Did you get the role?

I don’t normally like to talk about my auditions or, if I do talk about them, I try to talk about them in non-specific terms, not naming anything or anyone, so that people won’t know which auditions I passed and which I didn’t.

One reason I don’t like to talk about auditions is because people always ask stupid questions like “Did you get the role?” on the very day of the audition.

I have news for everyone. Film auditions are just like job interviews. They don’t tell you on the spot whether they’re giving you the job, because

a) they still have more applicants to see after you, duh,

b) they need time to hire a PI to do a background check on you,

c) they want to go home and consult their dogs first. “Wag your tail if you like this girl.”

Or whatever.

This is not rocket science. It’s common sense.

Sometimes, they take months to decide. Gasp. Just like any other job interview, you don’t say, would you like fries with that?

Another reason I don’t like to talk about auditions is because people like to follow up, as early as a day later.

One day later…

“So, did you get the role?”

I get asked the same question every day for the next ten days by different people. Sometimes by the same people.

I don’t know if I got the role! I just auditioned for heaven’s sake!

What’s with this insatiable desire to know whether I got the role or not??

Who cares? If I got the role, you’ll read about it on my blog. You’ll see me on TV. You’ll see me on film, on YouTube, on the papers, wherever.

Making me go through the same conversation a million times will not enrich either of our lives.

“So, did you get the role?”


“Congrats! I knew you could do it!”


“So, what’s for dinner?”


“So, did you get the role?”


“Oh. Well, I’m sure you’ll get the next one.”

Yes of course I will get the next one! I just don’t need to go through this conversation two hundred times a month!!

Another thing is, it’s very unpleasant to talk about failure. In showbiz, they say that a 20% success rate is the standard.

You must understand that actors go for auditions all the time. Sometimes every day. Sometimes three or four times a day. And, sometimes, a thousand people are gunning for the same job.

So, a 20% success rate is pretty golden.

But, on the flip side, it means that you have to report failure 80% of the time.

And you’re reporting failure a lot because your friends won’t stop asking you, “Did you get the role?”

I repeat, it’s very unpleasant to talk about failure. Or be reminded of it.

I don’t want to have to say “No, I didn’t get it,” eight out of 10 times, you understand?

So, anyway, I haven’t gone for an audition in months because I’ve been busy with my new media work. But I went for one on Thursday and I will talk about it soon. Just don’t ask me whether I got the role.

Because I don’t know.

15 thoughts on “Did you get the role?

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    Shey.. Role? What role??

    You are a perfect ROLE model to all the kids…. you’re optimistic, smart, pretty, talented… yeah you are awesome!!!

    what’s your fav ROLE playing game??

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    LOl stop with the jokes guys,Sheylara,i understand how you feel,as a part time actor i go for auditions all the time,and my friends at school ask me the same question,it’s irritating,i totally understand how you feel=) but look at it this way,maybe they’r concerned or excited that someone they know is gonna appear on TV.So they can’t help it.Wish you luck!=)

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    Yep, agreed. Although they meant well, it kinda get irritating after being asked and answer them so many times.

    Btw, what movie is that where you are wearing that bloodied t-shirt and holding that “giant violin”? (sorry duno what’s its actual name) :P

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    Question FAIL!

    Maybe these people are caring but express it in a wrong way, or they just want to keep the conversation going or something.

    I would tell them this

    “with your concern and support, I believe things will turn up great!”

    the conversation goes on
    the listener feels good
    I feel good.
    everything is great!

    That’s how I do things, but you and others might do things differently. everyone has his own way.

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    dude.. now that everone knows bout your auditions.. after reading this.. i hope they will not annoy you with..what.. i forgot..

    wish you all da best.. will pray for ya.. =)

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    @Sheylara: Hmm… I’m not sure if I ever fell into that category of conversations with you before, but I apologise if I did:) Point noted, and I wish you well!
    By the way, that “See, Speak and Hear No Evil” pic’s pretty cute, hehe:)

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