You must wear red new clothes or get eaten by a monster

To be totally blunt, I think us Chinese people are all being taken for rides.

Just think about it. Chinese New Year customs originated from some stupid folklore about a mythical monster by the name of Nian (Year), who enjoys swallowing innocent people with his great big mouth, but who is also very conveniently scared of red.

To prevent Nian from paying you an unsolicited midnight visit for a midnight snack, you should stick red paper all over your house or, better yet, all over yourself.

Think about it. Year after year, we are celebrating the non-existence of a great big monster whose nemesis is the colour of red. If that doesn’t make us quite silly, I don’t know what does.

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55 thoughts on “You must wear red new clothes or get eaten by a monster

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    I’m agnostic. :P I don’t subscribe to any religion because none can conclusively prove that any god really exists, but I won’t outright claim that god doesn’t exist because I can’t prove that, either. lol.

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    @Sheylara: You actually have a very balanced viewpoint, though I have to disagree with you on the conclusiveness of God’s existence:) But that’s a whole ‘nother issue for another time:)

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    Let’s just say I don’t believe in institutionalised religion. I wouldn’t say I lack faith. If I did, I would be an athetist. The fact that I’m agnostic shows that I have faith that a god could possibly exist. Haha. :P

    Anyway, I’ve practised religion before and I was disappointed because some religious people like to twist words and situations to show that their god exists and I can see very clearly that it’s just mind manipulation and I don’t understand why other people can’t see it.

    You know, like for example, people see monkey shapes on trees and they say it’s the monkey god and that is supposed to prove that the monkey god exists. Huh?

    I also have examples for other religions but I think I’m treading dangerous grounds now so I better not continue. :P

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    … people see monkey shapes on trees and they say it’s the monkey god…

    The human brain doesn’t like randomness. If there was some random noise, our brain tries to find a pattern that we are familiar to. Am I OT?

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    Meh, I don’t believe in any particular religion either, but I know somewhere out there He exists, and not just one… maybe a few of His kind. That said, I believe in the existence of higher beings.

    At any rate, religion is between the person practising it and the being of worship, as much as institutionalised they are… If a person wanna worship a tree, that’s their preference.

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    You’re right, Yoi. And I apologise to anyone I offended with my tree comment. I would like to modify my statement. What I don’t agree with are people who apply religious significance on things or events and then try to force their thinking down everyone’s throat.

    I mean, I will object terribly if someone comes at me and says something like, “You’re going to hell if you don’t believe that this piece of wood once used to be god’s shaver.”

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    Hi Sheylara, it’s me again on my 30s break :p

    Guess I am similar to you. I once feverishly believe in my religion but after certain events happen in my life, I start to develop doubts in them.

    Now I am part free thinker n part believer. Until some godly events happens to prove there is an existence of god, I will remain in this mindset

    P.S. Nobody wears red for CNY nowadays. From my observation, black is the new red. :P

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    @Sheylara: Haha, I guess people can be quite touchy when it comes to the subject of faith. Doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to your own opinions. What’s important to me is to realise that as long as he/she exists in this world and is making a positive contribution to society, it really shouldn’t matter whether or not he/she has any faith. Life is already better with that person’s presence:)

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    hey sheylara..
    i dun think i am a good christian.. always stumbles my walk with God becoz of my anger n hatred.. even though there are time i gave up on God.. He never gives up on me.. yeah.. I hope you will learn to walk with Him..

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    tiger4: On the contrary, I feel that red is back. I see a lot of red in my shopping spree last week. :P But yeah, your “religious” experience sounds like mine!

    RN1209: That’s what I like to hear from peope. Tolerance and open-mindedness! ;)

    DamnMorgan: I’ve tried, actually. Didn’t like it. It made me very uptight and tensed and stressed.

    Relax: Totally. Btw, I still haven’t got the FSM bible. Wondering if I should get it. And don’t be rude to people in the subject of religion lah. :P Not nice. :P

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    @Peaches & Yoi: Are you kidding me, bros?!? Sigh… alright…

    Day, he say day-ay-ay-o!
    (daylight come and me wa’n go home)
    Day, me say day X 5…:)

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    I don’t believe in any particular religion either, i am a freethinker now who only believe in things that i can see .

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    Morning my brothers from another mother!

    Work is suckage right now but that ain’t gonna bring me down.

    No no no no~

    Daylight come and me wan’ go home!

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    Hey Sheylara,

    yeah i do respect you and how you lives your life.. as long you are happy…

    but i hope you dun mind me say a prayer for you.. yeah i always say a prayer for all my love ones, friends, the kids in church, children homes and else where.. asking God to bless you guys.. =)

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    In the name of Anubis

    I pray hard that DammMorgan will follow the truth path of Ankh, leave false religion and join the true brotherhood of light.

    I pray everyday for you DammMorgan.
    You are a misled victim and I hope you repent and start worshipping hello kitty, for Flying Spaghetti Monster will forgive you if you repent!

    *Bless DammMorgan*

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    I see myself as agnostic, though I’m starting to lean towards being an atheist.

    I found Relax to be a little out-of-line, but nonetheless found myself cheering for him inside for his latest post.

    I’d guess its because of how people of faith unintentionally come off sounding condescending by commenting that we have something to ‘learn’, which suggests more that we are ‘ignorant’ rather than holding a different perspective.

    Haa, I hope i’m not fanning the flames here…

    Jack Skare

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    Jack Skare

    i’m sorry.. I didnt meant to suggest or enforced anyone to embrace my Faith…

    yeah you can continue to cheer for him, fanning the flames or whatever.. itz your choice..

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    hey Sheylara..

    I didnt meant to suggest or enforced you to embrace my faith in God.. yeah i do respect you and choices you made.. important thing is that you are happy with life…

    anyway…. i will send you an email.. =)

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    No worries, guys. I’m very open-minded and tolerant. And I hope my readers can be that way too. Sometimes we joke and make fun of each other, but I hope it’s all in the name of fun, without malice.

    It’s ok, we must learn to laugh at ourselves. And laughing at ourselves is really funny. Yes, you can make jokes about me, I don’t mind. ;)

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    no worries Sheylara… i understands Relax is your friend and itz ok for him to say such things and itz considers as a joke… but i guess if i retorted back at him.. it will bve a whole different story.. yeah.. whatever..

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    by the way shey… i dunthink itz a joke.. itz more of sacarstic comment… but then again.. he is your friend.. whatever., the reason why i didn’t retort back.. becoz i remember what you told me.. but i am hurt.. not by that asswipe.. but by you.. thanks.. you really hurts me..

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    i bet you are hiding behind your pink hello kitty laptop while balance your mom’s smelly ass on your stupid face when you send that sarcastic comments at me.. you are a coward..

    you can take your FSM bible, turn it sideway and shove it up your smelly ass…

    pls dun waste your time in replying back.. if you are not happy.. go to your mamak shop.. ask for his lolipop.. and suck it.. and if you still not happy.. go to the kachang puteh man and try his nuts instead…

    hey shey… i hope you are not offended.. i kn0w he is your friend.. but itz juz a joke.. i hope you are laughing… =P

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    hey relax.. I’m sorry.. i shouldnt talk bout your mom that way.. it not right.. i am sorry… forgive me..

    shey… you know bout my temper,.. you know bout my aneurysm.. you even advised me not to let these ppl or anger control me.. but i am disappointed when your friend made that sarcastic comment at me.. you considered it as a joke.. if i lose my temper, and start telling them off.. wh can’t you or them considered it as a joke??

    yeah.. you hurt me.. thanks…

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    DamnMorgan: I’m sorry that you feel offended by the jokes, but you can’t call me double standard. You can only say that if you made a joke about me and I got angry.

    Joking and losing temper (and cursing someone’s mother) are two different things. Why not try being sarcastic back at Relax? Then it becomes banter, and you two can laugh at each other together and no one needs to get angry.

    I’m not saying Relax being sarcastic is okay. You’re misreading words again. I’m saying it’s okay to joke with each other as long as you don’t mean to insult.

    Look, you’re sarcastic at celebrities all the time. For example, remember your Paris Hilton jokes? And remember I laughed at them? Because they’re funny and you don’t really mean to insult her, I know. You didn’t curse her mother.

    So, keep it jokey guys. No getting personal. That includes you, Relax!


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    do you know your friend Relax insult my God.. @ i walk ON Him.. and he insult my religion again in his second comment??

    joking and insult are two different matters..

    first comment he made at me.. you told him not to be rude..

    second comment he made at me was lagi worse.. and you said that was okay…


    look .. i am now in hospital.. my head hurts.. and i am disappointed with you..

    p.s. about the paris hilton njokes.. i did apologised, right.. after that no more jokes bout her..

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    Darz: When you first made the Paris Hilton joke, I said it’s funny, but it might hurt her if she read it. Yes, you apologised and then you made ANOTHER joke at her on the same post. So I decided that okay maybe it’s funny and you didn’t mean to hurt her, so I laughed. Again, you apolosied for joking about her and you made a THIRD joke at her. And you made the Paris Hilton joke in other Star Bloggers’ blogs, too.

    How about that?

    But I guess religion is not a good thing to joke about. For me, I’m fine with it because I’m not religious. So maybe religious people don’t feel the same way and I learnt something new today.

    Stop accusing me of protecting anyone. I have no interest in protecting anyone. I make logical arguments, that’s what I do. Do you know how many times I have helped and defended you in Star Blog? So, how come no one accused me of protecting you because you’re my friend?

    Please don’t only see things from one point of view.

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    Relax: No more religious jokes targeted at individuals, please. At least, not in my blog. :P But you can joke about FSM with me in other occasions.

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    i’m sorry if i hurt you coz i was damn angry..

    Relax first comment ‘i walk on Him..’ okay.. fcuk it.. i let it slide… coz i remeber you told me bout not lising my temper..

    but when i said i will pray for you and the KID IN CHURCH, CHILDREN HOMES.. he made that sarcastic remarks.. I bloody hate it when ppl make fun of my prayer for them kids..

    and you said it was a joke… i dun find it funny.. esp when a kid died of abused few weeks ago..

    whatever.. Paris Hilton.. yes i joked about her.. but i doubt she gets hurt.. coz she damn stupid to understand the jokes..


    i am now in hospital.. i am feeling sick.. and upset..

    i dun hate you..

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    your first comment … about walking on Him..

    yeah, ok, whatever..

    but when you make sarcastic remarks about my prayer for shey and the kids at church n children homes.. ok .. i was pissed off..

    for your info.. one of the kids i pray for died weeks ago.. only a stupid assh0le like you would make a joke about that.. dun make fun of the kids in church n children homes..

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    shey.. itz ok to laughed at ourselves.. i’m ok with religious jokes.. when that assh0le said “i walk ON Him..” ok.. i was angry.. but i let it go.. do you see me confront him??

    you even told him not to be rude…

    ok.. nuff said..

    but when i said i will pra foryou and the kids… he made that comments which already pissed me off.. i didnt confront him.. i said ..ok, whatever…

    but when you said itz ok to laughed bout it.. thatz when i get upset.. you agrees with that assh0le on ‘i walk on Him..’ ok.. i was upset.. but you saying itz ok to laugh bout saying a prayer over these kids.. now.. that hurts me a lot..

    ok.. fcuk it.. i dun want to talk bout it anymore..

    send my regards to that assh0le..

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    @Mince Pye: Sorry, bro… off-topic… but the other day when you were talking about “Serenity”, you were referring to “Firefly” right?

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    Hey RN, yeah… I got confused a bit.

    The TV series is called Firefly, named after the type of the ship they fly.

    The movie is called Serenity, which is what the crew calls their Firefly-class ship.

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    @Mince Paye/RN: Yep, Serenity is a nice movie. Too bad its series does not do well and is discontinued.

    For the movie, I like the part where River clean house with the Reavers and when Wash fly through the crossfires.

    “I am a leave on the wind, watch how I soar”

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    Ah Girl …. Got Boyfriend already ah … When Getting Married? KEKEKE..

    Happy Chinese New Year! And May you have loads of Yee Sang until you don’t want to eat til next year.

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    @tiger4 / Mince Pye: I was a big fan of Joss Whedon’s work. Damn near followed every single episode of Buffy throughout the 7 seasons, hehe:)

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    @RN1209: haha, Buffy is a nice series (Sarah Michelle Gellar!) but start to get tired of it esp for the last few seasons.

    I am never a fan of series. Neither have the time or patience to follow them. Like Lost, the first season is so exciting, after that it’s like Huh? to me. Still prefer movies.

    Only exception is CSI: Las Vegas n Prison Break, but even that I miss quite often.

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