Does a loaf of bread need a seat too?

This title really made me laugh out loud. It’s one of those titles you could use for a philosophical song (think Crash Test Dummies) or poem.

I feel inspired to write a song from this.

Anyway, this came from Stomp. I was browsing the index when I saw this title and laughed. It’s a story of a woman who placed a loaf of bread on the MRT seat beside her and acted blur when there were other passengers wanting seats.

Read the full story here.

Yes, I know I’m supposed to continue my Batam blog today but I need to rush off for drums class now so that blog will have to wait till tonight!

Speaking of tonight, it’s Star Blog chat! Join me here from 9 pm till 10 pm, okay?

27 thoughts on “Does a loaf of bread need a seat too?

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    hey shey

    Happy drums class . :p

    Star Blog chat zhu can’t join cos Half dead after eating that caterpillar with colourful topping on it.

    Have a nice time

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    hey shey..
    every wednesday nite i teach guitars n drums lessons to some broken homes kids in church.. but when aneurysm hits me.. i have to give up.. as much as i love to chat with you, vanessa, julian n dylan.. you guys are awesome.. but i kinda hates the other bloggers.. they are pretentious selfish fcuks.. yeah.. they talk about morals, loving n caring… but they give excuses not to help the poor n needy.. some even ridiculed about kids getting abused n begging..

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    It prove another thing. Singaporeans are gutless, want to sit but dun dare to walk up n ask. In the end, what do we get? People talking photos n posting on stomp to kpkb….

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    @Sheylara: Its actually an extension of the “tissue paper reservation” syndrome, hehe:) Anyway, I agree with tiger4, this “citizen media” movement is reaching a point of “boh liao”-ness that I am finding myself increasingly irritated with. If people are not “qi tong”, then you tell them so politely on the spot. In the end, I’m fairly certain nobody got to sit there until that person left.

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    zhuzhu: See lah, told you already don’t eat caterpillar!!

    DamnMorgan: Hope you get better soon so you can go back to teaching the kids guitar and drums.

    Peaches Mode: Hahaha… good one! You’re always the best at this! ;)

    Relax: Huh? What’s the link between the bread and HIV? lol.

    tiger4: Most Singaporeans are non-confrontationl. Just endure silently then later kpkb to anyone who would listen to relieve stress. haha.

    Yoi: Because we were taught since young never to talk to strangers. Hahaha.

    RN1209: I once told a person off in the cinema for talking and laughing with his partner throughout the show. After that, I felt quite bad about it. Actually I have endured such things all my life and that was the first time I confronted someone for being inconsiderate. But I didn’t enjoy doing it and I didn’t feel good after doing it. Just our nature, I think?

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    Hey shey

    I agreed with what RN1209 said, but sometimes end up badly…Like what happen to me recently , i told a NYP student off for drinking in the SMRT train, he stop drinking when his galfriend ask him to but carry on after he alight the train.
    It pissed me off and i told him off again, i even ask the SMRT staff to help me.
    You know what happen in the end?
    The SMRT staff only tell him not to drink in the train next time… That’s all !!!! @.@!!!!!
    I ask that staff why she didn’t fine him, she just say she didn’t caught him drinking so she can’t do anything to him. @.@(lame excuses)

    From that day onward, i wouldn’t be bother with reporting and complaining cos nobody do cares, even the SMRT people are not helping themselves how you expect the member of public do?

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    Even when i am oversea ,i also don’t admit that i am an singporean, like what happen in Japan recently… Japanese uncle scolding Singaporean there for misbehaved .

    Shameful until i ask my Friend who can speak japanese to apologise to the japanese.

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    Not just singaporeans, it happens worldwide. Fact is and will remain such, that there will be inconsiderate people around. Shey is right bout people on other continents would be more confrontational. Over here, we’re taught that if it’s not our business, do not bother… yet we are taught by the same people that we should not be inconsiderate, illiterate (aka not knowing how to read signs) and irresponsible.

    It boils down to individual judgment, whether a situation warrants a confrontation, whether if it is worth the confrontation, or we could just not stir the dust and let it settle. Somehow it is like dust, they build up if we don’t clean them up, and there’ll be more of them… even if we do clean them up, they’ll still be there, just less.

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    Yah yah



    Later some thugs went to that rude uncle and bashed him up

    That dude is spineless lah, people cuss his mother still sit there like log. Useless.

    He should do a Zidane and give that @$$hole a super head butt!!!!


    (not WAPANG)

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    Ya. To be practical, we must be prepared all the time to face unexpected @$$H0L35.

    Learn martial arts such as pressure point killing technique.
    Get weapons such as collapsable baton, brass knuckle, or combat knife (prefered the ones made by Cold Steel and Spiderco)
    and girls might want to get pepper spray.
    I would like to have a tazor or stun gun.

    When crisis cometh, release your max power !!!
    and scream PAWNAGE!!!!

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    @Relax: Ya know, for a guy whose nick is supposed to be calming and serene, you sure endorse quite a bit of mayhem…:)

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    Sheylara, like that only really roxx mah

    but that’s very mild compare to GTA and Stranglehold…
    bodies fly here fly there after getting multiple gun shots….

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    @Sheylara: Actually, the fact that you took the effort to highlight the unacceptable behaviour to the person already speaks volumes about your civic-mindedness. You shouldn’t feel bad, unless you were intentionally rude (which I honestly doubt so:)) Its definitely more constructive than taking a pic and then posting it in order to attract online flaming…

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    Relax: I was playing a bit of GTA4 and Happy Tree Friends False Alarm last night. So much blood and gore and violence. Haha. I think I need to play Monopoly tonight. :P

    RN1209: To be totally honest, I confronted the person not because I was civic-minded but because I was personally disturbed and just wanted him to shut up so I could enjoy my movie in peace. :P That other people benefited from it too was secondary. Hehe.

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    @Sheylara: Haha, good intentions or not, I’m sure many viewers around silently thanked you that day:) I know I would’ve:)

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