Sex. Is it overrated?

According to my friend, the answer to the question of “Is sex overrated?” is “Depends on who’s doing it.”

His answer confused me until he explained further. It’s overrated if your partner is bad in bed, underrated if your partner is good.

That’s one way of looking at the question I never considered.

I don’t know if it’s a guy thing, or I’m weird, or he’s weird. When pondering the issue of sex, I think of it more as a culture thing. How people use sex as a currency, how some people can’t get enough of it, how life is really about the pursuit of sex.

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15 thoughts on “Sex. Is it overrated?

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    hey shey…
    me and my gal practises celibacy.. no sex before marriage and we still have a meaningful n loving relationship.. yeah love is not bout ‘sausages n donuts’.. itz more than that..

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    According to a book I’ve just read (“Mortal Coil” by David Haycock – a good book, btw) that cites recent research it appears that sex is our whole purpose in life. Our whole reason for existence is to procreate so that the species will continue.

    Just to make you think…

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    Oh… and I agree with your friend. It depends on who’s doing what to whom… It’s either a difficult, annoying 10 minutes (hopefully short if it’s annoying) or one of the most wonderful things that two people can do together.

    Being in love does help the latter…

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    @Jesta: 10 minutes? If it’s awful, then I think you’re giving the guy too much credit for lasting that long, hehe:)

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    hey shey…
    there tiz guy who wrote in his blog that if a wife or gal is unable to please their man… he have every right to fool around with other woman.. i bet if his mom found out he wrote such crap.. she will take his laptop, turn it sideways and stick it up his stupid ass.. !!!

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    Its something you should enjoy when you do it, if you’re not enjoying it then you shouldn’t do it ;)

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    sex is boring and stupid.
    it takes to long to get started.
    it doesn’t feel as good as everyone thinks.
    its leaves doubts and questions.
    i am an 18 year old male, and i’m here to say, sex sucks.

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