Men are silly

Maybe it’s just the men around me.

I had dinner with my friends last night. There were four males and three females.

Most of the three hours, the guys discussed computer parts. Like, what part is better than what part for upgrading now, what is more value for money, is it worth overclocking your CPU, how to raid your hard disk, etc.

Unbeatable Geek Champion Unker Kell even described his old DIY water bong cooling system, which sounds really radical.

In a retro way.

(This isn’t Unker Kell’s system. I found this picture in this forum thread for illustration. I imagine Kell’s looks even worse than this because it involves a shower head.)

Anyway, it was a super geeky conversation. The girls joined in bits and pieces of it whenever it was relevant to us.

Unker Kell: Wang Wang’s computer exploded on me when I turned it on that night! Did you guys see?

The Goonfather: You guys never clean your computer. You must clean the parts once in a while to prevent it from exploding.

Wang Wang: Huh?

The Goonfather: When I’m free, I’ll dismantle my computer, rinse the dust off all the parts one by one, blow dry, then put back again.

Everyone: WTF?

Sheylara: I never clean my computers and they never explode before.

The Goonfather: That’s because I clean for you.

Sheylara: *thinking* Got meh…

Morte (Wang Wang’s hubby): F***! Don’t spoil market!!

Wang Wang (to Morte): Why you never clean for me!

Kerrendor (Minou’s hubby): I also never clean one! Shit, you spoil my market also.

Minou: *kitten stare*

But mostly, the girls just tuned out of the conversation. There was only so much geek talk we could tolerate in a night. Between that and our sporadic discussions about games and cute nieces, we were mostly silent because the guys were noisy.

After dinner, Unker Kell, the Goonfather and myself went to a 24-hour coffeeshop for dessert. (The rest wanted to go home to rest up for work the next day.)

There, the two guys continued to talk about computers.

I surfed the net a bit on my iPhone, but that was boring.

After a while, I rolled my eyes and interrupted the guys, who were comparing the latest computer hardware prices.

“Why must you guys talk about computers all the time? Why can’t you talk about other stuff, like… er… shopping or makeup or fashion?”

Without missing a beat, the Goonfather said, “Hey, Kell, check out the coffeeshop owner. She’s damn lau chio… always wear full makeup and dress very glam like going wedding dinner.”

22 thoughts on “Men are silly

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    my niece spilled some coke onto my laptop.. she tried to clean hour later.. my laptop goes POP.. fizzle.. crackle.. dead..

    yeah.. the repair is costly.. so i sell it away n bought a new one.. i am not mad at my niece.. she’s the coolest.. she didn’t tell dad i uses his toothbrush to clean my dog’s teeth.. =P

    how’s your CNY?

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    @Sheylara: Hehe, i liked the “kitten stare” bit:) Reminds me of the Nuffnang costume party…

    @Peaches Mode: I’m actually a bit concerned about the danger of electrocution from such “home-made” devices, hehe:) But then again, you gotta have a certain technical skill to build them in the first place, so I suppose its safe:)

  3. Avatar

    starm|st: That’s okay. He entertains me a lot so letting him win makes me happy, too. :P

    Darz Morgan: That’s nice of you not to get mad at your niece. But not nice of you to use her dad’s toothbrush to clean your dog’s teeth. :P

    Relax: Thank you. Happy CNY back to ya. :)

    Peaches Mode: I don’t think he’s using the bong anymore. He’s using something different now, can’t remember what. I’ll ask him if he has photos. Haha.

    RN1209: Haha… Minou’s a cat. Literally.

    Carl: It was, except for the overdose of computer talk! :P

    Jesta: Stop! You’re getting me worried!! :P Joking.

    Ashtar83: Thanks. You have a great year too!

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    Good for the GF! Very quick response there. Heh heh

    At least they weren’t talking about cars. Then I’d have to jump in the conversation. Or worse, how to combine comp AND cars. One is fine but not both!

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