GGF#35: It’s fun to wave your arms around and act crazy

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Enough said!


Table of Contents

  1. It’s fun to be a movie guru
  2. It’s fun to be a gaming journalist
  3. It’s fun to be a gamer
  4. It’s fun to scrub animals all day
  5. Results of last week’s contest
  6. Win a mystery prize


It’s fun to be a movie guru

I’m waiting impatiently for the Xbox team to send me my copy of Scene It? Box Office Smash! I totally can’t wait to play it!

Scene It? Box Office Smash

I saw the game in action at a recent Xbox press event, where a few journalists were invited to pit their movie knowledge against one another.

It looks fun! I am embarrassingly bad at trivia games because my memory is horrible (a few times I watched a movie more than halfway through before I remembered that I had already watched it), plus I don’t watch movies often so I am effectively ignorant, but I want to play!

I love the use of the Xbox avatars, which you will see perform lots of cute actions.

Scene It? Box Office Smash

And the fact that the game features mostly new movies, rather than movies made before you were born.

There are also 22 puzzle types which means it won’t get boring so quickly.

Scene It? Box Office Smash

Oh, and big button buzzers that come with the game!

Scene It? Box Office Smash

Here’s a video of the competition!


The game arrived while I was working on GGF! Wootage! Just in time for me to take a photo of the actual box. Sitting atop the epic mess on my desk.

Scene It? Box Office Smash

Aww I feel like crying.

It’s such an emotional journey gamers undertake with their games.

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It’s fun to be a gaming journalist

On Tuesday, the Xbox team hosted a Chinese New Year get-together at Brewerkz, Riverside Point, for gaming journalists.

Xbox 360 press event

There were Lips and Scene It? Box Office Smash friendly tournaments to start off the event. It was pretty trippy. I think everyone had fun, not just because of the free-flow beer, but because all the gaming journos more or less know each other since they always meet at events.

Xbox 360 press event

I didn’t drink any beer because alcohol makes me either sleepy or tipsy, neither of which are recommended states of consciousness in the company of journalists.

Xbox 360 press event

We were also shown previews of Ninja Blade and Halo Wars, the two next hot titles coming out on the Xbox 360, which I will talk about nearer to the dates. But they’re very anticipated titles!

We were also shown the latest gaming mouse: the Microsoft SideWinder X8, which boasts BlueTrack technology and has a play-while-you-charge feature and, well, tons of other things. I don’t want to sound like the back of a blister pack so let’s leave it at that.

Microsoft Sidewinder X8

And we were informed that the fashionable Arc mouse, previously in black and red, now also comes in white!

Microsoft Arc Mouse

(I know it doesn’t look very white in the picture. Bad lighting lah.)

I wonder if pink will be next!

Everyone went home with a Lips t-shirt and an Arc mouse!! How cool is that?

The t-shirt says, “I want you to play with my Lips.” Or something like that. I can’t find my t-shirt now to confirm. It’s either sitting in Makkuro or buried somewhere in one of the junk heaps in my room.

Maybe I’ll give that out as prize next week… if I can find it. =P

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It’s fun to be a gamer

Many gamers have told me that they don’t like Norton because it slows down their computers, among other things. So, I wonder what they will say to this:

Norton AntiVirus 2009 Gaming Edition!

Norton AntiVirus 2009 Gaming Edition

It’s designed to gamer specifications after taking into account endless feedback over the years.

This software, in the words of Symantec, “won’t bother you while you’re in the middle of a game”.

It uses less than 6MB memory, installs in under a minute, adds less than one second to boot time, averages scans in less than 35 seconds and waits till your computer is idle before performing resource intensive actions.

Good dog!

Symantec hosted a Counter-Stike gaming tournament on Wednesday to allow gamers to experience firsthand the NAV GE.


To be more accurate, you don’t experience it because you’re not supposed to feel or see it (unless you specifically want to). We had a few great sessions of lag-free gaming at Cathay E2MAX.


I took Unker Kell and RN1209 with me to the event and we were put in a team to challenge three other guests.


Actually, I wasn’t too bad. I even managed to get in quite a number of kills. But our team still lost. Blah. It’s all my fault!! *cries*

I’ve never played Counter-Strike before but I think it’s fun. Don’t mind playing again.

Our tournament was actually just a farce. The real tournament happened with the real experts. Team Titans (four-time WCG Singapore champions) vs some other team whose name I’ve forgotten. I’m sorry!!


The Titans (in red) won. Congrats to them!

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It’s fun to scrub animals all day

Don’t ask me! I don’t know anything! I deny everything! I plead insanity!

I am now playing…

The Sims 2 Pets

…on the DS, in lieu of bedtime reading.

Yes, it’s my bedtime poking activity. The Goonfather says I’m very noisy.

I haven’t gotten any new DS games in ages so I’m playing old games. =P It’s one of those damn annoying games but you can’t help getting addicted to it. Argh.

The Sims 2 Pets

Basically, you’re a vet. While taking care of your own needs (like all Sims games), you’re healing pets every day.

Pet owners will come to you and say, “My pet is ill,” and you say, “I will fix him up!” and if you do, you earn money. If you don’t, you get stoned.

Sometimes, pet owners will come to you and say, “My pet is ugly.”


The cure for the ugly disease is to buy clothes and accessories and dress the pet up. LOL.

The Sims 2 Pets

Other diseases include flu, worms, dirty and broken limbs.

What a stupid game.

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Results of last week’s contest

This is the winning entry for the limited edition Halo Wars cap!


LOL. Peaches Mode is in agreement with me.

Congratulations SpiritAngelo! Your dedication to the cause has touched me!

Halo Wars cap


I actually have two of these caps. One is supposed to be mine to keep, but I’ve decided to award another winner because this other entry is so insane it made me laugh.


Like… seriously… *speechless*

Congratulations Leo! Your insanity has moved me!

If the both of you would kindly contact me, I will send you the secret map to the location of your treasure.

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Win a mystery prize

I can’t decide what to give out this week and I’m bored of taking boring product photos every week. So this week’s prize will be a mystery. Haha.

The contest will be super easy.

Be the first person to correctly tell me what game the screenshot at the top of today’s GGF is of!

(To make it not too easy, you have to give the exact full name, as it is written on the game box, or wherever, to qualify.)

Er… no closing date. The contest will remain until someone gets the prize.

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In case you’re wondering about today’s title, it’s just random and has no significance to anything.

I’m just sleepy today (not enough sleep last night). When I’m sleepy and tired, I tend to be less conscientious about making sense.

Who cares about titles, anyway?

Happy Chinese New Year!

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36 thoughts on “GGF#35: It’s fun to wave your arms around and act crazy

  1. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Yay! GGF made it, in spite of the coup currently being planned by the micro-communities:) Very entertaining, as always! Hmm, now that you brought it up, I can’t remember the 2nd pro team’s name either! Could it be XQR or some such?

  2. Avatar

    No! It’s Final Fantasy Tactics Advance!!!

    Congrats SpiritAngelo! I knew you’d win!

    RN, I see you!

    Thanks for GGF!

  3. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Ya know, it looks suspiciously like “My Summer Vacation 3”, but what the heck do I know?:)

    @Peaches Mode: Hehe, good tries, but somehow, I don’t think those are the titles:)

  4. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Yep u got the Scene It! game, but I also notice your desk is still messy.

    Anyway, anything with the word Norton on it is a no-no for me. Regardless of what they claim, if it’s from Norton, i’ll pass. Furthermore, they are better, less resource hungry n most important, FREE security software out there.

  5. Avatar

    Yeah, I like mystery prize. But I dono the name of the game… not one that I remembered playing… hahaha… But from the graphics… must be a Wii or NDS game…


  6. Avatar

    I don’t love you,i idolize you,but that doesn’t mean posting in every single post you make you know,but LOVE as in,he wants to be your bf material,he keep making sweet comments,never fails to have a smiley face,like he’s your best friend,with your caliber of looks,it is quite impossible a guy wouldnt fall for you if you were their best friend

  7. Avatar

    What? ~ RN1209 is a very NICE guy.. he’s married with 2 beautiful kids.. yeah.. i always believe Sheylara is good in judging people.. lah..

    besides.. I drew a caricature of Sheylara while i’m in hospital.. and i even made a ‘sheylara’ tee for her.. becoz I respect her as a FRIEND.. i doubt RN1209 will poison Sheylara’s mind with unpleasent thoughts..

    what i like best of RN1209.. he told Sheylara about my works with the children homes… yeah..

    RN1209 is a very ‘nice’ guy..

  8. Avatar


    i did said RN is married with 2 kids.. right? yeah RN is a NICE guy.. he wouldnt cheat on his family.. yeah i doubt Shey will go for guys who betray on his love ones..

    sides.. she already have the GoonFather.. funny awesome guy.. so dun worry..

  9. Avatar

    hi Sheylara..

    if you are still interested in helping the kids at children home..

    1) get the names of the peeps..
    2) details of what you n the peeps planning to do with the kids.. lunch, dinner, RB demo or etc
    3) the day n time of visits..

    and then submit to the children home.. for approval n screening.. and schedule the visits n preps..

    unfortunately.. due to my aneurysm.. i can no longer teach music n art lessons to the kids in church,, but i will do my best in helping the kids in children homes..

    oh yeah.. Happy CNY to you n love ones, peaches n yoi..

    Anubis bless Relax too..

  10. Avatar

    Health comes first bro, take care and I hope you get better. Despite your best intentions, there’s nothing you can do if you’re bedridden, no?

    Bless you too DM, Happy CNY.

  11. Avatar

    The game is ‘Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift’ :x.
    Played it a few months ago :D.

    Anyway, can’t wait to see the Halo Wars article, am just hyped for that game ~

  12. Avatar

    @tiger4: Yeah, bro… I was wondering about modchip too:) But I did see a few short notes from him elsewhere, during Christmas and New Year:)

  13. Avatar

    what i’m trying to say is,you don’t have to post every day,i don’t think if your friends have blogs,you would be so free to post EVERY DAY,besides,i saw RN1209’s psot about the Audition thingy,”If i ever fall into that catergories of conversations with you before,i apologize,”Dammit,you don’t have to respect the heck out of sheylara,until you even try not to make a single mistake,to sheylara,EVEN as a friend!If likethat you do that to all your friends,stop trying to be a perfectionist.You don’t have to like,not make a mistake once!You all where got so much free time to just keep commenting?You mean other people’s blogs are not as interesting as this one?There’s abig difference in what you do as a friend ok,i have a best friend,but i don’t comment his blog pratically EVERY DAY,so it seems to me you spend this amazing dedication on sheylara alone

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    Dude. Take a chill pill. Sit back. Relax. Have a cookie.

    Some people like to comment. Some others prefer to observe. Whatever he does is at his own time.

  15. Avatar

    @ Peaches Mode:
    Thanks for the support ! Depending on when/how I am gettin the cap, I will definitely be feeling “cooler” up top soon.
    Friends are telling me don’t bother or even if Sheylara tells me don’t bother, I am going ahead with it. Said it, gonna do it.
    But of course, I won’t look as good as Goonfather ( His “style” rivals Jordan’s “. ^.^

    ^.^ RN1209 has alot of freetime? I know I would be spamming some forums if I had the time and interest too. We get your point ~ everyone is entitled to their opinions ~ juz a matter of who is voicing theirs out.

    Can I have a cookie too? :P

    I wun use the word “love” ~ neither “idolize”
    But I gotta say I am definitely a fan of yours ~ and I think Goonfather too ~ his Endwar & LIPs video made me “respect” him !!

  16. Avatar

    @SpiritAngelo: Yeah, congrats on the win, bro! Welcome to the club:)

    @Angie: I volunteer to provide the milk to go along with SpiritAngelo’s cookie, hehe:)

  17. Avatar

    @SpiritAngelo & RN1209

    Onz. I suggest someone get their Xbox and SceneIt too. I think milk and cookies go well with that.

  18. Avatar

    @SpiritAngelo: Aiyah, pai seh, bro… so sorry, i had no idea! Here’s some Lactaid (pre-hydrolysed milk) instead:) By the way, hope you’ve had a great CNY so far!

    @Angie: I’ve got the X360, but not Scene It. Would snacks go well with Gear of War 2?:)

  19. Avatar

    SpiritAngelo:gratz….sry for late congrats…busy with plenty of things
    everyone:dude and dudesses… it a war going on???online war??lols realx people

  20. Avatar

    On the contrary tiger4, I’m much in love with my beautiful wifey, I was and forever will be. Awwwww… ^_^

    Thanks for missing me! ^_^

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