Association of Bloggers (Singapore). Funny

This is all over the Singapore blogosphere. A group of bloggers recently set up this government-endorsed association in the name of uniting and educating Singapore bloggers. Discussion over it has been free-flowing. Most of it hilarious.

Check out these recent tweets by prominent Singapore bloggers in response to the association.

= ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ =

= ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ =

= ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ =

= ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ =

= ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ =

= ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ =

In response to Cowboy Caleb‘s challenge, I extend this invitation:

It’s for a good cause. Really.

35 thoughts on “Association of Bloggers (Singapore). Funny

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    Let us form a People’s Republic of Bloggers. That’ll be a good laugh. Don’t register it with any ROA so that it’ll be like some kind of “Hak Seh Wui” style Association and recruit people to retaliate them. LOL

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    AHAHAHAHA i’ll join ur association XD

    seriously LULz

    oh ya long time no post hope u are well XD i am getting back to blogging publicly XD

    yes Association for Anon Bloggers is better? XD

  3. Avatar

    @RN: I will be the secretary of the association ;)

    @Sheylara: Oh great leader, which game shall we play tonight?

    *whimper* Please dun punish me for not owning an XBox. But I own a WII ^_^

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    Anyways, I apologize for the problem caused. You must be feeling uneasy recently — dealing with this problem and your busy life at the same time. I just hope we can move forward…. hopefully there will be no further comment explosion after this

    *hug hug*

    cheer up ok? :-)

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    @ Daryl Tay

    Please bring the irrelevant SMB discussion elsewhere
    I dun wanna see any flaming here.

    Also, Sheylara and I are cult followers of Flying Spaghetti Monster. Muahahahahaha!!!

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    I do apologised for whatever happened.. i have no intention of offending anyone by sharing my faith here.. and for losing my temper again.. tc

    @Relax.. you can continue to laughed at me and my faith, flaming or whatever pleases you… i dun give a hoot anymore..

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    Firstly, I’m in favour of the Computer Gaming Addicts idea. Secondly, I think that we need better acronyms:
    Gaming Addicts of Singapore (GAS)? “I can’t go out tonight, I have GAS.”
    Computer Users’ Ranking of SingaporE (CURSE)
    Friends of Useless Camper Killers (I’ll leave you to work that one out).

    Any more?

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    @Jesta: Haha, that’s some wonderful suggestions, bro:) Here’s mine:

    “Seriously Honey, I’m Trying to Beat this Addiction to Gaming” (SHITBAG)

    “Don’t U think Me Beating this Addiction Saves my Soul?”

    Pretty long, I admit, but that’s the best I could come up with in 15 secs:)

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    Waaaa Jerrick flame baiting woh…… *do a moon walking*

    I tried to post a funny video here but FAIL
    it seems like I have 50 / 50 chance of commenting here…
    comment box gone wonky maybe


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    @.@ I am too busy to join …. LOL!!!! too much commitment liao, i don’t want to stuck with the computer for 24/7….. I need at least 8 hours to rest my brain :p

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    @Jesta/Sheylara/RN: I will name the association


    Gamer Girl Friday – Gaming Addicts and Maniac Exchange!

    Chairman – Sheylara
    Vice Chairman + Senior Consultant – Goonfather
    Treasurer – RN1209
    Secretary – Tiger4

    Whose in???? ^_^

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    @tiger4: Hey, that’s actually pretty catchy, and apt, considering the objective of the association:) Sign me up!

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    Hmm, like tat I need to form Association of Perverts, Birgins, Humsups, Shemales, Sickos and JHSU followers liao, muhahahahah!

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