I’m very stressed now

Tomorrow is the last weekday left before Chinese New Year and I haven’t gone to the bank to change money! Okay, I don’t have many people to give ang pows to, just parents and nieces, but still need new notes wat!!

I haven’t finished buying my CNY clothes. I haven’t done any spring cleaning. In fact, I haven’t cleaned my room in half a year. I’ll bet there are micro-communities living underneath the pile of junk on my desk now.

I still haven’t cleared all my e-mails, which have now reached the 3,000 mark.

I haven’t played GTA4 this whole week cos I’ve been so busy.

I haven’t finished all my work today. I still have a blog to write, messages to reply and Xbox duty in less than an hour’s time.

Tomorrow: Staying home to do GGF.

Saturday: Visiting a Children’s Home (organised by blog reader Darz). Speaking of which, anyone wants to join us to help spread some CNY cheer to 82 underprivileged kids? E-mail me. We need to submit confirmed numbers, like, now.

(Update: The trip has been postponed because it’s a bit too last minute. Many people aren’t free due to CNY, the Home director needs details of visitors in advance, and Darz has medical orders to stay home. Thanks for the interest. Will update you guys on this again!)

Sunday: Writing Star Blog entry. Then reunion dinner. Then our annual temple visit party. Then no sleep for the night. Then it’s CNY!! ARGGGH!

31 thoughts on “I’m very stressed now

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    @Sheylara: I don’t envy your situation, but its good that you’ve already got a to-do list on hand. So take a deep breath, and tackle the tasks one by one:) Wish you all the best!

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    I can only say divide and conquer >_<
    then start doing and clearing
    else ya just wasting precious time

    hahaha clear my room today, sure is a spine breaking experience.

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    …yet you have time to blog about this. ^^|

    Anyway, not all the things you mentioned above are urgently needing attention before CNY. There is no hard rules that notes in the ang bows must be new notes; it’s the thought (and quantity, for some) that counts right?

    Stress is often placed upon oneself over unnecessary expectations.

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    Just finished arranging another corner of my room ~
    “Mountain” clearing is tough with almost every moment of your life is taken up by work and other stuff ~

    ^.^ best of luck in clearing the “mountains” and micro-communities ~

    Side Note: Mobilise GoonFather to help u out ~ or Goonfather is already buried in mountains of his own? heh

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    hey Sheylara…
    dude.. thanks.. I appreciates you wanting to help those kids this Saturday… but I dun want you to get stressed out… since you are already busy with works and other commitments… may I suggest you and the peeps visit these kids on another day instead?

    I also believe the peeps are busy since CNY is around the corner.. so I guess it will be awesome if you and the peeps visit these kids on another day.. when you guys are free.. yeah.. so no worries..

    Shey.. dun stressed yourself… juz take things nice and easy..

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    OMG! I didn’t realize that you were “THAT” busy! You aren’t human! Anyway, enjoy your tasks and advance happy Chinese new year to you (and everyone)!

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    Happy New Year, and really nice to see you continuing to do charity work.
    Good luck unearthing the new civilisations under your junk. I’m currently at war with the people living in my cupboard, but i’ve concluded a peace treaty with the race in my filing cabinet, so the New Year looks promising.

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    i am trying my best not to lose my temper.. at your ‘jokes’ or ‘humour’… itz not funny..

    I hate assh0les like you who ridiculed AT me.. when I try to ask the peeps to help these abused kids from broken homes..

    but you know what, Sheylara is pretty busy with work and other commitments.. I dun want her to get stressed out AGAIN becoz of stupid assh0le like you who are fcuking rude..

    hey Shey.. no worries.. i remember what you told me.. you have an awesome weekend.. dun get stressed out, God bless.. =)

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    hey Shey..
    no worries.. i try my best to ignore stupid assh0les like Relax.. yeah.. I dun want you to get stress out again.. yeah .. please take good care of yourself.. have an awesome weekend.. happy CNY.. may great fortune and good health smiles on you.. =)

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    Haiyah, you guys…

    Relax: Please stop harassing Darz. He’s sincere and genuine about helping kids and we should all support him in that.

    Darz: Please don’t use bad language at my blog because there are kids reading my blog! ;)

    Okay, be nice. No reason to get personal. You guys don’t even know each other. ;)

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    hey shey..
    no worries… i will ignore people like Relax.. i hope you do understands that he is rude.. and there are kids reading your blogs..

    i’m sorry.. for the bad words.. nuff said.. yeah i know you are busy with works n stuffs.. dun let this spoi;l your weekend and CNY.. tc and God bless..

    p/s may you strike Toto.. =)

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    Cannot have!! People like RN should just sit at a corner and sulk why they didn’t learn mandarin in the first place! Ooooo that was evil and below the belt.

    Heard of a christmas song with chinese lyrics? I know i don’t.

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    “Yoi: Still not convinced shey’s above 30?”

    Shit! *Censored* Somebody silent this dude and zap all readers here with the neuralyzer! RN1209! Quick!

    @Sheyalra: And I thought my desk is messy. I dun understand why we do spring cleaning. The only time our house is CNY. Everything will go back to the way they were 3 days after CNY. So why waste the effort, water and electricity? We have to go green.

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    Like last year, did not clean your room for half a Year!!! and you has got same keyboard as me that cost $129.90 But got for $69.90 member Price at challenger.
    If you got it for Full price, you know very pain in the heart!!!

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