GGF#33: Playing old games

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The new year is for playing old games!

So far, I have been making good on my new year’s resolution (aka spend more time gaming) by digging out all my old games to play. This week, I’ve played Grand Theft Auto IV, Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm and Penny Arcade Adventures Episode Two.


Peculiar choices, I know. I just wanted to start off with the more frivolous titles, the ones you can have fun with for 30 minutes or an hour, and then walk away without having to sacrifice a piece of your heart.

It didn’t really work. I still ended up spending way more time on each title than I’d scheduled for. I think I have been game-deprived for too long.

I don’t dare touch my RPGs now.


Table of Contents

  1. Penny Arcade Freaking Long Title
  2. Grey’s Anatomy: The Video Game
  3. Hope for Singapore game developers
  4. Don’t forget this weekend
  5. Get featured on Gamer Girl Friday!
  6. Win a silver USB optical mouse!!


Penny Arcade Freaking Long Title

The full, unabridged title of this game is Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode [ ].

I started off with Episode Two because the Xbox Team just happened to have a spare download code lying around. I never played Episode One (which is recommended because the story is a continuation and wouldn’t make sense if you jumped in midway.)

Penny Arcade Adventures

I’m not going into a full review because it’s an old game (in gamespeak, yesterday is old), but I just want to say that I enjoyed it immensely, even though I jumped in midway. I enjoyed it so much that I played it 1.5 times.

I completed the game within two days (could have been one day if I had started early in the day). And then the next day I played through half of it again just to get the last Xbox LIVE achievement. Yep, I managed to max out achievements for a game for the first time! (Well, it’s only 200 points.)

The Goonfather was very puzzled by my apparent addiction.

“Why are you playing this stupid game?” he asked.

He had tried it last year and didn’t like it.

The next day…

“Why are you still playing this stupid game??”

He thought the game’s boring because it kept making him read comics.

Penny Arcade Adventures

Well, Penny Arcade is a comic, duh.

The humour is quite wicked (although it’s not funny all the time) and the illustrations top-notch. I wouldn’t recommend it for kids, though, because of the liberal use of a certain popular French word.

The game has puzzle, adventure and RPG elements in it, so I found it very entertaining.

Penny Arcade Adventures

I guess you need to have a perverse sense of humour and an appreciation for irreverence to enjoy this game. I’m thinking of getting Episode One now.

Penny Arcade Adventures can be played on PC or Xbox LIVE (as an Arcade download).

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Grey’s Anatomy: The Video Game

Yoi requested that I feature more PC content for GGF. So, how about Grey’s Anatomy? lololol.


Apparently, you can play your favourite doctor from the hit TV series, enjoy romances with the other doctors, and perform surgeries. What more could we ask for in a game?


No, seriously. I have faith in Ubisoft.

The game will be coming out for the PC, Wii and DS. I might give the DS version a try. I like frivolous games because I don’t have time to play any other kind. ETA is March this year.

The response from the gaming community isn’t too promising, though. Some random responses from various gaming websites:

omg…. why

J Wayne

Dont Panic
I am at a loss for words, just…. really!?!

Will the game let my player character sleep with attending doctors to charge up my SurgeryMeter?

aw, heck. I was hoping for a _House, M.D._ game, in which you randomly guess one of twenty diseases, four times, and then the patient gets better. Or dies. Randomly.

can someone repeat after me:


Gary “ElfShotTheFood” McLean
Not even a Katherine Heigl nude patch could save this.

count me out.

Cajun Chicken
They’re concentrating on THIS instead of a Heroes game? What the HECK is wrong with Ubisofts choices of licenced IPs?

And the conflicting responses from fans of the show:

Svlad Cjelli
Well, my girlfriend is certainly excited about this. I came home tonight and told her about this, during the commercial break for Grey’s Anatomy.

My wife is a huge fan of this show, and owns a ds. I told her about about it jokingly and she replied, “Oh christ, that will be bad”.

Even people who dont know anything about video games & love the source material know this wont be good…

Reading comments can be really entertaining.

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Hope for Singapore game developers

Last year, a bunch of Singaporeans won the grand prize in a global Microsoft game development competition, picking up US$40,000 in cash prize and lots of recognition. (I wrote about it here.)

Sheylara with Team Gambit

This year, the same team has been selected as a finalist in the 11th Annual Independent Games Festival for the Seumas McNally Grand Prize award. If they pick up this award, it’s another US$20,000 in cash prize and even more recognition and exposure!

Team Gambit’s success has prompted MDA to set aside S$50,000 grant packages for aspiring game developers in Singapore. Application is still open, so don’t forget to check it out!

I wish Team Gambit all the best for the IGF award!

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Don’t forget this weekend

Remember to drop by Xbox Xperience Zones (Best Denki VivoCity or Challenger Funan) this weekend to enjoy the launch of some of the most fun party games, ever!

There will be Lips and Scene It? Box Office Smash competitions going on throughout the day (11am till 5pm) so either come as a spectator or take part yourself!! Yes, you can just walk in and sign up to take part if there are slots left. (Each mini competition lasts about 15 minutes.)

Participants will receive this cool freebie!


It’s a microphone lollipop! Heh.

Also, you can get $20 Kbox vouchers with any purchase of Lips, Scene It? Box Office Smash or You’re in the Movies. It’s while stocks last so don’t wait already! I promise you the games are fun!! =)

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Get featured on Gamer Girl Friday!

I am going to take reader contributions for GGF now because you guys make me laugh in the comments. I’m giving you the chance to make other readers (who don’t read comments) laugh!

Okay, your contribution doesn’t have to be funny. I’m just saying.

If you send me something and I find it suitable for publication, I will feature it here with a credit to you and a link to your website, if you have one.

Some examples of what you can send me:

  • Screenshots with a caption or description.
  • Anecdotes (interesting real-life stories).
  • Reviews of new games (not too long).
  • Drawings you did.
  • Videos you made (send me a link, not a video file).
  • Links to interesting gaming news or stories.
  • Photos of gaming events you attended with descriptions.
  • Money.

These are just examples. You can send me anything you like as long as its not porn or a death threat. It must be game-related, okay, since this is a gaming column, duh.

Please e-mail all contributions to E-mail and mark it “GGF Contribution”. Include your name exactly as you would like to be credited, and your URL (if any).

Just note that only suitable material will be published. And I reserve the right to define the term “suitable”. I also reserve the right to edit your entry for better, easier reading.

General rule of thumb: It should be entertaining or at least informative. If not, there’s no point, is there?

Thank you. I look forward to seeing if anyone will send me any money.

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Win a silver USB optical mouse!!

From a previous contest, I realised that there are many people needing mice and, lucky you, I just happen to have another to give away!


It’s not a mini this time. It’s kind of halfway between mini and regular sized. (About 2″ x 3.5″)

The packaging says it’s white but it looks silver to me so, I dunno.

To win this, tell me what you like most about GGF by posting in the comments here.

Closing date is January 15, 2009, 11:59 pm.

All entries will be thrown into a pot and boiled into sludge.

The one that survivies will get the mouse.


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By the way, I really suck at game driving. I failed an early GTA IV mission 11 times!!

The mission is a long one. First, I had to beat up some thugs, then I had to perform a violent car chase (violent because I kept bumping into lamp posts, mailboxes, people and other cars). Then I had to beat up a thug leader.

Grand Theft Auto IV

The beating up isn’t a problem; it’s just button mashing. But the driving really kills me, especially like when the thug car suddenly turns 90 degrees into an invisible narrow alley at breakneck speed.

It doesn’t help that the game camera keeps shifting perspective when your car spins. It changes perspective without warning, and left will become right and right will become left and it freaking keeps changing!!! Factor in having to deal with reverse directions and it’s one heck of a confusing toggle.

Compound to all that the fact that you’re chasing a car, meaning speed is imperative, and that the game keeps trying to foil you by throwing obstacles in your way, such as hugeass trucks that materialise in front of you out of nowhere, it’s just insane.

Grand Theft Auto IV

I set my car on fire more times than I can count.

It’s frustrating, although I have to admit that watching your car defy all laws of physics and nature is pretty cool.

I finally passed the mission on the 12th try, so don’t say I’m hopeless. If nothing else, I have patience and perserverance. lol.

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46 thoughts on “GGF#33: Playing old games

  1. Avatar

    hey Shey,,
    Wish you an awesome weekend… may a deranged smelly homicidal chihuahua jumps n humps on the face of anyone who try to spoil your day.. =)

  2. Avatar

    Yoi: Heheh, too bad I can’t share that video here. It’s too… um… “violent”. lol.

    zhuzhu: Eh? What do you mean?

    DamnMorgan: Thank you. I love your well wishes!

    Relax: Well, it depends. But we can accept most gaming violence, I suppose. Haha. Like I haven’t shown violent screenshots in GGF before. :P

  3. Avatar

    Here, mouse. Here mouse. Come here

    GGF Contributions.


    Happy Now? LOL. Will send you other gaming related stuff when I have them. :P

  4. Avatar

    I have been wondering about the Penny Arcade game. I love the comic, so I might give it a go, now that GGF has given her stamp of approval.

  5. Avatar

    hey shey..
    about the drums lessons… you are most welcome to join in with the kids.. and have dinner with them.. i bet they love to hear about gamings n blogings.. oh.. you should see them play Metallica’s Frantic… freakingly awesome..

    i do love to read GGF… it gives me more insights and latest infos.. and verdicts of the latest n most talk about games.. I only have PS2.. i play with my nephews n neices.. we play Grand Turismo.. Street Fighters.. X-men… SmackDown vs Raw.. and RPGs..

    hey shey.. wish you an awesome weekend.. pls stay healthy n have good rest though you be pretty busy with works n stuffss.. God bless..

  6. Avatar

    GGF, well first thing it’s written by a lady. That’s very fresh since even though the female gaming population is increasing, we don’t see many regular updated blogs like this that are as informative, entertaining and as professional as this.

    It’s simple to understand, you don’t have to be a hardcore gaming addict to know what you’re talking about. Great spread of games, you don’t just focus on one genre, platform or company (however much you may love your xbox ^^).

    But what i like most was the Sheylara the barbarian series, I was wondering if you ever gave AoC a shot since it’s my favourite mmo and voila! 6 fantastic adventures with cutting edge wit and cliffhangers to boot. Wish you continued playing conan, it’s become a fantastic game now, imagine the stories you could have made up if you’d explored the game a little more!

    Night now ¬¬ zzZZZZZZZzzzz

  7. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Hmm… this issue was uploaded at 11PM yesterday… weren’t you busy killing zombies at the time?:) Anyway, interesting new feature on GGF! I definitely look forward to seeing contributions as well as sending some if I happen to have any… but its gonna be hard to top what you’ve been offering all this while, hehe:)
    As for PA: Episode 1, I played it on the PC before. I quite enjoyed the combat mechanics as well as the humour. I’m not sure how Episode 2 starts out, but Episode 1 had you kill a “god”, while you track a huge robot through New Arcadia…

  8. Avatar

    If that first mission really was so hard for you, “The Snow Storm” will be even worse. Just saying. You have to plan before that mission. Even after my third playthrough I still need to re-do that mission twice…

    100% is even worse, I’ve completed it twice, but you really need a guide if you want to finish it easy and fast.

  9. Avatar

    Why I like GGF?

    Girl + Game = Win.

    Seriously tho, why grey’s anatomy? :(


    I kinda like the conception for House’s game. Guess the disease, etc etc, or see how players attempt at humour…

    /derail: Um… but that video is epic.

  10. Avatar

    GTA IV Pc has some camera issues on some computers so it might be that you dont really suck at video games driveing ;] id suggest trying to play Race Driver: Grid, thac best driveing game that came out last year on all platforms. and the contribution part of ggf is an awsome idea, if ill manage to find time ill try to send some stuff myself [my ships goin to africa for 5 monts so it might be hard but Ill try ;]].

  11. Avatar

    I like the style of your reviews. Not too serious and more of like a personal experience. Something different from other game reviews.

    And since I’m taking part in your giveaway, means that your contests are a nice feature too. Makes it exciting through the long week wait. LOL

  12. Avatar

    I love GGF coz its pretty easy to understand and professional at the same time!

    And most of all, I love the contests heeheehee!

  13. Avatar

    I enjoy reading about GGF because it is written from the point of a gamer, especially when you’re a girl it makes it more worthwhile to read (: Seriously, good coverage of the gaming stuffs in our sunny island, and very interactive because you always make a point to count in the views and comments of your reader (:

  14. Avatar

    I like GGF because it give me an update of what is happening in the gaming world and I also like contests. :- )

    My old laser mouse casing is melting even I seldom used it.
    Get the wrong mouse : – (

    This mouse look nice to handle.
    Just in time to get a new mouse. I will take good care of the mouse with yummy Cheese.

    ^ o ^

  15. Avatar

    Love Gamer Girl Friday for the blog contest and content. Not only am I updated of the games through review, I can also win prizes through contests. Not only that, some of the personal posts are interesting too.

    Thumbs up for GGF~ ^^V

  16. Avatar

    i like the pictures in GGF!!

    coz i can see how “good” or bad sheylara is in the game

    ooo wait!!

    the contest and free gifts too!! haha

  17. Avatar

    tiger4: Haha… currency symbols aren’t exactly money. :P

    Jesta: Well, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I do have unusual tastes and am very easily amused, so sometimes my reviews can’t really be trusted in the general sense. lol.

    DamnMorgan: Hey, thanks for the invite. I would love to see one of your classes in action someday. :)

    Zhongjie Dong: I actually miss my barbarian series too. It was fun writing it! But I don’t really have any incentive to go back to AoC anymore cos I heard many of my friends say it’s a failure. :P

    Peaches Mode: I hope it does. I love Trauma Center too!

    RN1209: Actually, I had finished writing GGF in the afternoon but didn’t want to upload it too early cos I’m supposed to have advertorials occupy top spot for as long as possible, and wanted to go for at least 24 hours. :P

    So, yes, I published GGF while killing zombies. It was just a matter of reaching over to my keyboard and clicking a button. :P

    For PA Episode 2, you continue tracking the huge robot. :P So are you thinking of playing Ep 2? Maybe you can download the Xbox one… earn some easy 200 points. :P

    -=}{oT~dEv1L 666=-: I’m getting better at driving in GTAIV after loads of practice! I LOVE driving in there. It’s such an adrenaline rush being able to speed like a maniac and not have to worry about consequences, heh! :P It’s a great game and I’m glad I have a bit of time to get started on it now.

    vcvc: That’s nice to know! :)

    yoi: Haha. I always try to meet requests if I’m able to. :P But what video are you talking about?

    Jerry: lol.

    Devorlast: I’m playing GTAIV on the Xbox 360 so I don’t think it’s camera issues. I just plain sucked. Haha. But I’m getting used to the stupid camera swivelling around when I don’t want it to. Just need to adapt to it and practice lots! And, wow, all the best in Africa! :)

    Fukalite: It’s always nice to know that there are people who appreciate my informal, frivolous reviews. :P

    Ling: Thanks! :)

    Ry: Hmm, you’re the second person complaining about pictures not loading on my site. That’s weird. I really have no idea. The other person is also on StarHub I don’t want to pin the blame on StarHub until more StarHub users report the same problem!

    Smudger: Thanks for your comment! :)

    Mark: Haha… I don’t know what will happen if you feed this mouse cheese. :P

    JaS: Coool, thanks!

    bluedolphin: Haha.

    nigel: Er… most of the time I appear bad in the game cos I always take screenshots and videos of me playing it for the first time. :(

  18. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Actually, I’m getting Episode 2 on PC, coz I read that you can actually carry over your Episode 1 character and obtain some bonuses:) The only catch is, I need my PC up and running again…

  19. Avatar

    what i really love in GGF is the game reviews (videos most especially) and game updates… this is very informative…
    more power… all the best…

  20. Avatar

    RN1209: Oh yeah I suppose it makes sense to carry over your character. In Episode 2, you start from level 13 if you’re playing fresh.

    aig: Thank you! ;)

  21. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Talking about GTA, just got my prize from you. Once again, thanks for the gift and the note. ;)

    Actually, it came just at the right time as I just completed Crysis *blush* I will probably stuck in the same mission as you did since my gaming driving skills sucks (why har? My real life skill is very good leh. Does GF conduct gaming driving lessons?)

    Anyway, prepare to watch me spew vulgarities as I struggle my way through that mission. ^_^

  22. Avatar

    I love GGF because:

    Pretty girl + cool games(reviews/updates) + contests + Fabulous prizes!

    I hope to I got enough standard to get featured in your hugely popular GGF!

  23. Avatar

    tiger4: Wow, how come the prize took so long to reach? I sent it a week ago! But anyway glad you got it. :) Hmm… I got better at GTA driving after some time, but still not good enough to win the car race (in one of the missions). I tried twice last night and kept crashing the car and gave up. Guess I have to wait till my next free time to try again. Sigh.

    betshopboy: Thanks! :) I still need you to get in contact with me cos you have a couple prizes still sitting around. :P

  24. Avatar

    @tiger4: Wah liaoz, I am also a SAFRA member what…:) anyway, yup i know where you’re coming from… i also getting busier, but lucky still can drop by here often, if only for a half a minute at a time…

  25. Avatar

    The thing I like about GGF is the way it is written. The previews, reviews, random stuff are professionally written but at the same time it feels like a very close friend is the one interfacing it to you. Also, the freebies because it’s very easy to join and everyone is eligible. There are no restrictions as to where you hail from, your gender, etc. which is a very good thing. Me join let, yes? hmmm. :)

    Viva la Gamer Girl Friday!

  26. Avatar

    @Peaches Mode: Maybe, maybe not. Anyways, its been a while since the last Top Ten race. Those were pretty interesting reads, but way before my time, hehe:)

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