Men are silly — Part 2

I’m at a private swimming pool with the Goonfather and Unker Kell.

They had gone to Sentosa earlier, but had prematurely aborted the mission because there weren’t any bikini babes around (although the Goonfather claims that it’s because the water at the beach isn’t nice enough today).

So they decided to come back to the mainland. They asked me to join them at the pool.

When I arrived, they were sitting at the table, making naughty remarks at the people swimming in the pool.

“Why aren’t you guys swimming?” I demanded. “Ask me to bring extra towel for you for fun ah?”

The Goonfather said, “Too many people in the pool.”

I looked.

I counted about seven people.

I looked back at the Goonfather.

“Those people swimming laps lah. I don’t want to go in and disrupt their training,” he said.

Three swimmers were swimming laps. The rest were just frolicking.

“These people ah,” complained the Goonfather, “Swimming laps and preventing people from having fun in the pool.”

There was silence for a moment.

Then, Unker Kell said, “Yes. People should not go to a pool to swim laps.”

“Yah lah!” said the Goonfather, “They should ban these people from swimming laps in the pool.”

“Yes,” agreed Unker Kell, “A pool shouldn’t be used for swimming laps.”

I decided to ignore them. Turned on my laptop and got to work.

6 thoughts on “Men are silly — Part 2

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    hey sheylara..
    i was at m gal’s place on CNY.. yeah, the swimming pool was busy with kids playing in the pool.. i heard one of the kid shouted, “mommy.. eric pee in the pool..!!’ next thing.. the swimming pool became less crowded.. =P

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    GF worried that he might hurt someone when he do a power bomb into the pool. lol…

    So the three of u ended up sitting there next to a pool, chatting n writing blogs??? :P

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