Cows at the temple

Animal activists might cry foul at this and I suppose I do feel a little sorry for the cows, but I can’t deny that I was quite delighted to see cows at the temple.

Cows at the temple

This photo was taken last Sunday night at Loyong Tua Pek Kong, where me and my friends went to start our Chinese New Year celebrations.

A pair of cows were brought in to usher in the Year of the Ox. (They do this every year, bringing in different animals each year.)

The temple was so crowded this year I almost hyperventilated.

The above photo is the only clear one I managed to snap of the cows before the crowd pushed in and blocked my view.

Cows at the temple

I think they were a bit traumatised. I mean the cows.

Loyang TPK

The crowd totally owned me.

The smoke from the joss sticks, too. I couldn’t stop crying.

Here’s the God of Wealth by proxy:

Loyang TPK

We kinda missed the deitifying ritual because it started early this year. It was total, total madness. Here’s the queue of people waiting to shake hands with the God of Wealth:

Loyang TPK

I didn’t hang around inside for too long. For some reason, there was no concert and no countdown this year, like they have every other year. So, after paying our respects in the temple, we escaped outside to eat ice cream.

That’s my favourite part of the celebrations every year. There’s always at least one ice cream man outside the temple selling traditional “home made” ice cream, the no-brand kind we used to eat when we were kids.

After the temple visit, we went to watch Ip Man at VivoCity.

Ip Man is really, really good. I never used to like Donnie Yen but now I do, although I think his hairstyle in the show is super dorky.

Ip Man

I feel the urge to learn Chinese martial arts all over again. Except I still don’t have the time to. =(

The movie ended at 4:30 am. I went to bed at 6:30 am. Fell asleep maybe 7:30 am.

Slept all the way till 3 pm!!

Haha. Did my first CNY visiting at 5:30 pm.

Except for the temple visit, CNY this year is pretty quiet for me.

Nine more days of Chinese New Year to go!! Still got chance to collect ang pow!

Happy CNY!

By the way, tomorrow is 人日, which is supposed to be everyone’s birthday. I can never understand this concept, but who cares. It’s the day when we are supposed to celebrate by eating yu sheng. Anything that involves yu sheng works for me!

So, happy birthday to you and me!

21 thoughts on “Cows at the temple

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    Drive to Loyang Tua Buay Kong there on 初二. My mother in law want to go there. Yes, the crowd there is crazy. Upon reaching, I say I am not getting down as the smoke from the joss sticks is really not good for my skin allergy.

    Yeah, Ip (Should be Yip) Man overall is nice. But IMO the story line is so-so, not much development on how he became a master and all…

    The final opponent is super disappointing. I thought there will be some big fight. End up dispatching the supposed 高手 easily. I was “Huh?” That’s it?

    Heard there is a sequel. Wonder who will act as Bruce Lee… Jay Chow? :P

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    hey sheylara..

    if you feed strawberries to a cow.. you will get strawberry flavoured milk..

    if you feed chocolates to a cow.. you will get chocolate flavoured milk..

    if you feed bananas to a cow.. you will get banana flavoured milk..

    if you feed marijuana to a cow.. you will get one damn happy cow.. =P

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    hmm different animals each year? i wonder how they bring in a real dragon – would love to see one

    dorky – means wat huh?

  4. Avatar

    @amd: yeah, that’s what my wife ask too. :P What about the animal for next year? Go to Zoo borrow? lol

    @dead_cockroach: Remind me of that Taiwanese adventure show where the folks pray a holy cow (what a phrase! :P) and rub its crap on themselves

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    Happy Birthday to you :p

    Yesterday, I cooked 7 kinds of vegetables for dinner with my family members.

    CNY in Singapore is more and more quiet nowadays…… especially this year Economics not getting any better, pray for everyone that the market will be like 牛市 soon.

    crap!!!! This year i also 犯太岁……

  6. Avatar

    @Peaches Mode

    NONONO….人日 is supposed to be everyone’s birthday, Nnot shey birthday la O.0||

    Shey Birthday also on July? I also loh hehe!!!!!

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