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While surfing around randomly, I stumbled upon this old article listing 15 senseless video game quotes.

Game quote

They’re funny, even if many are nothing more than dodgy Japanese English which we’ve all come to love.

Game quote

Anyway, “your fists of evil are about to meet my steel wall of niceness” so make sure you read everything in GGF and don’t just skip to the contest!


Table of Contents

  1. Upcoming games in the next two weeks
  2. Game-themed red packets for CNY
  3. Xbox console for $339
  4. I’m a speed demon
  5. Results of last week’s contest
  6. Win a limited edition Halo Wars cap!!


Upcoming games in the next two weeks

I was going do a quarterly list. Then I realised I had a list as long as an airport runway, even after striking out the weird titles, so I decided to do a monthly, instead. In any case, looking forward to games too far in advance is bad for your health, so this is for your own good.

In order of release dates (North American):

– ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ –

The Lord of the Rings: Conquest
PC, PS3, Xbox 360, DS
By Pandemic Studios and Electronic Arts
Release Date: January 13

The Lord of the Rings: Conquest

Checking out the official site for the game makes me feel like… watching the movies. lol. When you first load the site, it screams at you:

Middle Earth stands on the brink of destruction
You will unite to save it or destroy it
Each race is bound to this one fate
Choose your allegiance

Then you choose Good or Evil and the rousing LOTR theme song booms at you. (If you choose evil, you get some eerie music, instead.)

Funny, I don’t feel like playing the game as much as I feel like watching the trilogy again.

But it does look promising, especially the multiplayer co-op (4 players) and versus (16 players) modes. You can even play 4-way split screen on the Xbox 360’s version. A tad squeezy, I expect, but should be fun.

– ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ –

Imagine Fashion Party
Wii, DS, PC
By UbiSoft
Release Date: January 20 (Wii) (Already out for DS and PC)

Imagine Fashion Party

Woo, I can just see all you blokes rushing out to get this one. Check out the game description:

Players can star in a TV show and compete in a series of challenges to show the world that you are the best fashion designer! Use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk as scissors, hair brushes, makeup applicator or other styling and design tools.

Imagine Fashion Party

Doesn’t it get you all pumped up and ready for action?

– ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ –

Star Ocean: Second Evolution
By TOSE and Square Enix
Release Date: January 20

Star Ocean Second Evolution

This isn’t a new game, per se. It’s a remake of a 10-year-old game (Star Ocean: The Second Story for the PS1). I think it would be nice because it’s an old-school RPG with a modern skin. Wait, does 10 years old count as old-school? I don’t know, what the heck?

– ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ –

Skate 2
PS3, Xbox 360
By Electronic Arts
Release Date: January 21

I’m not a huge fan of skating games. Scratch that, I’m not even anywhere near being a fan. But this seems like a good title for suicidal freaks. I mean, just watch this video.

(But don’t watch it if you’re an impressionable kid. I hold no responsibility for your delusions of immortality.)

– ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ –

Afro Samurai
PS3, Xbox 360
By Namco Bandai
Release Date: January 27

Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai started off as a Japanese manga series, then later became an anime starring Samuel L Jackson’s voice. Now, it’s a video game, still starring Mr Jackson, who will entertain you with badass commentary while you throw punches.

Afro Samurai

The music is an invigorating hip-hop-kungfu-tribal fusion. I likee.

Afro Samurai

There you go. I’ll do a February list in February if I feel like it.

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Game-themed red packets for CNY

IAHGames has released a set of Granado Espada red packets for this Chinese New Year, except that only one out of the six designs is actually red.

But it’s still a good thing. After all, red packets are mostly given to kids, so why shouldn’t there be more kid-appealing game-themed, uh, multi-coloured packets produced?

Granado Espada red packets

You get these free with every purchase of GE 70K Gpoint game value cards, or you can buy a set for $2. Available at IAHGames iCafe at Funan DigitaLife Mall. (Game cards also available at authorised retailers.)

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Xbox console for $339

If you’re in the market for a console, the Xbox Arcade is the best value console you can get right now.

For $339, you get an Xbox 360 Arcade console (256MB memory with HDMI output) and a free Platinum Hits game, Gears of War!

Xbox 360 Arcade promotion

Make sure there’s a redemption sticker on your console box. You need that to redeem your free game at this website.

This promotion lasts till March 31, 2009, but don’t wait too long because the free game is while stocks last!!

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I’m a speed demon

Still playing Grand Theft Auto IV. I found a quiet rich neighbourhood which has a good selection of Ferraris and Porsches. The owners just leave them in open driveways, unlocked, so I just jump into them and drive away.

The best thing is… the cars respawn!! After I crash and burn one, I just go back there and grab another. Hur hur. It’s like free-flow fast cars. The downside is that the neighbourhood is in an extreme corner of the map so it’s pretty far to get to.

I recently received a street racing mission, where you have to come first out of six racers. I failed twice because, in my excitement, I kept driving into pillars and mailboxes. So I threw the controller to the Goonfather and said, “Eh, play for me.”

He took the lead within 10 seconds of the race and just leisurely cruised all the way to the finish line. FREAKING SICK!!

Anyway, he helped me win this baby.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV

Not that you really need to win a car since you can steal any car you fancy as long as you can find it but, still, owning one legitimately feels nice.

The next day, I gave that street racing thing another go and realised that it’s actually chicken feed. I’d just let my excitement get the better of me the first time.

This is what happens when you drive too fast and you get too excited.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Thank goodness for Pay N Spray. Brand new car in a brand new colour in seconds!

Grand Theft Auto IV

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Results of last week’s contest

And the survivor of the pot of boiling sludge is… JaS!!

JaS wins this from last week’s contest!



Please get in touch with me about collecting your prize, JaS. Thanks! :)

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Win a limited edition Halo Wars cap!!

Halo Wars will be coming to us only on February 26, so why not show off your leetness by wearing this cap first?

Halo Wars cap

Halo Wars cap

This is a super exclusive cap because it has been worn by Sheylara for the purpose of taking the above photo! No, seriously, it IS a limited edition cap, so grab it grab it grab it!!

To win it, just tell me why want it. The most convincingly needy person will get it.

Closing date is January 22, 2009.

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I love doing GGF. It gives me a legitimate reason to dream about games all day.

It gives me a legitimate reason to play games, in fact. People complain, “You always say you’re too busy for this and that but then I realise you’re always playing games.”

But I have to play games. I’m Gamer Girl Friday.

[Gamer Girl Friday]

42 thoughts on “GGF#34: A WINNER IS YOU

  1. Avatar

    Wow, you do have a long way to go in GTA IV :)

    If you think the Comet or Turismo is fast, wait till you see the Infernus, it’s one hell of a car!

    And, please enter me into the Halo Wars cap contest! My friend’s birthday might already be over, but it could be a good overdue birthday present, since he’s a Halo fan :D

  2. Avatar

    Woooo! Star Ocean! Back in the PS1 version, I’m stuck in the final battle — I’ve grinded for hours til I reach lv102 (iirc) – but still didn’t make it, until I got fed up. But, the story is good. There’s also a cooking side quest to this game. And the oldschool version claimed to have 80 endings. I assume all the goodies from the PS1 will be carried over! Cool!

    Congrats to JaS! Enjoy your “mouse”!

  3. Avatar

    And I think it would also be worthwhile to mention that part 1 of Star Ocean was already released last year (haven’t tried it though). I think this is the only time that the game was localized, if I’m not mistaken.

  4. Avatar

    Sorry for the flood…

    “Your fists of evil are about to meet my steel wall of niceness.”

    Bwahahahaha! /wrist

  5. Avatar

    Took 30s out of my crazy work to take a quick read of this issue of GGF. There is always time to read your post no matter how busy I can be *BING BING, SCORE POINTS* :p

    Can you ask GF to play that GTA IV racing mission for me too? :P

    Ok back to work :'(

  6. Avatar

    I need the cap because..
    I went to the beach recently, and since because I haven’t gone to the beach in ages, I went without a cap nor sunglasses.

    Sun shining in my eyes, sweat dripping into my eyes =/= not fun. =(
    And shades are too expensive for someone like me who needs it once in a blue moon.

    So it’ll be really cool if I had a cap that looks special, and has been worn by a celebrity before! =)

  7. Avatar

    hey shey…

    have you watched Rage Against The Machine ‘Killing in the Name’ video.. the guitarist wears a cap.. and he looks awesome…

    all caps look cool… except French Caps.. they are meant for Dick Heads,,,

    Yeah.. another awesome GGF article.. you rawks!!

  8. Avatar

    i need the cap because…

    you wore it before ;X
    im a big fan of sheylara lalalala~

    *stalker much*

    =P i need it because my sports day is coming? haha

  9. Avatar

    Any post on stupid game dialogue that doesn’t include “All your base are belong to us” has missed one of the great game related internet cliches…

  10. Avatar

    Why was my comment deleted?I want the Halo Wars cap because i’m a fan in halo,may not be the most loyal,but defiantely the most faithful,and i LOVEEE WARRRRR Halo+Wars=Halo Wars!

  11. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Hehe, you got the same cap that Merdeka did:) Another GGF, another entertaining read. Wonderful post!:) I look forward to hearing more of your (mis)adventures in GTAIV. I haven’t yet gotten it, but I remember the PS2 games I played (GTA3, Vice City & San Andreas) fondly…:)

  12. Avatar

    @Peaches Mode: What a coincidence, we were just talking about /er flicks in the earlier post, and now Yoi comes along with more /-ideology, hehe:)

  13. Avatar

    I am really interested in Afro Samurai ~
    but I still have not completed Prince Of Persia and GoW2 ~
    Still hooked onto LIPS & GHWT.

    And here is my entry for the Halo Wars cap ~
    I will need it because if I win it, I will shave my head GI-style to prepare for the Halo Wars ! That’s how badly I will need it.
    Note: Current hair length is relatively long already ~ was intending to leave it long enough for a jap style ponytail (60% there), but for the Halo Wars Cap, I will shave it all off !!!

    @ Sheylara: Find me on XBL vidchat if u wanna check how long my hair is currently to see if my “sacrifice” is worth it. If I win, I will shave it b4 I come and meet ya.

  14. Avatar

    i want the cap coz i need to to boost my ego and basically show off how COOOOOL the cap actually is. GETTING A LIMITED EDITION CAP AND WORN BY SHEYLARA IS LIKE BEING ON A DATE WITH ANGELINA JOLIE(not sure if Brad Pitt will like that though)

  15. Avatar

    @Leo: haha nice 1….
    @Sheylara: Well, i nid the cap because caps are an accessory that could greatly increase my handsomenessssss…lolx..(not sure about the handsome part though)

  16. Avatar

    I want the cap because I’m a pretty hardcore RTS player and most of all, it’s Halo Wars. A new kind of RTS game man! :)

  17. Avatar

    I want the cap so that I can conceal my clean-shaven army hairstyle… Or at least, that would be the case if it was 375 days ago. I’m told that I’m not very convincing tons of time but here’s trying: I want the cap because I’m a crazy collector; if I like something I’ll collect everything about it, from posters to magazines to not-so-limited-Limited Edition games (the cap though, is limited ;P). And unfortunately for me (more so my wallet), games aren’t my only interest. :X So! This cap will be a great addition to my collection. :D

  18. Avatar

    Gaah I want the cap.


    a. I need to hide my hair from the general public (it’s ALMOST like that afro samurai.well actually not that bad but still messy XDD)

    b.It’s HALO [s]wars.[/s] Who doesn’t like HALO?

    c. It’s [s]halo[/s] WARS. Who wouldn’t want a squad of Spartans/Master Chiefs/cute adorable,funny lil Grunts?

  19. Avatar

    I need the cap, because…

    it would be the first cap I wished to have it being wear often.

    it would be the first cap I wished to proudly say I got it from Sheylara.

    And lastly because its HALO!

  20. Avatar

    Alright! Another fruit!

    I remember reading somewhere the line”… done with the army…”, I just forgot where…

  21. Avatar

    I want the Halo cap so that it can shield my eyes from the glaring (total of 120 watts at least) of light coming from my celling light so that I don’t suck so much at my games due to glare. Really need it soon ok?

    Oh and don’t ask me to turn off the lights ok? Cause playing in a dark room not good for the eyes.

    Oh and yeah, I like the cap design too (show off I play halo wars) and can wear out to protect me from being scorned by society due to having bad hair every other day. At least with the cap I’ll look cooler.

    Peace :)

  22. Avatar

    I don’t want the cap but need it because my razer piranha headset have a ridiculous spongy pad on the top that absorbs the oil and sweat excreted from my head through intense gaming. Having the cap keeps the headset clean and smelling fresh.

    Please please don’t tell me I’m too late for this. :(

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