Singapore is in India?

Once in a while, we hear that Singapore is in China. Or you get people mailing stuff to Singapore with R.O.C. at the end of the address. Yes, I have received such a package! And I have personally encountered people telling me that Singapore is in China.

But that’s old news. What about Singapore in India? That’s a new one for me!

Seen in a gaming forum:

Well if you’re connected to live and when you booted up your game you didn’t get a notice saying there is a patch available then that means there must not be an update up yet in your area. I may be available later, Singapore is in India or close right? If so, I thought the game was censored(or banned) in that area because of something about brahmin offending the general religion of the area. If that’s true then that might ave something to do with the lack of a patch.

Link here.


Okay, but I don’t think we should laugh at people who don’t know where Singapore is. Nobody can know everything. You probably don’t know every single city, state or country in the world yourself. I certainly don’t.

It shouldn’t be surprising that there are people in the world who don’t know Singapore.

I just find it funny, that’s all! =)

I’m not laughing at the person making the mistake. Really. I’m just laughing at the situation.

Oh, in case I have readers who don’t actually know where Singapore is (I won’t laugh at you, really), let me share with you a few things about Singapore.

Singapore is an independent, developed city-state and the smallest nation in Southeast Asia, located directly South of Malaysia. We’re a multi-racial country comprising Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian peoples, with the Chinese being the majority population.

English is our first language. And foreigners like coming here for shopping and food. And maybe for the sun, cos we’re near the equator. And… I don’t know. Maybe some of you would like to share your opinions why foreigners like visiting Singapore.


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    my friends from Finland thought Singapore is in China.. and they are surprised when i told them bout our country.. multi racials.. the COE, ERP, the chewing gum ban… etc

    i was amused when peeps told me they didn’t know there are hildren homes here.. there are more than 20 children homes, about more than a hundred foster homes for the abused n poor needy kids..

    yeah.. due to my aneurysm.. which is now stage 3.. i can no longer help the kids.. but I’m glad to know you and your peeps are helping these kids..

    ou are awesome.. have a great CNY with your love ones..

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    my friends from Finland thought Singapore is in China.. and they are surprised when i told them bout our country.. multi racials.. the COE, ERP, the chewing gum ban… etc

    i was amused when peeps told me they didn’t know there are children homes here.. there are more than 20 children homes, about more than a hundred foster homes for the abused n poor needy kids..

    yeah.. due to my aneurysm.. which is now stage 3.. i can no longer help the kids.. but I’m glad to know you and your peeps are helping these kids..

    you are awesome.. have a great CNY with your love ones..

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    In response to the the previous GGF

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    There is a saying, “All Asians are alike”

    I actually heard this on a skypecasting session with my own ears OMG!!!!
    They even say that it doesn’t matter to lump everyone together.

    This is not about making ignorant mistake, but condoning serious stereotyping and having bad attitude.

    What if people tell you, “hey, ain’t all Chinese speak Japanese and eat sushi?”

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    Eh, the comment box gone wonky?
    comments from previous post can come over here? :P

    anyways, why people keep tossing irrelavant comments on the comment box?
    such as on posts about games and jokes, I keep seeing comments about children home like spamming. It’s annoying to see the same children home and religion comments day after day. If someone has any irrelavant things to say to sheylara, there’s always phone and Email.

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    And Relax…Not everyone here has her number,or email.if you so lucky,then good for you,you contact her lor,we so poor,bo number and email must contact her thru likethat,WE’r SO SORRY!,Punish us master

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    lol relax,stay with the world don’t fall behind,which hip and young person would use EMAIL?There’s something called MSN

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    Relax: It’s okay, I am totally fine with off-topic comments in my blog. I’m not a forum nazi! :P But I am not fine with personal attacks okay, so please remember… be nice!!

    what?: I don’t understand why it bothers you that people post here every day. Some people just do that, and he’s not the first nor the only one. Anyway, it’s all about interaction. I’m glad my readers have conversations with me through my blog. It helps me get to know everyone better. ;)

    Darz: Well, take it easy. Like I said in my blog, nobody can know EVERYTHING in the world, so don’t be surprised if people don’t know stuff that you know. ;)

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    Why I like to visit Singapore (as often as I do)?

    My friends here
    Proximity (to other places in SE Asia)
    Each time I visit, I get 17K EQM

    What I’d appreciate if I lived here (in addition to the above):

    Safe and clean society
    Responsible government (compared to my own)

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    Hey! Alot of people don’t know that there are 2 Georgia, one is a state of USA and the other is Georgia, the country that is located at the dividing lines of Europe and Asia, so its known as a eurasian country. So cool right!

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    Oh the Georgia thing. I remember they joke about it when the war broke up.

    There are many European town names repeated in America and it’s common.

    Do you know there are towns like Fucking in Austria and Condom in France?

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    What about Turkey? The country is considered as part of Europe and Asia..

    Singapore.. our president is Indian, our national anthem is Malay, majority are Chinese, and we all speak si beh roller coaster English.. multi racial country.. inter racial marriages.. yeah.. my dad Indian, mom is strait Chinese, and i speaks Malay..

    a friend asked me.. what’z our national dish? is it chilli crab, chicken rice or rojak??

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    @Sheylara: Actually, this post reminds me of the old credit card commercial where 2 Germans emerged after tunnelling an escape under the Berlin Wall for years. They met an Asian man on the way out, and wondered where they were. But one look at the credit card the man was using and they knew he was Singaporean:)

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    I did myself wrong when i tried to be as caring as possible to girls on the net,solving their emotional problems and all,but it is’nt worth it

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    By the way,sorry if i sound inmature,this is only my opinion and i’m just a lousy kid,ignore me if you must,i have childish opinions

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    i guess most foreigner mistaken Singapore as an Oriental countres like hong kong, taiwan or shangai… the movie Pirates of the Caribean… Singapore was shown as a Chinese sea port village.. with Chow Yun Fatt in a Fu Man Chu…

    Annabel Chong and Lee Kuan Yew made Singapore famous.. yep both are Chinese..

    i guess you also made singapore famous with your interview in the French website..

    wish you and your love ones a happy CNY.. my great fortunes and good health smiles on you..

    one day a man saw a cow grazing on a field.. he decided to milked the cow.. after milking it.. he drank the milk.. he decided to milked the cow again…

    a farner saw the man… he asked the man what he was doing.. the man replied he was milking the cow..

    the farmer said, ” that is not a cow.. thatz a BULL…’

    happy niu year…..

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    no worry about it

    Michael Palmer did not know that there are poor people in developed countries (like S’pore) until he joined grassroots organisations.

    He was on his way to the parliament.

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    I guess Americans are the biggest culprit in this. Their country is so big, and they seem so self-sufficient that they cut themselves out from the rest of the MINOR countries.

    Can’t blame them. If you test me on some wel-known countries or cities, I might not have heard of it.

    Many years back, I used to think Wow, Singapore is so great. First in this and that. Oh we speak and learn English as a “first language” even though we are mostly Chinese in race.

    After travelling widely, I now know many people really don’t know where Singapore is. And honestly, it’s not a big deal of a country.

    We think we are so great sometimes, but there are many other great stuffs overseas also. For eg, we often say, here you can find great food and shopping. I think that’s the biggest over-tatement. You can find many great (cheaper and better in fact) foods in malaysia, thailand, etc.

    Shopping? Big joke. You can get so many cheaper things in Hong Kong, China, and even in other developed countries. Else why would you hear of peoples shopping like crazy when they go travelling? I’m no exception.

    As for English as a “first language”, that’s the biggest joke of them all. We speak poor English and probably much worse “mother tongue” (Chinese language for the majority here).

    Just compare the standard of our students from the top schools and native English speakers who are school dropouts, the latter could likely speak English a lot better. Even a foreigner who learns English for only 3-4 years properly can speak and write a lot better than most of us here who supposedly learn it for at least 10-12 years at school.

    So Singapore in China or India? Who cares. :)

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    @ What: you do realise this entire ‘comments’ page is like a delayed chat session for us all right? No big deal bout comments, someone likes to keep their mouth shut others like to blab all the time. I mean, if you’ve got nothing much to say, sure say nothing. If someone’s got something to say tho, you can either patronise or ignore that person. So, what if i ask you to talk (or drop more of your comments in here) because you’re simply too quiet? :)

    And americans, lol, my english is crap, but I’ve made a bunch of them feel stupid for knowing more english than they do. I remember reading somewhere that Americans (or most of them) think the USA is the world, and they’re hardly aware of the outside world. Still, like everywhere else they have their share of idiots and we have ours, the bigger piece of land they have means they have to deal with more. The general populace of the USA is overrated.

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    I had no clue where Singapore was untill I was told it wasnt in Korea nor China [than I finally decided to use google earth and wikipedia…] and I was kinda schocked… never heard about a city state of Singapore before rly. It seems like a really cool place, xept for the water problem that you got.
    as for why would I come to Singapore?
    – port visit [USN ships pull in to Singapore so who knows, one day mayby;]]
    – vacation to see all the awsome stuff you show on your blog all the time, Im just amazed how is it possible to fit all this cool places in one city state, Im from NYC [compared to NYC, even Vegas aint that cool;]] so I kinda got an idea how a hudge city feels like but still its different for a city state all the way across the globe…
    – last but not least I was actually thinking about comeing to Singapore after college to check it out as a place to work and live, one of 4 places in the world I think I could live at with no regrets [NYC, Sydney, Singapore and Wroclaw -> my home town in Poland].

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