Blogging from Batam

I feel like I haven’t been sleeping forever since my friends all went crazy and decided that sleep is passe.

I am now at a beach resort in Batam, laptop on my lap (duh), watching my friends frolick in a sea-water jaccuzi pool, watching a waiter chop up a coconut.

Around me, waves crash petulantly on a breakwater and on the shores while Metallica and Muse on iPod thrash in my ears.

It’s a freaking surreal awesome feeling.

I slept maybe two hours the night before. And about two hours the night before that. Have basically been partying with my friends since Christmas.

It’s a glorious way to end a hectic year and a sweet way to start a new year.

Except now I’m drunk on this feeling and don’t want to go home.

We’ve been here since yesterday morning and will be going home this evening. =( But I look forward to blogging about it once I get home.

See you soon! =)

15 thoughts on “Blogging from Batam

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    hey Sheylara.. do have an awesome break in Batam.. yeah.. have a safe journey home… =)

    me juz came back home from my 13 days ‘vacation’ in hospital.. yeah… =P

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    I LOVES all the Metallica’s albums from Kill Em All to Death Magnetic… the Black album is simply fcukin awesome!!!

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    @Sheylara: Hey, you managed to post even while at Batam! I should’ve known, hehe:) Glad you had an awesome time, but beware the post-holiday blues. Well, at least you have minimal “office hour” schedules to adhere to*winks*

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    @Sheylara: By the way, there seems to be something missing in this sentence –
    “Except now I’m drunk on this feeling don’t want to go home.”
    Or maybe you’re just applying creative licence, yeah?:)

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    hi Shey, is this near the Nongsa resort in Batam (it looks pretty similar)? We were there during the Christmas break, quite a nice place IMO…

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