I love vulgarities, especially the F word

I don’t find vulgarities offensive. I find them funny and enjoyable.

People use them in daily speech to spice up conversations and to emphasize points. If not used specifically to insult and offend, I actually enjoy listening to conversations liberally laced with F words and whatnot.

I love when my male friends bicker with each other using swear words. I always laugh uncontrollably when they do.

Find out what other vices I have…

35 thoughts on “I love vulgarities, especially the F word

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    should I post some funny videos with F words on comment box for u to enjoy?
    really funny one u know
    one of them is the kopitiam prank joke :P

    there is no objective morality in the world. all r man made (Moral skeptism/nihilism)

    Anyways, I like to go crazy and violent on internet, and I like to hug hug and care care for my net friends. :-)

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    hey shey…
    my biggest flaw is my anger and hatred to ppl who are selfish pretentious pompous shit stirring asswipes… yeah esp those who turn their backs on poor needy abused kids..

    yeah… i’m an angry foul mouthed heavy metal dude..

    i remembered telling off an asswipe.. i told him.. if he’s not happy.. he can go to mamak shop n ask for his lolipop and suck it.. still not happy.. he can go to kachang puteh man and try his nuts instead..

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    I’d like to comment by quoting today’s greatest living comic genius – Ricky Gervais


    “…I’m so sick of all this media talk about whether swearing is big and clever or not in comedy. Don’t dignify the debate. If you don’t like swearing, don’t f***ing swear. If you do, then don’t worry about what any other c**t thinks. It’s just filling poor column inches and feeding controversy. Oh Bollocks, I just added to the debate…”

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    I am thinking you prefer vulgarity in English? Hokkien ? Cantonese?

    Nowadays , young kids use a lot of singlish plus hokkien to curse and swear each other.

    Sometimes i think even they use hokkien to XYZ people, they really did understand the real meaning of that few words they use? Or they just know that few only like CB,LP,CCB, KNN… ETC

    I also dun mind vulgarity … I just don’t like when people send regards to my parents.

    Well, if he/she send regards to my Dad, Hope my dad will pay them a visit tonight . :P hehehehehe

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    I trying to take away the “f” word and other hokkien vulgar word from my speech. I’ve using them since standard 4, maybe I trying not to be a self proclaim ah beng anymore….haha

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    Peaches Mode: :D

    RN1209: Hmm… is it? I don’t really see the connection. :P

    Relax: The kopitiam one, is it the Muthu’s Curry or something like that one? I love that one. It’s so funny.

    3point8: Hmm. I don’t know. I could be lovable at times… and a tyrant at other times if you cross me. Haha. :P

    DamnMorgan: Well, I guess the good thing about you is that you dare to speak your mind. Not many people do. ;) And of course, you care for needy people. That’s very important!

    Carl: Nice. Will check out some of his stuff when I’m free. :) Any particular recommendations?

    yoi: Thanks, but your equation in Star Blog totally went over my head. :P


    zhuzhu8376: I prefer English, particularly the F word cos it can be used in so many ways and I find that damn funny. I don’t really know Cantonese swear words but I find Hokkien swear words quite funny too. I like listening to those ah beng joke audio/video clips where there’s a lot of swearing. Cracks me up all the time!

    Yes I was actually quite shocked when I was acting in a primary school once, and a schoolboy (maybe about 8 years old) started scolding his friend KNNBCBB. Well, the auto-pilot-adult in me was shocked, but then I was secretly amused.

    kennhyn: Haha yeah I know. I had to work very hard to stop swearing after coming back from Australia. :P

    Horizon: Hey, I think many people like swearing too. Haha. :P

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    Ooohhhh Sheylara… u took so much time to watch these lengthy videos for me… I’m so touched… Aaaa.. Aaa…Aaaaa….

    ya Namewee is super controversial, he went on newspaper a few times and our govenment last time tried to hunt him down
    he writes very good song and his video editing is good

    anyways, kopitiam one:


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    lol… *bish* cool the kopitiam one is as funny as the RK house one. But actually I’m wondering if it’s scripted and fake. Cos I can’t imagine the kopi uncle being so free to entertain this guy. I know most kopi uncles will just walk away and just bring him the kopi peng and not answer all his questions.

    But if it’s really fake, then they are darn good voice actors.

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    Well, that is quite common nowadays.. I am a hokkien but just can’t stand it ,when people only know how to speak vulgarity hokkien.
    My friends always said (if you want to learn a language learn the vulgarity first ,it is more easy to pick up).

    Japanese for Crab Pot ( Kani Nabe かになべ 蟹鍋 )<— Sounds familar to you?


    Nice one lol!!!!!!

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    @Sheylara: Your Twitter update now reads “I suddenly realise that I’m hungry – 14 days ago”. And one of your redeeming virtues is that you forgive and forget. An obtuse line of thought, I know, but that just seems funny to me:)

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    Lol. Read it here, http://www.cnn.com/2003/WORLD/europe/01/06/happiness.equation/index.html

    Apparently i was a lil’ outdated; equation was found in 2003… didn’t know time was that fast.

    “After interviewing 1,000 people, the researchers — a psychologist and a self-styled “life coach” — concluded that happiness equals P + 5E + 3H.

    In the equation, P stands for Personal Characteristics (outlook on life, adaptability and resilience); E for Existence (health, friendships and financial stability) and H represents Higher Order (self-esteem, expectations and ambitions).”

    I don’t know how to quantify those PEHs. Maths ftl.

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    Relax: Oh yeah that’s true. haha, I totally missed that. Very sharp, you. :) Then I must say they are very very good. Cos the voice acting is so natural and funny. And I would rather say the F word than aaa aaa aaa :P

    zhuzhu8376: When I was in Japanese class and we first learned the word nabe, everyone in class cracked up. :P

    Jesta: That’s why it’s funny, I think.

    RN1209: lol, okay, that is really quite, um remote, but okay I get ya. :P

    Yoi: Wow, okay, do they have equations for love too? :P

    Carl: Yeah I read about that. Lots of people criticising him for it. Quite a good topic to blog about, but then I’m lazy these days. Haha.

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