’t really go all out to celebrate it, but just to take the chance to go out have a meal and buy a small present, just for the fun of it. I mean, we already go out for meals and occasionally buy each other small presents, so V Day isn’t anything special!

    Darz: That’s very romantic! Hope you have an awesome V Day too, this year!

    aaron: Awww, sad. But then playing games is fun. I don’t mind playing games on V Day! :P

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    Hi babe,

    thanks for your very entertaining blog. I simply love reading your thoughts. =) Have fun sitting at home gaming with the GF this coming valentines!


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    You so lucky to met so many romantic guys. Playing game at home on V Day also good idea, as long as both of you all enjoy each other company.

    P.S Watching anime and playing game to ease my pain on V Day :p

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    jal: Thanks for your kind words! :) Have a great Valentine’s Day yourself! ;)

    zhuzhu8376: Aww, don’t be sad. Enjoy your anime and playing game. Many people want to but don’t have the luxury to! :P

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