Winning the BRAND’S Blogger Challenge

I know I shouldn’t have left it so late because, by now, I’ve kinda forgotten what I wanted to say about it.

But I still want to talk about it, it being the BRAND’S Blogger Challenge I took part in last year, since I did say in the first post that there was to be a continuation.

Okay, it hasn’t been that long, only over a month, but I have a bad memory.

All photos in this entry courtesy of Wilfrid Wong. Arigato gozaimasu!!

The good news is that RazorTV covered the event as part of a three-part series on blogging, so the competition is actually on video! You can watch it here.

There are footages of the competition, ending with Daryl interviewing me and Red Mummy, a popular Malaysian blogger.

The competition was fun, although quite nerve wracking. We had no clue at all what kind of challenges we would get.

There was a very early morning breakfast-cum-briefing but the briefing didn’t reveal much, leaving us more nervous than prepared.

I tried to keep the faith. Loaded with 14 days’ worth of peptides and amino acids and minerals, I looked forward to a miracle.

Let’s just say that it was a tough fight and we emerged victorious by a narrow margin.

I won’t elaborate on the challenges cos I’m lazy and you can watch it in the video, anyway.

We each won $300 cash and a BRAND’S hamper containing 24 bottles of assorted BRAND’S products. Wootage! That was a nice early Christmas present!

Okay, I have to stop now cos it’s Star Blog chat time! Woohoo! See you in the chat! =)

15 thoughts on “Winning the BRAND’S Blogger Challenge

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    Ha ha ha … you do have a lot of backlog in your blogging entries eh? :) Thank you for the mention. Hope to see you some time soon. Take care and have a good year ahead.

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    @Sheylara: Hehe, you looked so determined in one of the pics above, how could we possibly not win?:) Anyway, congratulations once again!

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    hey shey… God blessed you with looks, wits and a heart of gold.. yeah you inspires me to be a better person.. you are so awesome.. rawk on dudette… !!

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    wow we lost, again. I’m surprised, I’m not amused, I don’t believe any of this! (/sarcasm)

    Is it just me, or you have long fingers…

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    hey shey…
    i juz noticed this.. in one of them pic.. you in the blue top walking with your friends.. one guy walking behind you.. his hand covered his mouth.. he was looking at your back.. it seems like he was thinking.. ‘OMG.. she got nice…..!’

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    hey sheylara!

    erm this is emabarassing but i welcomed you to StarBlog some time ago, and i never really went back to that post to see if you replied it….until now :D so this is kind of a reply to that reply

    Nope, you don’t know me personally from anywhere, but seeing as Singapore’s so small we might have just bumped into each other without knowing it :D I do, however, follow your blog (as evidenced by this comment) =)

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    I LURVE LURVE LURVE BRAND’s Essence of Chicken! Woot! Warmed-up with a sprinkle of white powdered pepper. it RoRKs!!!

    I dream of making a freakishly delicious meal of BRAND’S Essence of Chicken with some Chinese herbs, pepper and 38D- sized breast meat – chicken of course.

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